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Chapter 67 [Short Story] The Legend of a Hunter - Formerly titled Don't Go with the Hero (Yuusha), Lili - Lili Side - Part 2

 Where am I?
 "You're in heaven."
 "Who are you?"
 "I am Ishtas, the goddess who made you a saint."
 "I... never wanted to be a saint!"
 "I know... neither Cain the Hero (Yuusha) nor you wanted to be a saint... and I'm sorry!"
 "I don't need your apologies."
 "I see... Then, I'll grant you one wish to make up for it."
 "Any wish?"
 "Yes, Cain the Hero (Yuusha) went to be with the woman he loves."
 "Can you do that?"
 "Of course, but since he has no body, he will be born as a child near her."
 "Then, I want to marry Rudy and live happily ever after!"
 "Well, wait for him to die and come to heaven... and you two can be reborn together."
 "Is that okay?"
 "Well, even though you were not good... You did his best... so it's okay... because I took your life away from him."
 "Well, then, please."
 "But, wait till he gets here! And I'll give you a service so you can see his life. Maybe he's married to someone else!"
 This goddess... She's pretty bad.
 Still, she gave me a crystal to see Rudy.
 And while I looked into the crystal—
 Wait, why is he doing that? He's a hunter, and he's hunting demons. Why? Is it because of me?
 I can't believe he still thought of me after all I did.
 "He's amazing... He's as strong as a holy knight even though he's a hunter... This is impossible..."
 "Is my Rudy amazing?"
 "Yes. But why didn't Hero (Yuusha)'s job recognize him? His ability is definitely better than Cain's."
 Why is he working so hard...? But that's great... However, don't be so reckless...
 Why does he have such sad eyes... Hey, is it because I'm dead...?
 "I see... He's got a great spirit. Maybe he's stronger because of you... stronger beyond the idea of gods and demons."
 Hey... is he going to fight Mammon... Why?
 "You must understand... He's determined to avenge your death... but he can't, not with his hunter job.
 "Shut your mouth."
 After all, Rudy... he's still...
 "He's a hunter, and he could take Mammon's eye with such determination...? Even though he couldn't be hurt by Hero (Yuusha) or the saint."
 Wow, he knew how to fight like that.
 "He's got wisdom... but he's got one hand missing, and he's out of rifles... It's over, it's over."
 "Just be quiet."
 Why can't I stay with him? I could've been there to help him.
 "He's great. He broke Mammon's horn! Something no hero can do... Even though he's a hunter. I can't believe it. But that's as far as he'll go."
 "Please… I want to be there for him. I want to be there for him right now, to apologize... to heal him... to comfort him."
 "Okay... Pick him up... He's shown me something good... and I'll let him off the hook."
 'How can you say that I don't love you? You stupid, Rudy... after I came all this way to pick you up...'
 'Lili... really?'
 'Yes, I'm sorry... and I love you, Rudy.'
 'I love you too... and please don't go anywhere, Lili.'
 'Yes, I'm not going anywhere... and I'll always be here for you, Rudy.'
* * *
 Goddess Ishtas's POV
 "It's weird. It's impossible for a normal human, just a hunter, to push the Four Heavenly Kings to an extreme."
 Still, no one in this world can defeat Mammon...
 After all, the oracle tells the next Hero (Yuusha) not to fight Mammon but to fight the Demon King.
 "Rudy, the boy... must have had a guiding hand... and I didn't even know it."
 Anyway, Rudy, thank you.
 For now, I hope you two live happily together in the peaceful world the next Hero (Yuusha) will create... a hunter and a seamstress.
 However, Mammon's spirit is too strong... one day, it will be stronger than even the Demon King.
 I'm sure my heroes will be no match for him...
 But Rudy has shown me what is possible...
 Someday, there will be a second or third boy like Rudy...
 Someone will come along who will defeat even Mammon.

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