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Chapter 57 From the Church

 Today was the day I was going to go hunting with Shizuko and the others... but I was caught off guard.
 Knock-knock... a knock came on the door.
 I have a bad feeling about this...
 Any requests would come through the guild, and I don't have any personal friends yet.
 So, the only people who come to this house are the ones who bring trouble.
 "Ceres-dono, I have a message from the Pope..."
 It was a priest... He brought me a recording crystal, saying it was from the Pope.
 If the communication crystal is a telephone, the recording crystal... is a video letter.
 "Ceres-kun... isn't that a recording crystal? I think you should take a look at it right now."
 "Ceres, don't wait to see this stuff, it's a pain in the ass."
 "Ceres-san... Let's have a look."
 "Ceres-chan... If it's from the Pope, you have to see it right away."
 It can't be helped... we'll have to delay the hunt a bit...
 'It's been a long time, Ceres-dono...'
 This time, the message comes from the Holy Land of Gandar...
 The contents are... they want me to go back to the journey to defeat the Demon King if possible, but they don't force me to do so.
 But if I do well, he'll give me Kohane castle and the surrounding area as a territory and a title... not only that, they're also planning marry 'Saint Cecilia' to me...
 "Ara, ara, if it isn't Cecilia from the Holy Church..."
 "Shizuko-san... Do you know her?"
 "Ceres... She knew her because she's like a disciple of Shizuko's."
 "Haruka, that's not true. I only taught her a little healing magic when she was still inexperienced."
 "Shizuko... are you sure? But she calls you 'Master (Shisou)', doesn't she?"
 "Sayo... She's better than me now, okay...? So, she can't call me 'Master (Shisou)' anymore."
 "Well... if Shizuko says so... that's be it."
 "Geez, I'm not that great."
 Well, speaking of the previous generation's hero's party, they challenged the Demon King to a battle... but were defeated and fled.
 But here's the funny thing...
 When they entered the territory of the Demon King and fought with him in his castle... the hero's party lost, right?
 So, how did they come back when all around them were enemies?
 The hero is dead, the sage is dead, all that remains is the saint and the sword saint, and all around them are enemies.
 And yet two of them came back alive...
 How is that possible?
 "Come to think of it, how did Cecilia-sama and the sword saint come back from the failed attempt to defeat the Demon King... isn't it a mystery?"
 "Hmm, can I tell Ceres-kun about it? It was Sayo's work, wasn't it?"
 "Well, we only helped Sayo... But if we offend the 'Teary-Eyed Ice Princess'..."
 "Still... I want to know how could they get away from the Demon King and the Demon Tribe."
 "Heheheh, okay, I will tell you. You know, we had told Ceres-chan before that Shizuko and Sayo are good at sneaky things, right? Sayo negotiated with the Demon Tribe when they were in desperate straits."
 "What...? What do you mean...?"
 "Heheh, you know, Sayo was terrible, at that time... The Demon King at the time had a daughter he cared about so much... but since she was living outside of the Demon King's castle, Sayo kidnap her... and then she negotiated and exchanged the hostages…”
 "Misaki... Can you not explain any further? And Ceres-san, you can't trust them... You know that I’m kind, didn’t you?"
 "Yes, Sayo-san... You're as kind as a Goddess..."
 "Good boy."
* * *
 "By the way... it's very early... for the two countries to come forward with their terms."
 "Well, if you think about it... all that's left is for the Galvin Empire... to come forward and tell us their terms."
 "Maybe they're having the hardest time with the Demons... so they're probably giving us the best treatment... and there's the Fire Dragon Mountains where the dragons live."
 "Ceres-kun... Do you want to wait a while longer?"
 "Ceres, what do you want to do?"
 "As far as I'm concerned, we need a backer... so I think it's better to have one."
 "I'm the same as you, Sayo..."
 Really… I thought I'd escaped from defeating the Demon King...
 But I can't believe we're talking about this right now.
 After all, I don't really want to fight.

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