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Chapter 32 The Saint's Necklace

 According to the story, several alchemy items to ward off curses are installed in this mansion. However, this time, the curse had broken through all of them. Probably, it was the work of a demon tribe who can cast a very high level of curses. In that case, the number of the items may be limited.
 "We'll have to prepare the 'Curse-Breaking Charm' as soon as possible."
 "Yes, tomorrow we will start hunting giant death spiders. If the chances of getting them are the same as that time, we should be able to get about fifteen of them, right?"
 "I hope to have them all before I can get to 30."
 "Giant Death Spider..."
 Miss Elena's face is twitching. Apparently, she doesn't like spiders. Well, they're a little creepy looking, that's for sure. It's got eight red eyes, weird fluid coming out of its pores, and there's what looks like a hair on its body.
 "But, wait a minute. If it's a 'Curse-Breaking Charm,' it only works for one generation, right? For the next generation, wouldn't it be better to use a 'Saint's Necklace' that nullifies the curse just by putting it around the neck?"
 "That's true. But to make it, a 'Sun Ruby' is needed. Isn't it a rare item that can't be obtained so easily?"
 "Hahaha, if there is no such thing, just make one."
 "Make a rare item..."
 Miss Elena's mouth is agape. It seems that she didn't expect me to be able to make a rare item. Well, some alchemy materials can be used as intermediate materials. The rest depends on the price of the original material.
 "Kabirumba, how much do Ruby cost?"
 "It depends, but the cheapest one starts at about five gold coins."
 "Too expensive!"
 "Ah, Leo-sama, if you need a ruby, I'll get one for you."
 Miss Elena immediately raised her hand. Thank goodness. I would have had to work like crazy for a month or so to get the rubies. But now everything is going to be all right. Kabirumba also looks peaceful.
 "I didn't think Leo-sama could make something like that. I guess we'd better change our minds about this."
 "Well, it's true that not many people can use a precious jewel as a medium and transform it into another material. After all, it is necessary to write dense magic letters in the jewel and it requires a great deal of magic power and knowledge--"
 "--Oh, it looks like dinner is ready. Let's go."
 Damn Kabirumba. I was just getting ready to go. Oh, well. I'll talk about it later.
 The servant comes to call us and takes us to the dining room.
 "Oh, this is amazing...! It's been a long time since I've seen so much food on the table."
 "Hey, Leo-sama, don't talk unnecessary talk..."
 Kabirumba said sharply so that only I could hear. If I said that I had seen something similar to this scene before, it would give away that I had once been of a certain status. And if it is a demon of a certain status, the background might be limited.
 For now, let eat the meal in silence. On the table are roasted cockatrice meat, orc steaks, lush salads that look as if they are brimming with life, and golden soups whose ingredients are completely melted. Everything looks delicious.
 With these delicious-looking dishes at my side, Miss Elena leads me to sit down next to them.
 The only other people at the table were the Margrave and the Margravine Badia and the former Margravine. It was probably too much food for the six of us, including Kabirumba. Well, if Kabirumba is a serious eater, this amount of food is just an appetizer. But is he really going to eat?
 "So it looks like we're all here. A toast to our meeting with Leonito-dono."
 And so the dinner party began with a toast to the meeting led by the Margrave Badia. All three of them had changed their clothes, and were now dressed in gorgeous outfits. I felt as if I was out of place wearing ordinary clothes. If this is the case, I should have changed my clothes, right? No, it would have been too dazzling.
 "Margrave Badia, I promised to make a 'Curse Breaking Charm', but I would like to change it. I'd like to make a 'Saint's Necklace' instead."
 "Saint's Necklace? What kind of item is that?"
 Well, it seems that Margrave Badia doesn't know. Maybe this is the one that slipped up? Looking at Kabirumba, he is also twisting his head. It seems that Kabirumba is not expecting this.
 "It's supposed to be an item that can nullify the curse if you wear it. Leo-sama told me that it would be useful not only for me but also for the next generation."
 Miss Elena presented additional information. The three others' eyes widen when they hear this. Their hands have already stopped eating. Apparently, it is a nobleman's etiquette not to eat when talking. That's a good reference.
 "I am very glad to hear that you have such an alchemy item... that is, of course, something to be thankful for."
 "So, Father, we need ruby as a material. Can't our family provide them?"
 Miss Elena gazes at the Margrave Badia as if she were praying. And he looked somewhat relieved.
 "Of course, I will be happy to provide it. Leonito-dono, please let me know if you need any other materials. You can ask me, and I will provide them to you as much as you need."
 "Thank you very much."
 Now I can get the most expensive materials. The rest of the materials, such as silver, gold, and salt, are easy to get. Now I am ready to make alchemical items. And no need to kill a lot of Giant Death Spiders anymore. Well, well, I'm very lucky indeed.
 "By the way, I was thinking that if Leo-sama makes 'Saint's Necklace', it will probably produce 'Saint's Necklace++'. What kind of effect does that have?"
 Kabirumba's comment caught everyone's attention. Well, it seems that even Kabirumba doesn't know about it. I guess I should show off the effect and make a big face. This will make Kabirumba think a little more highly of me.
 "As I recall, the range of effect should be extended. Not only will it protect the wearer from curses, but it will protect those around him/her as well. Plus, it will protect an area the size of this mansion."
 "...Isn't the area of effect too wide?"
 "What do you mean? The Goddess's Necklace even protects the whole city."
 The air seemed to freeze. Did I screw up again?

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