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Chapter 76 [Short Story] Treatment

 Saint Cecilia's POV
 I saw his heroic figure in the communication crystal.
 And it made me remember that I challenged the Demon King once and was defeated.
 Hero (Yuusha) and Mage, who fought with me, were also killed easily.
 I thought, 'I'm going to die too'... but thanks to what my master (Shisou) Shizuko and the 'Teary-eyed Ice Princess' Sayo did to the Demon King, I was able to return home with the Sword Saint, Frey...
 From that moment on, I realized there is no such thing as cowardice in fighting.
 After that, I had a lot of bad marriages... so I became a nun because I hated men.
 But somehow, at my late age, the Pope came to me and asked me to marry someone.
 And he's a boy, not even half my age.
 I thought he was handsome and 'cute'.
 He's a dragon slayer... and I'm sure he's great.
 Still, I am old now... and I thought if such a boy wanted me...
 Moreover, he's too good... he had Master Shizuko and those three as wives...
 And before, I thought he was just an ordinary boy...
 But really, it wasn't just that.
 He is the real 'true Hero (Yuusha)' I wanted to fight with.
 He dares to fear no one... an unreasonable power.
 The 'real' Hero (Yuusha) that the Church truly desires.
 Now, just by looking at him… My heart is soaring... My despair turns to hope... a wonderful being.
 Maybe I'm really in love now.
 I've met someone I really… really love from the bottom of my heart.
* * *
 "Healer unit, Mammon has left. Move in and save the people."
 I saw Hero (Eiyuu) Ceres-sama spread his wings, and he took Mammon away.
 Perhaps with his divine power, he will be victorious.
 But more importantly, many healers are now on their way to save the people of the town at the behest of Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 As for Pope Emeritus Rothman and me...
 We are in the tent with four pieces of trash.
 "Well, what should we do with them? Pope Emeritus Rothman."
 "What do we do now? If they were Hero (Yuusha) or saints, I would use elixirs to restore them back to normal..., but they're ordinary people, so I guess we just heal them and throw them out," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "No way, please help me!" said Zect.
 "No... Please help me, please, please, please..." said Lida.
 "My hands, my feet, please... please..." said Maria.
 "Help," said Mel.
 "Oh? For what reason? You've abandoned your duty. Why do you want the rights of Hero (Yuusha)? Elixir is a national treasure, a secret medicine that even the King can't use... former Hero (Yuusha)... now ordinary people!" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "No way..." said Zect.
 "Please, I can't even lead a normal life like this," said Lida.
 "Please..." said Maria.
 "Please help me... please." Said Mel.
 They're really miserable... If they were Hero (Yuusha), I would help them unconditionally...
 "Okay, because I am indebted to Shizuko and Sayo... I would help you under some conditions. Do you agree with that?"
 "Then... build a bridge of love between Ceres-sama and me! For the sake of my future sons and daughters, even if it's only in duty, I'll think about it..."
 "No, that's not possible... Ceres doesn't like older people... He likes my mother... Because he's always loved her like his own mother since he was a child... Ouch... It hurtsss... Stop, stop..." said Zect.
 "Older? Heh~ You don't want your limb back, huh? What if I put your corpse in front of Ceres-sama while I cry, 'I didn't make it in time'?"
 "I get it, I get it, so please remove your feet from Zect's hands," said Lida.
 "I'm cheering you on. I'm cheering you on so your love can come true," said Maria.
 "I understand... Stepmother... Is it okay to call you that?" said Mel.
 "Yes, thank you for understanding me. And stepmother? That sounds good, and I'm happy... Then, Pope Emeritus Rothman, please give it."
 "I have no choice... here's one Elixir. It's enough for them," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Yes, I'll give it then."
 I put a small amount of Elixir on each of their limbs.
 And then...
 "Perfect heal."
 I can't use the perfect heal perfectly.
 But what I lack, I make up with Elixir.
 And looks like it worked somehow.
 "Keep your word."
 I said, and Pope Emeritus Rothman and I walked out of the tent.
* * *
 "So these people are apostates?" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Yes, Rothman-sama."
 "Umm... Why were we the only ones sent here without any treatment?"
 "Take me back to my mother's... heal my leg..."
 "Why am I here alone?"
 "Why can't we get treatment?"
 "Can't you understand that? It's because you treated Ceres-sama like a monster... I will check each of you to see what you think of Ceres-sama," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Such things as growing hands in an instant and eating demon... isn't he a monster?"
 "It's obvious he's not human..."
 "Is that so? Thank you for your valuable opinion... cut these two down!" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 At the order of Rothman-sama, the two apostates were instantly cut down.
 Well, it's natural.
 "Think about it... Ceres-sama, who fought to the death to save your lives, is he a monster? Well, those who say that must be the 'people on the side of the demons'... But thanks to whom are you alive today? If Ceres-sama had not come, you would have died... And if you call Ceres-sama, who saved you, a monster... I will send you to the 'world that you did not live...' that is the world of death... Now, based on that, what kind of person is Ceres-sama?" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 Well said, Rothman-sama, well said.
 "Ceres-sama is a savior, and from now on, I will pray for him every day in front of the Goddess with words of thanksgiving."
 "I see you have changed your mind... please, someone bring him back to the tent to be healed... so that he will not forget his feelings... now if others have also changed their minds, please, come this way," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 This is good... no need to make sacrifices if everyone respects Ceres-sama as a 'hero (Eiyuu)'.
 And I am glad that most of the people have changed their minds...
 After all, it is hard to kill people, albeit for the sake of Ceres-sama.
 Now that I have been relieved, I put away my staff.

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