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Chapter 33 National Treasure Item

 What's going on? My trusty buddy, Kabirumba, is also stiffening. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Think, just think. There must be an answer in there... Ah, right!
 "Well, that 'Goddess Necklace' is not easy to make, since it is made of rare materials. If I can make it, of course, I will do it."
 The frozen air in the room seemed to melt away. It seems that I was right. Well, actually, I don't need such rare material, but if I don't tell them, they won't know it.
 Kabirumba must have realized this because he immediately joined in the conversation.
 "That's right. I am relieved, Leo-sama. If it were that easy to make, you would have been flooded with orders. All the nobles would want a charm against curses."
 "Eh, ah, you're right. It's a pity because I could have made it if only I had some rare materials..."
 During the exchange between Kabirumba and me, Margrave Badia looked at us subtly but did not ask us any more questions. It seems that it is better not to reveal alchemy items with too wide an effect range.
 "If the 'Saint's Necklace' I am giving this time is just effective enough to protect oneself, I will adjust it accordingly."
 "Leo-sama, are you sure you can do that?"
 Kabirumba looked at me with a questioning look. Ugh, I'm starting to lose confidence in myself now that he's looking at me like that.
 "Well, if I gather some bad quality materials, maybe I can make it? Maybe"
 "You seem very unsure of yourself."
 Kabirumba shakes his head from side to side and sighs. The gesture was as if I was being called "useless."
 Well, maybe I am useless. But, with this, I'm going to study how to write a "lazy magic circle" so that I can adjust the quality freely. I'm sure I can do it if I try.
 "Ah, Leonito-dono, please make the best of it this time."
 "I understand. I'll do that."
 The Margrave Badia sighs with relief. Well, for him, It's better to have a wide range of effects. That way, it can protect more people from the curse.
 Then, after that, the conversation turns to the materials needed, and it is decided that they will soon prepare ruby of high grade.
 It seems that there will be some time before the ruby is available. So, maybe I should make an extra supply of diet pills in the meantime. While I was thinking about this, the old hag opened her mouth as if she had just remembered.
 "By the way, Leo-sama wanted the 'Goblin King's crown,' right?"
 "Yes. But it seems to be hard to get. There don't seem to be any more goblin village around here, so I'm thinking of going further to look for it this time."
 Suddenly Margrave Badia's eyebrows seemed to rise slightly when he heard our conversation. His wife also stopped eating.
 "Are you planning to make a Void Bag?"
 "Yes, I am... but I couldn't get the 'Goblin King's crown' when I destroyed the goblin village."
 "I see, so you can make a void bag..."
 Margrave Badia began to think about it. Could it be that I shouldn't make a void bag? I have a very bad feeling about this. Inwardly, I eat my meal in a cold sweat. It's supposed to be a delicious dish but doesn't taste good. Chef, I'm sorry.
 "Speaking of Void Bag, there's one in the royal family. I think it was a national treasure..."
 "Hihihihiii, you do remember, don't you? After all, my son, you used to want a magic bag and a void bag. You could get what you wanted without anyone knowing about it."
 Margrave Badia is looking a bit uncomfortable. I wonder if he was planning to hide a pornographic book. Well, he could certainly use it that way. But if it was me, I wouldn't do it.
 "Hmm, I thought a magic bag would make logistics easier."
 "Logistics? Does that mean there is a conflict around here?"
 As I asked this, Margrave Badia shook his head from side to side. Apparently not. I feel a little relieved. I thought that even though humans and demons have come to live together, conflicts still exist. I had heard that humans were at war with each other in the past.
 "As you know, there is still a lot of unexplored land around this major town. Sometimes we go on expeditions when dangerous monsters are found. So, if we have a magic bag, we don't have to worry about what to bring. The team can carry out their mission with a peace of mind."
 "I see, you are right. Then, if you gather the materials, I can make a magic bag if you like. As I mentioned, gathering materials to make a void bag would take a lot of effort."
 It seems that the old hag wanted the magic bag for this reason. Evidently, it was not to line her own pockets. The old hag seems to have been collecting value items for Margrave's family while running the store. She seems to be a very tricky person.
 "Yeah, thank you very much. That's very kind of you. I'm always in Leonito-dono's debt."
 "Don't worry about it. I'm quite satisfied with this wonderful food and pastries."
 "No, that's not the way it works. We must get the 'Goblin King's crown' at all costs here. Otherwise, it's not good for us."
 The old hag says with a laugh. Once again, the group toasts and continues to eat. Miss Elena was enjoying her meal with a happy look on her face. And sometimes I asked her what this dish was, and she answered happily. Kabirumba is also digesting the food with great interest. I guess he wants to be an expert cook.
 After the meal, I wait in my room until it is time for my bath. In the room, there was a history book that I had asked for when I visited the library. This was a great help. But I don't seem to have much time to spare.
 So, I just flip through the pages. The pages are filled with descriptions of how humans were once divided into nations and fought with each other. Not just once. It seems to have been repeated over and over again.
 On the other hand, the demon tribe was on a continent unknown to humans at that time, so they were not mentioned in the history books.

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