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Chapter 35 Taking a Bath Together

 Now, I make eye contact with Kabirumba. Kabirumba also returned eye contact. He said, "Give-me-some-time." I got it. I got your sign.
 "Miss Elena, thank you for the history book. I learned a lot. But I was just wondering, are there many races living in this town?"
 "Yes, of course. Not only demons but also elves and dwarves. There are not many of them, though.
 "I see. Then, is there a good number of children born between them and human beings?"
 Miss Elena blushed for some reason. Did she think about having a baby? She's quick to judge. We're not even dating yet. How could she decide to take a bath with me when we're in such a state?
 "Y-Yes, there are some of them. But I haven't seen them in person, so I don't know how they live."
 "I see. Have you heard of any problems?"
 "No, there isn't. Is something bothering you?"
 Miss Elena's eyes are shaking with anxiety. It's nothing important. I simply wanted to be sure that there would be no problem with a child born between two different races. If there's no problem, that's all that matters.
 "No, that's not it. I just thought that if there was any problem, I could make some alchemy item that would be useful."
 "Well, Leo-sama is really very kind."
 Miss Elena's eyes widened, and she giggled happily this time. Her facial expression changes from one moment to the next. It's fun to watch.
 While thinking like that, the area around me started to become noisy.
 "Oh, if it isn't Leonito-dono! Are you going to take a bath now, perhaps?"
 Margrave Badia asked me, raising one of his eyebrows skillfully. This is a blessing in disguise. Kabirumba must have called him. So, I must ride this wave. Miss Elena, on the other hand, looked embarrassed.
 "If it isn't Margrave Badia, I was just about to take a bath."
 "I see, I see. Would you like to take a bath with me then?"
 I glance at Miss Elena. She looks like she can't help it, since Margrave Badia invited me. Perhaps she has given up on the idea, Elena sends me off with a smile plastered on her face.
 Now, I am taking a bath with Margrave Badia.
 "Sorry for my daughter."
 "Thank you for saving my life. I didn't know what to do."
 "Kabirumba-dono told me what happened... I'm glad I made it in time."
 "Thank you, Kabirumba."
 "No problem at all, Leo-sama"
 Kabirumba smiles wryly at me. I'm so glad he made it. I almost had to take a bath with an unmarried woman. After all, Miss Elena's proportions are amazing. If she had come at me with that body, I would have crossed the line.
 "Even though I told Elena not to do that..."
 "I think Margaret-san has given her permission."
 He looks as if he's chewed up a lot of bitterness. It seems that Margrave Badia is not very fond of the Old Hag. But if the Old Hag is the one who encouraged him, then he is probably trying to bring Miss Elena and me together.
 Still, Marrying Miss Elena...? To be honest, it is not a bad idea because Miss Elena is cute, has a lot of facial expressions, is fun to look at, and has big breasts. But then, I will succeed in the position of the Margrave, won't I? In other words, I will become a Margrave.
 "Forgive me for asking, but don't you have any sons or daughters?"
 "Hmm, Elena is my only daughter. Of course, I was worried about having only one direct descendant, so I tried to have more children, but it didn't work out so well."
 "I see. It's not so easy, is it?"
 It seems that Miss Elena will almost certainly take over the family. And it's only natural that there'll be a battle over Miss Elena's fiancee. Her beauty comes with the position too.
 However, this incident must have made Margrave Badia think that having only one child is not good for him. Maybe he will take this opportunity to have more children. But if he has a concubine... that would make his household worse. Well, if Miss Elena is safe, they may not have more children.
 "Elena needs a reliable husband. It's not a political marriage but a man of real ability."
 Well, it will be so. In the future, Miss Elena's husband will be the ruler of Badia. If he is only a nominal ruler and not a competent one, the people will have a hard time. If he is not good enough, the household will be destroyed too.
 "Yes, that's true. But it may be difficult to find such a person."
 "There will be few chances to see their abilities. I wonder how much I can count on their grades at school. It might be a good idea to have them live and work with me for a few years..."
 "Still, I doubt if there is anyone who would be willing to go that far. But if someone is willing to do that, I think you can already give him a passing grade."
 "No doubt."
 Margrave Badia laughs. In fact, few people would do such a thing. Even if it is the second or the third son of a noble family, they would be unhappy to be tested without any promise for the future.
 After all, if they do not meet his expectations, he will say, "Yes, bye-bye." If I think about it, it seems more and more impossible.
 "By the way, Leonito-dono, have you ever stood on top of others?"
 "...No, why is that?"
 "Well, from how you have been behaving, it seems that you were in a superior position in the past. I don't know, but I guess you're used to using people or having an atmosphere like that."
 He's very perceptive. I didn't think I was giving off that kind of vibe. Or maybe, the way I used the gatekeeper or hid myself for fear of the authorities led to the distrust? No, it wasn't. Perhaps it's because I haven't shown any sign of cowardice in front of the most powerful man in the town. Oh, no...

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