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Chapter 46 Pampered by Ceres-kun

 Shizuko's POV
 "Happiness has nothing to do with it..."
 "Haruka... it's a privilege to be able to say such a thing to a woman who's got a serious and kind husband."
 "Shizuko, I understand that... but I want to do something for Ceres too... but he won't let me..."
 "It can't be helped. After all, he's Ceres-kun..."
 "Yes, yes, because he's a Ceres-san."
 "Indeed, because he's Ceres-chan..."
 I can understand why Haruka says these things.
 After that, Haruka, Misaki, and Sayo officially registered at a nearby adventurers' guild. From there we came to the capital...
 "Are you sure this is the right thing to do?"
 We're now at a spa with a rock bath.
 "He loves us so much it's no wonder... according to Ceres-san."
 "But I want to hunt with Ceres."
 "Haruka, let's just give up... because Ceres-san will say so again."
 "Ceres-chan is stubborn in this way."
 Well, when I asked Ceres-kun to come hunt with him...
 'Shizuko-san and the others can't do such a dangerous thing... if you want to help me, you can just do the housework for me.'
 So he said and went off by himself.
 If I was alone, that would be fine, but with four people in the house, the chores would be done in no time.
 'I'm not busy, so I will help you, Ceres.'
 Haruka also said so, but...
 'Well, there are various beauty treatments that are popular these days. So why don't you go to one of them?'
 He gave us 10 gold coins.
 "Isn't that nice? He is my ideal husband."
 "Shizuko's right... this kind of life is only possible when we're loved. Let's be pampered by Ceres-san."
 "Yes, we should take advantage of Ceres-chan."
 "But you know what... Ah, geez, I don't care anymore... I'm going to have fun too!"
 Just like this... the housework is done soon, and we are busy with beauty treatments.
 I'm sorry that I'm indulging myself like this every day.
 Especially Haruka, who wants to help Ceres...
 'Sorry, this is just my selfishness... I mean, I just don't want the person I love to get hurt... and I'm most happy when all of you are beautiful.'
 Ceres said that with a straight face...
 Even Haruka's face turned red, and she couldn't say anything.
 And now, we have a better life than a lower-class aristocrat.
 Ceres-kun also makes reservations the day before because he thinks this place is so good.
 So, we have lunch at a fancy restaurant every day...
 "But why does Ceres-san go hunting so often?"
 "He hunts big ones too, so he doesn't have to worry about money... he even bought this luxury apartment with cash..."
 "You see, Haruka, Ceres-kun has decided to work five days a week because he doesn't want to get carried away."
 "Ara... That's true. Ceres-san is very intense at night."
 "Indeed, after tasting that, I can't think of Ceres-chan as a child anymore."
 "Ceres... even though I'm an old lady now..."
 "Hey, Haruka... you promised not to say that..."
 "I know it. I won't say it in front of Ceres, but I'm a little embarrassed because I've never worn something like that."
 "Why do you bother? Ceres-san will be happy."
 "Well, if Ceres-chan will be happy, it's good. But it's embarrassing."
 We don't tell Ceres because it makes him uncomfortable when we say we're an old lady.
 And yet, he asks us every day... and since we love him so much... when we ask him if there's anything he wants us to do... he says.
 'I want you to wear expensive lingerie.'
 Aristocratic wear expensive lingerie... and Ceres-kun likes things that are transparent and have little fabric... I was embarrassed at first... but I'm used to it now...
* * *
 However, Haruka is right... there are many times when I wonder if this is really the right thing to do.
 But... we are 'treasures' to Ceres-kun.
 Then, we have no choice but to try our best to polish our womanhood... and please Ceres-kun... that's all we can do...

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