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Chapter 66 [Short Story] The Legend of a Hunter - Formerly Titled: Don't Go with the Hero, Lili - Part 2

 "This is great! A wonderful job! Lili, no, Lili-sama's job is a saint!"
 "What? A saint?"
 Lili was surrounded by priests and others in confusion.
 My first love was over.
 The next day, Lili's parents officially asked me to break off the engagement.
 It's okay... I have no family; I can cry and leave whenever I want.
 After all, I've already made up my mind.
 After a week, the Hero should come for Lili.
 I thought they would leave immediately, but they did not.
 A few days later, I saw the meeting between Lili and the Hero.
 I was depressed.
 Lili told me directly to say goodbye, and I answered quietly, "I've already heard your story," holding back my tears.
 She looked at the Hero with a kind face.
 And when Lili kissed him in front of me, I almost cried... but I understand it.
 They are going to defeat the Demon King after a hard journey... I have no choice but to give up...
 "Still, Cain-sama is so cool."
 "As expected, Cain the Hero... I want to be like him when I grow up."
 Cain the Hero? That's weird. That's not the name of the Hero I know.
 Something's wrong... The Hero I remember from "The Silver Hero" had platinum-brand hair.
 But he has brown hair... it's weird.
 Wait, I remember... this world is still the same world as "The Silver Hero," but it was before the Hero of the story appeared.
 Cain the Hero was too proud to defeat the four heavenly kings, let alone the Demon King, and was killed.
 Jake, the Hero of the story, would have been good enough to take Lili... But Cain, the Hero, would not.
 I put my trust in Lili. Miserable or not, I didn't care as long as she was alive.
 "Lili, I'll do anything... Please, don't go."
 "Hey, Rudy, what are you talking about? The world is in trouble if the Hero and I don't fight!"
 "Why don't you leave the fighting to other heroes and knights? Please live here, please, I beg you!"
 I bowed my head... my pride was not worth it.
 "There's no other hero, and I love Cain... and I love Cain the hero... not you."
 "I don't care if you don't love me... but don't go."
 "Oh, Rudy, I'm so disappointed in you. I don't even know why I love you anymore. Just get out of my sight."
 "I'll do anything. Please don't go."
 Then the Hero Cain came along.
 "You're a lousy man. You don't deserve her. Get lost!"
 "Please don't bring her into this."
 "I told you to get out of here..."
 "Rudy, what did you want to do? You're destroying all my good memories about you. You're so stupid! I don't even want to look at you anymore."
 "You're a stubborn man! It makes me angry!"
 Caine the Hero hit me.
 "You're just a hunter... that's what you are! Don't talk to me anymore! I don't even want to look at you! You're just a scumbag, and I don't like your looks."
 "Lili... don't go..."
 After Lili said that, the Hero hit me again, and I fainted.
 It was two days later when I woke up.
 The Hero and Lili had already left.
 Still, everyone in the village was kind to me, even though I had lost my girlfriend, Lili.
 This reminded me that I was right.
 If I had been right, the villagers would have hated me.
 So this is the story before the "Silver Hero"... and they will die.
 In the story, Cain the Hero was killed.
 It's just a few lines... maybe Lili survived.
 But it was different.
 Three months have passed since then.
 A piece of news tells that Cain, the Hero, and Lili are dead.
 They were killed fighting against one of the Four Heavenly Kings, "Mammon the Strong-Armed."
 Cain's limbs and head were crushed. And Lili's face was burned, her limbs torn off, and she was hung from the wall with chains.
 That's why I thought.
 I often thought about forgetting the woman who left me, but I couldn't.
 And all I found myself doing was hunting monsters.
 I wanted to become a strong hunter, so I should hunt monsters instead of normal animals.
 Like a madman, I hunted and hunted and hunted.
 Months passed, and before I knew it, the word "I (Boku)" had changed to "I (Ore)."
 One of my eyes was destroyed in a fight with a black bear, but I can see because I wore an eye in my grimoire.
 I lost one of my legs when I killed a pack of Silver Fangs... but I paid a lot of money for a mithril leg to make me stronger.
 What am I doing... you pus*y.
 Still, I paid the guild to learn more about Mammon the Strong-Armed.
 And I got information that Mammon the Strong-Armed will attack the fortress town of Gilmed.
 Gilmed is surrounded by high fortifications and is famous for its powerful knights and golem mages.
 Even Mammon would not be able to get away with this.
 So I set up camp in the forest near Gilmed.
 I'm not a hero... so I won't help them.
 No matter how good Mammon is... he should get hurt after destroying one of the towns... and that's where I'll hit him.
 This man seems confident in his strength. That's why he doesn't work in teams like the other Four Heavenly Kings... he's always alone.
 So this is my chance.
 For revenge, I will abandon the Fortress... and let me injure Mammon a little bit.
 Mammon, as reported, attacked Gilmed.
 Screams came from the Fortress to these forests.
 Hearing this, I curse inwardly, "Give me a break... I'll die too."
 Still, I wonder how long it's been since Mammon came out.
 But when he came out, he was unharmed!
 But I have to go. I'll never have another chance to fight Mammon.
 "Mammon of the Four Heavenly Kings! I challenge you to a duel!"
 "Heh~ You're a human, and you want to duel me? It's interesting..."
 At that moment, I fired my hunting rifle... and the bullet from my hunting rifle hit Mammon's right eye.
 This bullet is a silver bullet that is effective against demons and monsters. I paid a large sum of money to have the Pope purify directly.
 And I used the hunter's best skill, "sure hit," to hit it. Even Mammon's eyes should be blinded by this bullet.
 Don't call me a coward, but I'm just a bug challenging a strong man... and if I don't do this, I'll die.
 "You're a coward... for attacking me before you say your name... I'm going to kill you brutally!"
 Mammon attacked me.
 I quickly held my hunting rifle in front of me, but Mammon grabbed my right hand and ripped it off with the rifle.
 "You have no more weapons! You'll only be killed by me... and I'll kill you with my own eyes... Don't think you'll have an easy time of it!"
 "Go ahead! Do it! You're just a demon with a mouth."
 Really, what am I doing...? For a woman who abandoned me...? I would have fainted if I hadn't drunk a lot of anesthetic potion beforehand.
 Now, Mammon tried to crush my head.
 But with my left hand, I pulled out the hammer from my waist and swung it down on Mammon's horns.
 Horns are the symbol of the demon tribe and the source of their power.
 "Hahahaha, did you think that the horns of a demon tribe can be broken so easily? There is no way you can break them."
 "I know... but the horns on your head are broken. Are you not a demon?"
 Mammon's right. I'd have to use a holy sword to break the horns of a demon.
 But I'm a hunter! I can't get or use a holy sword, so I searched for a weapon that can beat a holy sword... and I found this hammer, the 'Hammer of the Sword Striker.'
 This hammer was used by the village head of the dwarven village to forge the holy sword, and at first, he told me that he would not sell it to me no matter how much money I put into it.
 But after many visits, he asked me what I wanted to use it for, and when I told him I was going to 'hammer it into Mammon's head,' he laughed and gave it to me.
 "You bast*rddddddd! My horns, my symbol of power, how dare you!"
 "Can you please stop this...! Come at me now!"
 I had no choice but to run at Mammon, but he easily cut my left hand.
 Now, my left hand was flying in the air with the hammer.
 And I can't do anything without my hands.
 "If that's what you got!"
 Mammon lunged at me, and I kicked him with Mithril's prosthetic leg.
 But Mithril's prosthetic leg shattered easily, and Mammon's hand penetrated my stomach.
 Mammon stared at me for a while, then silently walked away.
 This is the best I can do. But with his horns gone and one of his eyes missing, he will no longer be the Four Heavenly Kings.
 That's all.
 Still, what am I doing for a woman who didn't even love me?
 And I couldn't even avenge Lili... That's pathetic.
 I bet she doesn't know how I feel... and she's probably in heaven flirting with Cain...
 I'm such an idiot.
 'Rudy, you're so cruel...I came all this way to get you...'
 Such voices were heard in the wind, but I'm sure it's my... imagination...
* * *
 At that time, a boy was hiding and watching him die.
 He saw a man who faced the mighty Mammon head-on and took his horns and eyes.
 In this figure, the boy sees the Hero of the story.
 And the boy somehow came to think, "I want to be as strong as he was."
 This boy's name was Jake.
 ※ This is a time before Ceres's time...so the worldview is slightly different.

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