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Chapter 112 The Answerer

 Lida’s POV
 "Welcome... Oh, Lida, it's been a long time."
 "Why is Uncle Joseph in a weapon shop? Well, it's a good look for you, but..."
 Uncle Joseph looks like an adventurer or a mercenary with his bald head and muscular body, but he used to be a farmer.
 "Hahaha, this is the home of the hero! So, it's not so cool if there's no weapons shop, is it? Even I've collected some old stuff that you can't even find in the capital! Take a look."
 "Heh~ you sure have a lot of unusual things here," said Frey.
 "Frey-sama, he sure has a lot of unusual things," said Lida.
 "Yeah, there are a lot of rare things too, so take a look," said Frey.
 Frey-sama is looking at every corner of the place as if she is devouring everything.
 Certainly, there is a great variety of goods in the countryside.
 But, does he really have that much stuff?
 "Hey, I've never seen this armor before... it's beautiful..." said Lida.
 "Lida, that's Starfield light armor. I know it's beautiful," said Frey.
 "But is it durable enough for such a thin armor?" said Lida.
 "Nope... that's why it went out of business... that workshop... they were on sale at the last minute... so I bought it," said Joseph.
 "What's the point?" said Lida.
 "Well, it's great if someone don't have to fight and they can look good in front of the girls!" said Joseph.
 It's no good armor.
 "Then, why does this sword have water magic on the blade?"
 "That's the modern youth's lethal weapon... the water-cooled sword.”
 "What does it do?"
 "It's cool, right? It makes a man more attractive to women when you fight with it."
 Uncle Joseph crosses his arms and makes a proud face... but that doesn't make any sense...
 "It's just a cool thing to do, huh? But what's the point?"
 "You see, we're at truce with the demons in this world, right? So, we don't need strong equipment... don't you think?"
 "You may be right, but..."
 Maybe that's true, but... it's kind of sad.
 "Then, even though I don't have a sacred sword, I do have a lot of swords and magic swords for you to look around with."
 "I'll do that."
* * *
 "What are you doing, Frey-sama? Looking in a barrel like that."
 "Well, in these barrels, you'll find some unexpected bargains among the cheap swords."
 Still, there are a lot of barrels in this store.
 "All the weapons in there are for sale for 5 silver coins, they're junk so there's no guarantee... but there are some great bargains to be had if you're a good at discerning."
 Junk? Does that mean it's trash?
 "But all I see are rusty swords and chipped swords."
 "That's true... Well, this one may have been a good sword once, but now it's a shadow of its former self."
 "So, they're all junk."
 "Yes, but I'm glad that I found something good amongst these."
 "But, Frey-sama is really a princess...?"
 "Not like a princess... that's what people say."
 "Same with me, I've been told I don't look like a sword saint."
 "More importantly, I think you should check out the sword in the barrel."
 "But I can't fight anymore, and I don't want to."
 "Is that so...? It's a pity, since you and I are both former sword saints, when you could have been fighting me right up to the line..."
 "But my spirit is broken..."
 "Really? It may be fine for now... but there may come a time when you regret it, yes, for example, if you use the sword when your family or loved ones are dying... you may or may not regret it... you are free to like it or not. But since the goddess has chosen you to be the swords saint, you should at least be well-trained."
 "So you've been working out like that?"
 "Yeah, I can't speak highly of myself either... After all, I'm just a helpless sword saint from the helpless Hero (Yuusha) party that lost to the Demon King's army... Just like Lida, maybe, if we ever fight the Demon King's army again... we probably won't win... ...but I still think 'there must be something we can do' which is much stronger than the 'former sword saint' knight. And with your job as a sword saint, I'm sure there's something you can do too, Lida"
 "Is there something I can do?"
 "I'm sure there is! I guarantee it!"
 But then…
 'Your sword is here!'
 "I think I hear a voice now."
 "Lida... it's just your imagination... because of what I said, isn't it?"
 "But I think I heard it... yes, from this barrel... wow, so great."
 The sword I saw was so beautiful that it looked like a holy sword with a great decoration.
 "Uncle Joseph, there's a sword in the wrong barrel..."
 "Well, it looks great but there's a reason for it, take it out of the sheath."
 I pulled the sword out of its scabbard.
 The mysterious blue-white blade of the sword looks so beautiful.
 "I pulled it out..."
 "Huh? I didn't think you could pull it out... That's amazing... I mean, no one's ever pulled that out before... can you put it back in the scabbard again?"
 I put it back in its sheath and handed it to Uncle Joseph.
 "I still can't pull it out... maybe there's a trick to it..."
 "Here, give it to me."
 "Hmm... Lida... I can't pull this out either... there's really no such thing as a sword I can't use... but I think I've seen this sword's design somewhere... The name of this sword is 'The Answerer'. This is a magic sword."
 "The Answerer."
 "Yeah. It is a sword that chooses its master and no other human can wield it... and this sword fights in its master's stead."
 ""It fights in place of its master?""
 "Yes, this sword fights in place of its master... and it's the perfect sword for Lida... Then, I'll buy it for you... for five silver coins."
 "Thank you... and you're still in town, aren't you? Come back again."
 "Okay, I'll be back."
 I took the sword and left the store.
* * *
 Right now, we're in a field nearby.
 "Come on, Lida, let's fight!"
 "I don't want to fight if I can help it... But I can put up with a wooden sword. However if it's a real sword, I don't want to fight..."
 It's been that way since then.
 I can't do it anymore.
 After I lost to Mammon... after I experienced despair... my hands shake when I try to use a sword.
 "Don't worry, Lida, the Answerer will fight for you if you wish to fight... and Lida, its owner, will know the words to activate it."
 "But... I don't know that..."
 However, when I said this, the word popped into my head...
 And that words it....
 'I will not be intimidated by any formidable foe... with this sword!'
 Knowing this, I draw the sword and hold it ready. Then I said.
 "I will not be intimidated by any formidable foe... with this sword!"
 My hands... no, my body stopped shaking.
 Moreover, the sword moves against my will.
 All I have to do is to hold the sword so that I don't disturb it.
 I slashed the sword at Frey-sama with a quick movement.
 "Amazing... I don't think the Answerer is that good of a sword..."
 But it didn't stop there.
 It struck two and three blows one after the other.
 "But I'm only holding a sword..."
 "Well... this is amazing..."
 Still, This could be bad.
 After all, the sword is about to do something amazing.
 "Frey-sama, the sword is about to do something..."
 "Lida... you're taking this too far... I'll show you what kind of moves I can do."
 'Sonic Blade.'
 'Sonic Blade.'
 I swung my sword faster than I've ever swung before.
 And from the tip of the sword, a tremendous swordfight ensued.
 "Kuhh.. Uoooooooo... Hahahaha, that was dangerous... I thought I was going to die..."
 Fortunately, Frey-sama's sword was able to withstand it because it's a magic sword... but the whole sword was blown away and her body was slightly dug into a huge tree nearby.
 However, I have to stop it now...
 'Dimensional Sword...'
 "Dimentional Sword...!? Wait, wait, don't fight anymore... stop, please..."
 The sword's light subsides, and my arm relaxes.
 Then, the sword sheathed itself as if nothing had happened.
 "That's outrageous... I don't mind it because I want to improve my swordsmanship... but I can't think of a way to beat Lida with that sword."
 "You're right, I can't believe it myself."
 "Then train me this time Lida."
 In the end... I still can't get away from the sword...

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