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Chapter 47 Mariane, the Princess Who Has Returned

 The King’s POV
 "Hey, Otta, how is Ceres-dono after that?"
 "Yes! He's been active as an adventurer based in the capital these days."
 This is very convenient... if he is in the capital... I can call him up and meet him.
 "By the way, I hear many wyverns and dragon species materials are being sold these days."
 "Yes! I think most of them are hunted by Ceres-dono."
 I really want him... if he continues to live in the capital, it will have a great economic effect.
 Besides, the distribution will be safe even if he hunts nearby wyverns and dragon species, and precious materials will be available, which can only be good.
 "As I thought, Ceres-dono is good, isn't he? So he hasn't been expelled yet?"
 "Yes! He's still registered."
 "I see... the moment he's out of the game is crucial... so keep an eye on him."
 Still, even though he finally separated himself from the hero's party... Things don't go as smoothly as we'd hoped.
 "Then, my King, if there's any chance of contact in the future... how do we negotiate?"
 "That's the problem... If it's about money, Ceres-dono already has a considerable fortune. If it's about a title, I can't give it to him for appearance's sake since I haven't given it to the Hero Zect yet. I also made Marin a candidate for the hero Zect's fiancee in marriage, so I can't give him her either. Moreover, there is no one among my relatives who has the right age as Ceres-dono..."
 "Then, my King... isn't the first princess Mariane-sama here?"
 "Otta, Mariane married into the Varda Kingdom and returned when the kingdom was destroyed. She is 28 years old... and if she were to be offered a marriage, rather than receiving a reward, Ceres-dono would have to pay a fee... Besides, he is about 15 years old, and it's impossible... You know that, don't you?"
 What is he thinking? It looks like we are forcing him...
 "But at this moment, Ceres-dono is married to four wives, all older than Mariane-sama."
 "Is this true?"
 Mariane is too old to be a bride, but she was once considered the jewel of the kingdom... So, if her age is acceptable to him, she is a good woman... and she is even higher than Marin... Well, if this is the case, there is no problem.
 "I see... then we can include the betrothal to Mariane in our negotiations."
 This could be a good match.
* * *
 "Father, may I help you?"
 "Rejoice, Mariane, I've found the man you're going to marry."
 "Umm, Father... I'm 28 years old... Who will marry me? And what kind of a man will it be... Since I'm a woman who has given birth, I won't have any objection, but please let it be a kind man at least."
 "Don't worry. We're still in the process of finding a partner, but it will be Ceres-dono."
 "Father, please don't do such a thing. It would be a disgrace to make a marriage proposal for someone as old as a mother and son."
 Well, normally, someone would think so... but not this time.
 "But Ceres-dono, according to Otta, likes older women because he lost his mother when he was young."
 "Such... a handsome boy is a dragon slayer likes older woman?"
 "I couldn't believe it myself... but all four of his wives are older than you."
 "If that's true... I have no objection to that..."
 "I'm only asking for your opinion, but let's move forward."
 "To be the wife of such a taciturn and handsome boy is too good for me as a returnee... However, I would be very grateful."

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