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Chapter 58 The Power of Four Women

 Finally, we all went hunting together.
 We thought about orcs or ogres, and we ended up with an ogre.
 I have nothing to say...
 I mean, it's too funny...
 Shizuko is supposed to be the healer, but...
 The muscles of the well-muscled ogre are shrinking, and it looks like an old man as it dies.
 I've never heard or seen such spell before.
 "Ceres is new to this, right? No wonder, you are surprised. Well, it's Shizuko's own original spell... Normal healers only use healing spells to give life force, but Shizuko thought of using it the other way around... to steal life force from the opponent."
 "Yes, yes... it's amazing, isn't it...? As a woman I'm terrified... I don't want to die like a granny... Don't you think so Ceres-san?"
 While saying so, countless ogres stood next to Sayo like wax dolls.
 "Really, Sayo... Ceres-chan is scared... And for the note, that's Sayo's original spell... it's called 'Absolute Zero,' and it freezes any living creature from the inside out"
 "Ceres-san... I can't do 'Absolute Zero.' I can only drop the blood in the body to about -200 degrees Celsius (392 Fahrenheit) in an instant and freeze it."
 ※ In the story, the temperature at which a human being is frozen is 196 degrees Celsius (384 Fahrenheit).
 Well, even so... I'm not fighting at all... but more and more dead ogres are piling up around me.
 Haruka, who is talking normally, is surrounded by shredded ogre corpses... and Misaki is surrounded by ogres that have been smashed from the head down, as if being smashed in the exact opposite direction.
 "Haruka is always cutting into little pieces... Don't you ever get tired?"
 "Well, Misaki always smashes them... like this one, its head is stuck in like a tortoise."
 I knew what they use, and I had heard about their fighting style... but it's totally different from what I imagined.
 Of course, I had expected them to be great, since they were formerly S-ranked... but...
 They are more than strong... they are skillful.
 If Zect and the others have a textbook fighting style, they seem to be daring to fight in a way that their opponents don't want to fight.
 It is, indeed, a nightmare for the opponent.
 As a proof... the ogre that should feel no fear... seems to be partly frightened.
 Even a muscle-brained ogre would be frightened... if it saw its kind being brutally killed in front of its eyes like this...
 This is the first time I've ever seen an ogre frightened.
 And when the ogre tries to escape, Haruka, running like the wind, cuts it to pieces with a thin sword.
 Thinking about it, it would be difficult to dismember a person with a thin sword...
 On the other side, Misaki crushes them, Shizuko turns them into dried fish, and Sayo freezes them.
 It looks like a complete one-sided violation to me.
 Maybe I've underestimated them... they're strong.
 And it's not all they can do... it seems to me... when they're fighting, they're also coming over to talk to each other leasury.
 "They're stronger than Zect, for all intents and purposes."
 "Ceres-kun... it's not true."
 "Yeah, we're not good with big monsters... and not with dragons..."
 "But we're best with people the size of a man."
 "Indeed, we can handle ogres and orcs."
 Being bad at hunting doesn't mean you can't hunt.
 But... why did they quit being adventurers if they were so good?
 I wonder why they became villagers and lived in the village...
 Haruka is one thing, but Shizuko, Sayo, and Misaki... they have the power to kill their husbands in an instant if they make them angry...
 "Why... did you all quit being an adventurer?"
 I couldn't help but say it.
 "Because we were tired of killing people, and we were tired of being scared."
 "Nee-san, that's..."
 "Ceres, our best hunting is 'people'... that's where we started... that's why people are afraid of us... that's why we quit being adventurers and 'longed to be normal'. "
 So to speak.
 'Ceres, kill yourself... or I'll kill this guy...'
 This is the kind of their fight... They don't fight demons... because they're supposed to kill people.
 "Nee-san, can I say something?"
 "Ceres, say it!"
 "Nee-san, you said before that I hunted the Ogre King and 30 other Ogres and that I was awesome... but maybe you're stronger than me? When I said that, you said 'Ceres... that's not true, maybe half is right,' right? How many are you hunting now?"
 "I've already hunted almost a hundred and Shizuko-san beat the king there."
 "You see... Ceres..."
 Ouch, it's been a while since Haruka hit my head.
 "We're women too... We want the guy we like to think we're cute... you guessed it... it was a boy!"
 "I see"
 I was planning to save the four of them if they were in danger...
 But they're too strong.
 I can't help but think they don't mean it.

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