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Chapter 113 Former Saint

 Maria’s POV
 Hah~ Why do I have to go to church...?
 I thought I'd never be a part of it again after quitting being a saint...
 I thought today was going to be a fun day of shopping...
 "Maria, why do you look so unhappy?"
 "That's not true..."
 "Really? But you look like you don't like it."
 "That's because... People call me a saint, but I was just a fighter and I don't know much about doctrines... I didn't know anything about the church..."
 "You are a saint, but you have no faith?"
 "I only prayed in the village..."
 "A saint's power depends on her faith... I know it's not my place to say this since the Demon King's army defeated me... but you should have faith and kindness."
 "Um, Cecilia-sama, I am no longer a saint. I no longer belong to the church."
 "Are you... stupid? Then I suggest you go wherever you want..."
 "Cecilia-sama, you're too much! You don't have to go that far."
 There's no need for her to go to such lengths.
 "Yes, I must say so. After all, Ceres-sama is a 'Hero (Eiyuu)'... a supreme being recognized by three nations including the Holy Church... some followers even call him 'the Agent of the Goddess'... and you have become Ceres-sama's 'vassal', isn't it? So, can you deny the Church? I mean, you are a loyal subject to Ceres-sama, our Lord, you know? If you, a vassal of Ceres-sama protected by the Hero Protection Law, deny the church, you are not qualified to be a vassal... don't you think so?"
 I understand what she is saying...
 And now that she mention it... it might be true.
 "Surely, that's true..."
 "So, what will you do? I'm a former saint too... I too came back alive after my party was defeated by the Demon King's army... and after that it was hard... some people called me a 'Loser Saint'... and I even had stones thrown at me when I walked around the city... I even thought that I would rather die than live in shame. But I told myself that it mustn't end there... and I did my best. As a result, the Church and the Holy Land recognized me... Maria, what will you do? Will you quit trying? I don't want to tell you to leave because I feel sorry for you, but I will see you only as a 'servant' for the rest of my life, okay?""
 No matter how much I deny it, my job is a saint.
 If my healing skill is taken away from me, what will be left?
 I'm sure there's nothing left... Besides, from beginning, I decided to live that way...
 So, I can't do anything else now and remain stay still....
 If it likes this, I need to be determined to be a healer so that Ceres, the 'hero', won't regret it when his friends are hurt.
 "I-I'm going to church! I will do my best to help Ceres and others when they are hurt!"
 "That's good... but Ceres-sama has me and Shizuko-san, the 'black-haired healer'... So, you won't have a chance for a while... You know what we're capable of, right??"
 "Yes... I know what you mean."
 "Well then, look like you have changed a lot... and that's good enough! Shall we go then?"
 After all, this is the only way for me to live.
 So... I'll do my best!
* * *
 "Isn't a new church beautiful, the air is different!"
 It sure is clean like a new house... and it smells good.
 It's bigger than I expected...
 And up close, it's much bigger than most churches...
 "Isn't this Cecilia-sama and Maria?"
 "Aunt Marble."
 "Ara, stop it, Maria... people call her Sister Marble here... she's in charge until a priest is found."
 "I see..."
 "Yes, that's pretty good, isn't it?"
 "Yes, of course."
 Still, she calls Cecilia-sama with Cecilia-sama, and she call me with Maria... We're the same former saint, but we're so different.
 "So, have you received Sister Marble's silver staff?"
 "Yes, here it is..."
 It is a very fine staff, and I have never seen such a staff except for a holy weapon.
 "Maria, this is the best staff that anyone other than a saint can have...well, not as good as mine or Shizuko's, but I taught you what you needed to know... I would not have given it to you if you had rejected the Church altogether there. In fact, I was originally going to give it to you when you became the head of the medical center... but because that opportunity is gone now, so I'm giving it to you now... And since I've taught you the skills... now you just have to work hard to acquire the heart and strength."
 "Thank you very much, I'll do my best."
 "No problem! Shizuko and I will continue to train you! We will make you a healer that will go down in history... 'if you don't die...'"
 "Yes... please."
 I think... maybe I made the wrong choice.

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