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Chapter 36 Miss Elena Stifles Her Mouth

 He quickly signals Kabirumba. Help me, Kabirumba, break the bad vibe. As if to cut off the knife. Kabirumba nodded firmly.
 "Leo-sama is a country bumpkin. When he meets people, he doesn't know how to behave. I always tell him that he should not behave the same way in the village, but it's hard for him to learn..."
 Why do I feel like I'm being slightly degraded as a former demon king? But let's not worry about it. I'll just have to ride this wave.
 "Hahaha, that's right. I'm sorry for being so rude to you, Margrave Badia. I didn't mean to offend you."
 "Haahaahaa, don't worry about it. If it is an alchemist of such a high rank as Leonito-dono, it is our place to apologize to you. Then Leonito-dono's alchemy was cultivated in that village, wasn't it?"
 "Yes, it was. That's right. Though I was kicked out of the village for some reason?"
 I glance at Kabirumba. Kabirumba nods broadly. It seems that this setting is acceptable. I am a lone alchemist, an outcast from my village in the countryside. And Margrave Badia nodded, "I see, I see."
 "I wonder, Leonito-dono if you have nowhere else to go, why don't you stay with us for a while?"
 "Is that all right with you?"
 "Of course. We would be very grateful."
 If we stay with Margrave Badia, we won't have to worry about the cost of lodging. And we won't have to worry about food. He will also write a letter of recommendation as an alchemist, and it will take some time to make the "Saint's Necklace". So, isn't it better to accept this offer? The more connections, the better.
 "I understand. I'll be at your service for a while. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll do my best."
 "I'll do it. Thank you very much. I'll be counting on you."
 I narrowed my eyes happily and shook hands with the smiling Margrave Badia.
 I wondered what I would do when I was told that this world no longer needs a Demon King, but it seems that I have finally found my place in the world. Now I can make a comfortable life for myself from here.
 "By the way, Margrave Badia, may I ask you about something?"
 "Yes, Kabirumba-dono?"
 "I'm worried Miss Elena might sneak into our room tonight..."
 "I'll make sure Elena's personal servant knows that. She must not be allowed out of her room except to go to the bathroom."
 Margrave Badia puts his hand on his forehead and looks to the heavens. It seems he is having a hard time with the energized Miss Elena. Or is she a little too energetic?
 After getting out of the bath, Margrave Badia left quickly without saying goodbye.
 "Was it a busy time for him? I must have done something bad to Margrave Badia."
 "Probably not, Leo-sama, but... can we go to the parlor to cool off?"
 "Hmm? Why don't we just go back to our room?"
 "I don't think it's a good idea to go back there right now."
 "Oh, ohh."
 Kabirumba gave a noncommittal smile. It seemed that it was better to follow Kabirumba's instructions. As soon as we arrived at the parlor, a servant brought us a cold drink. Ah, I'm coming back to life!
 "By the way, Leo-sama, were you sure you wanted to make such a promise?""
 "Such a promise?"
 "You promised you'd stay here for a while."
 "Maybe it didn't work?"
 "No, but..."
 Kabirumba thinks about it. Was it a rash decision? But I wasn't asked to stay here forever. It's okay if it was for a little while. There are things to do here.
 "Hmmm," I pondered with Kabirumba, and then the noise increased. What's going on? I was looking at the parlor entrance when Miss Elena came in with her mouth agape like a goose.
 "Miss Elena, what's wrong?"
 "Leo-sama, listen to me. I was waiting in Leo's room, and my father kicked me out! And he told me not to leave the room at night except to go to the bathroom. Don't you think it's terrible? I can't go to Leo-sama's room to play with you now."
 Miss Elena gets angry. That was close. If Kabirumba hadn't made the first move, we would have met in the room by now. What kind of education do they have in the Margrave family?
 By the way, Miss Elena was crippled by the curse, wasn't she? If so, the education during that time must have been neglected, right? And the Old Hag must've told her something terrible to fill the void in her heart. It's possible, it's possible. I can just picture the scene!
 "Miss Elena, I don't know how long you've been under the curse..."
 "That was when I made my first social debut three years ago when I was fifteen years old. It took me about a year to realize that it was a curse..."
 "What were the symptoms at first?"
 "I began to get dizzy frequently and gradually lost my ability to live a normal life."
 A type of curse that gradually takes over a body, huh? Oops, perhaps she remembers those days. Elena's complexion is turning pale. I don't think it's a good idea to continue this topic any longer. But here's what I know now.
 Miss Elena is now eighteen years old, and it is possible that she has not had a proper education since she was fifteen.
 "I'm sorry, Miss Elena. I asked you something you don't want to remember."
 "It's okay. Leo-sama is a demon. I'm sure you're curious about the curse."
 "But still, I asked a very impertinent question..."
 "Please stop!"
 As I bowed my head, Miss Elena hurried to stop me. This exchange may have fixed Elena's mood, and her face returned to a calm expression. I don't know what it was, but it turned out to be good.
 The possibility that the Old Hag is the one who is making Miss Elena run wild has increased. The question is whether she will be able to get tough with Obaba. From the looks of things, she may not be able to.

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