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Chapter 77 The Sixth Great Dragon Lord and Frey

 Main Character's POV
 Mammon is dead, and all this is over.
 But I'm not human anymore.
 I may look human, but this body is a dragon.
 And perhaps as powerful as a dragon's royalty.
 I realized this body's power when I fought Mammon and swam through the magma.
 At that moment, I turned into a huge yellowish-golden dragon.
 I thought I was a black dragon.
 Because of the Black Dragon, but it is not black, but yellow?
 And according to my memory of my previous life, gold and white dragons are albinos and weak.
 That's why I'm a little smaller than the Black Dragon.
 But still, I understand.
 I probably won't be able to beat the Black Dragon, but in my current state, I can kill Mammon instantly.
 After all, if Mammon is stronger than the Demon King, as the Black Dragon said, perhaps even I can go to the Demon King's castle and kill him alone.
 Perhaps it is the dragon that rules this world.
 And right now, I can only be defeated unless a member of the Dragon Lord.
 But why doesn't anyone know that real dragons exist?
 This Bauer, the dragon of the underworld... The King of the Great Dragon.
 I can assure... no one else can defeat him...
 In fact... when he comes around... there's no way I can beat him.
 Now, I look like a human being.
 But even in this state, I'm still a dragon, not a human.
 I can hold a woman, but I can't have children.
 More importantly, will humans accept me after the way I fought?
 After all, I fought Mammon like a monster.
 Maybe the humans won't accept me anymore.
 Besides... When I thought Mammon of the demon tribe looked 'delicious,' I couldn't help drooling.
 Well, maybe dragons are such carnivorous creatures that they even feed on demons.
 Still, I wonder if everyone will accept me now that I am no longer a human being...
 'Dragon Wing'
 I flapped my wings and returned to the town.
* * *
 Bauer's POV
 "It's hilarious... how is it possible... that a sixth great dragon lord has been born?"
 There is a difference between an ordinary dragon and a dragon lord.
 For the note, in this world, the stronger a creature is, the fewer children they give birth to.
 And it applied to the dragon of dragons, the Dragon Lord. So, they can't have children.
 Even though they can increase their number by giving their own liver, they can only do so once, with the liver they were born with... And even if a creature eats the liver, they usually become a 'half-breed', an unintelligent monster different from dragons and their original species.
 So, the probability of successfully becoming a dragon lord is infinitesimally low.
 As proof of this, among the five great dragon lords, the four who gave their liver to others were just horrible creatures that did not even look like dragons.
 In other words, the chance for a dragon lord to be born is limited to one more time. That chance is quite small considering the previous possibilities.
 Only a being that has eaten the liver of a black dragon has a small chance... perhaps the last dragon lord.
 At present, there are black, white, gold, red, and blue dragons.
 The sixth dragon lord... what color will he be?
 More importantly...
 "Black Dragon... to whom did you give your liver?"
 "The one I went to see at Bauer-sama's request... I gave it to Ceres... Well, I accidentally killed him when we fought, but if we played by the rules, he would have won... so I gave him the liver to compensate for it... well, he's dead, though."
 "He's not dead... he could have been the last Dragon Lord."
 "It's been thousands of years since we've had a new Dragon Lord... The sixth and final Dragon Lord."
 A person who eats Ceres' liver can also become a dragon lord... but since only one person, Ceres, has become a new dragon lord thanks to the livers among the five great dragon lords, the probability is low... Moreover, the liver of a being that is not a dragon but a dragon lord from another race is probably mixed with human blood... and even if it is eaten, likely, it will not become a dragon lord.
 "Then... go and find out what you can about this new Dragon Lord."
 "Me again? Why not the other one?
 "You're the right man for the job since you know his face... and when you meet him, you'll have to give him a thorough briefing on the Dragon's Code."
 "But Bauer-sama... I'm not the right person for this... you should know that, don't you?"
 Well, this guy's brain was definitely full of muscle.
 "Okay... take the blue dragon with you."
 "I understand... even a dragon lord..."
 "This whole thing is because of you..."
 "Ahh... I'm sorry... I'll be right there."
 "Make sure you know the colors, especially the color that rules."
 "I understand."
 The sixth dragon lord, huh... I do not know why he was born just now.
* * *
 Galvin Empire King's POV
 At Galvin's Empire
 "Is this true?"
 "Yes, my king..."
 I had heard that Ceres-dono was a powerful man... but I had no idea he was this strong.
 Until now, I've been curious about him since he has 'Misaki the Black Mad Knight' and 'Haruka the Smiling Ripper' as his wives.
 Besides, the empire favors the 'strong man' and does not look at titles such as Hero (Yuusha).
 We judge only by actual feats of valor.
 Even a Hero (Yuusha) is just a young man until he becomes strong.
 But this Ceres is the one I've been paying attention to.
 He hunts dragon species... and stoically improves himself.
 He's a very impressive man...
 If I look closely... he's married to those four vicious women.
 He's not a man to be messed with.
 But if he's good with those four, he's good with the older ones.
 If he's with the older one, I'll get him to marry my daughter one of these days... but I never thought he'd beat Mammon...
 "Someone call Frey."
 After a while...
 "Father, what can I do for you? Another marriage proposal? I may have lost to the Demon King, but I still think I'm strong. So, the condition of marriage is a stronger man than me. I won't change it."
 But she is already 28 years old.
 I can't deny that she's a bit behind the times...
 And maybe because of her character and reckless conditions, she no longer receives marriage proposals.
 Well, no one can beat a former sword saint.
 "Ah, he meets your requirements. It's the hero (Eiyuu) Ceres-dono I'd like to introduce you to..."
 "The hero (Eiyuu)? If I'm not mistaken, he holds the title of Dragon Slayer... That's good. I'll be his wife if he wins a match against me."
 "There's no need for that... Ceres-dono's four wives are Haruka and her friends..."
 "Ah, Master's (Shishou) partner, huh...? but I don't know if he's strong enough..."
 "Then look at this..."
 "Fighting Mammon on equal terms..."
 "He's much stronger than you, even if you don't fight."
 "I see... then, I have no objection... so proceed."
 Now... let's negotiate Frey's marriage and the next emperor's throne...

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