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Chapter 31 Scurrying Around the House

 The Margrave Badia officially ordered three "Curse Breaking Charms++". He said he would pay me for them, but I decided to offer them to him for free as a letter of recommendation to the Alchemy Guild and as an apology for the trouble I had caused.
 The Margrave said it was "not worth it," but I didn't want to owe him too much. Kabirumba seemed to agree with me and did not reject my opinion.
 And from then on, we stayed at the Margrave's residence today. He told me that he had prepared a dinner for me, and he would like me to have it.
 At last, the day has come when I will be able to enjoy the sumptuous meals of the human society. I am looking forward to it. Then, upon arrival at the prepared room, I was told that I was free to do as I pleased until the meal was ready.
 "Leo-sama, I know it's too late to tell you this now, but the 'Curse-Breaking Charm' is a rather rare item. It is not something that can be made so easily. I'm saying this because you're doing 'too much'."
 Apparently, I was doing "a lot more" than I thought I was. Perhaps I need to correct this misalignment if I am going to live among human society. The same goes for magic. I tend to overdo it.
 But, I mean, what is normal? Please introduce me someone who can help me. As I was thinking this, there was a knock at the door.
 "Leo-sama, if you're not too tired, I'll show you the mansion."
 It is Miss Elena. Well, there is nothing much to do in my room, and I am curious about the courtyard. So I will take advantage of her kindness.
 I open the door, and there stands Miss Elena, this time dressed in a proper aristocratic outfit. Wow, she is very beautiful! And as usual, she is wearing a dress that exposes a lot of her bosom. Aristocrats are such strange creatures.
 "Thank you very much. But is it okay if I ask you for a favor?"
 "Of course!"
 She looks so happy. But why did she wrap her arms around me in no time? I'm afraid Margrave Badia will find out. But she doesn't seem to let go of me, and she might cry if I refuse her. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
 And now, Miss Elena leads me through the mansion. As expected of a Margrave, it is very spacious. There are three parlors. And a small library. I wonder what kind of books people are reading.
 "Miss Elena, may I take a look at the library?"
 "Of course you may. If there are any books that interest you, I will arrange for them to be brought to your room."
 "Thank you for the help."
 Inside the library it was pitch black. Miss Elena motioned to the servants, and the lamps hanging in the room lit up one after another. It was still dim, but I could at least see the covers of the books.
 Miss Elena guides me around the room. It seems that there are many history books and political books. Come to think of it, I know very little about human history. It would be good to learn more about human beings in order to know them better. Then, deciding to borrow some history books, I leave the library.
 "Next, I will show you this way."
 I was led to the kitchen. It seemed that preparations for the dinner were being made in a hurry. I watched from a distance so as not to disturb them.
 "As a Margrave, there must be a full-time cook in the kitchen, right?"
 "Yes, we often have guests over. Up to now I've been on the bed, so I haven't had many visitors, but I think I'll have many more from now on."
 Miss Elena did not look very happy when she said this. I think she must be thinking, "What a hassle". Just like now. After all, when a guest comes, she has to greet them, and she has to say something. I wonder if a woman of Elena's age would have a fiancée's application. Just thinking about it makes me want to run away.
 Now the kitchen is beginning to smell very good. The food is almost ready. Perhaps noticing this, Miss Elena quickly took my arm and hurried ahead.
 The next stop was the courtyard. This must be the garden that I saw from the window, because I could see a fountain. Like the sky, which was turning to dusk, the flowers and green leaves were changing their colors.
 This garden is my favorite too. I never thought I would be able to walk here again.
 On the other hand, Miss Elena's eyes were downcast. She must be remembering the days of her curse. But it's over now, and I don't think it's good to dwell on it forever. I should say something to cheer her up.
 "There are people who do outrageous things. Speaking of curses... did the demon tribe have something against you?"
 "Perhaps, the demon who cursed me was asked to do so."
 "They asked to...?"
 "Yes. I've heard that there are demon people who cast curses for a living."
 "What a shock..."
 I'm surprised. I didn't think there were demons who were paid by someone to cast curses. They'll do anything as long as they get paid. Don't they have any pride as a demon tribe? But they need money to live. I guess we live in an age where we have to do anything for money. In a sense, it may be my fault.
 "Do you have any idea who hired them?"
 "Yes, I think it might be one of the people whom I turned down to be my fiancee."
 "Well, I'm sure there's more to it than that. It's also quite possible that there was a woman who was jealous of Miss Elena's beauty and decided to do that."
 Kabirumba literally poked his head in and ask Miss Elena. Like me, he seemed to be offended that a demone was making money by cursing someone. His words were a little rough.
 For the note, among the demon clans, there are naturally some differences in the skill of cursing. However, in general, their skill is much higher than human's. That is to say, if a demon tribe curses, they will be able to make money.
 In other words, if a demon curse someone, there is a high probability that it cannot be undone. It's a perfect way to kill someone so that they don't know who did it. It makes me feel bad.

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