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Chapter 114 The False Grimoire

 Main Character’s POV
 Mariane and Sharon contacted me via the communication crystal...
 'It's amazing that this place even has a dress store... now Sharon and I are going to go there to look at dresses...'
 Mariane said they were going to look at dresses.
 Still... It's amazing that there are now several dress shops where there used to be none in the old days.
 It's also unbelievable that such a precious communication crystal can be used so easily...
 Most of all, it makes it impossible to escape from 'requests'... It's convenient, but at the same time, it's inconvenient.
 "So what do we do now?"
 Lida and Frey like Maria and Cecilia also informed me that it would take more time.
 "Then, why don't we go to the tavern attached to the Adventurers' Guild? Mother might not like it, but..." said Mel.
 "No, it's no problem, I'm very happy right now... Kaito intentionally took the role of a jerk... now I understand that much... so let's go, shall we?" said Sayo.
 "Yes, Ceres-kun, I'm starting to get hungry too... maybe we should go," said Shizuko.
 ""I agree."" said Haruka and Misaki.
 "Then let's all go to Uncle Kaito's place..."
 So we all decided to go to Kaito's Adventurer's Guild tavern.
 "Welcome... Ah, why is there a 'Black Mad Knight' and a 'Smiling Ripper'... and a 'Teary-Eyed Ice Princess' and a 'Black-Haired Healer'... Wow..."
 What? Why is Eleanor-san face so red?
 "Eleanor-san... what's wrong?"
 "Ceres-sama, I'm nervous because they are adventurers whom I admired in the past... especially the Black Mad Knight Misaki-sama, whom I admired... you know, Misaki-sama influenced me to become a great sword fighter..." said Eleanor.
 She looks at them like a boy in front of a diva.
 "I see... But first, we're here for dinner today, so show us to the table," said Misaki.
 "Really? I'll be right here... and this place is jointly bought by me and my husband... I'll order something that looks good..." said Eleanor.
 "I'll leave it to you," said Misaki.
 "Mother, she's my father's new wife! She's a too young for him... it's disgusting..." said Mel.
 "Mel... Does that make-me-and-Ceres-san looks disgusting too? Is that what you're saying?"
 "Mel-san... do you also see me that way when I say I am Ceres-kun's wife?" said Shizuko.
 "No... that's not it... that's really not it! Please don't look at me like that... it's really scary... no... it's just a joke, especially Mother!" said Mel.
 "Heheheh, I'm just kidding, just kidding," said Shizuko.
 "I'm not really mad at you," said Haruka.
 "Yes, yes, it's just a joke," said Sayo.
 "Just kidding," said Misaki.
 Although they said that, their eyes were a little scary.
 No wonder Mel was scared... and for a moment, Mammon seemed kinder to me.
 Anyway, a few moments later Uncle Kaito and Eleanor-san arrive with a table full of meat and ale.
 "Haha, Mel, good to see you, I see Sayo is with you today."
 "Yes, I brought mother with me today... it would be good to see her while she's here, wouldn't it?"
 "You're right... I mean, I'm sorry about the other time..."
 "It's okay, I'm just not very talkative and I know that... but you were thinking of your own happiness, weren't you?"
 "Well, of course, I'll be happy. After all, I have a new young wife. That's great."
 "You're giving Mel a hard time, are you serious?" said Sayo.
 "As usual, Kaito-san's a little oblivious," said Misaki.
 "But it's great, isn't it?" said Kaito.
 Well, it's just the usual familiarity, so I don't mind...
 "Ah... Ceres-sama, could it be that someone among those four was his former wife?" said Eleanor.
 "Yeah, it's Sayo-san!"
 "Teary-eyed Ice Princess... I'm surprised you're still alive, my husband..." said Eleanor.
 "Was she really that good?" said Uncle Kaito
 "I only know the legend... she froze 30 bandits while laughing, or killed a bandit's head down to the last drop of blood while crying, or whatever else she could do when she got angry... But I like that part," said Eleanor.
 "Ah, I didn't know that... do you know anything else?"
 "Haruka-sama, the Smiling Ripper... they say she slashed through many people while laughing... but my favorite is Misaki-sama, the Black Mad Knight, who cut a knight on horseback in half with a single great sword, or a bandit who was hit by a sword and had his hip bone shattered.... She solve everything by force... She is so cool...!"
 "Please don't talk about the past too much... especially not to Ceres-san, okay?" said Sayo.
 "Ah, yes... Sorry, I'll be careful, I promise I won't talk about it anymore," said Eleanor.
 "That's good..." said Sayo.
 Hmm? Just Sayo-san put some ice on Eleanor-san neck not on the ale. Or is it magic?
 After all, for a moment, Eleanor turned blue...
 Still, it's amazing legend...
 "And by the way, are you guys sure you didn't want to go shopping?"
 "Ceres-kun, we lived in the capital... we're pretty much covered... as for me, I'm only interested in the food that's only available here," said Shizuko.
 "And I can make that too," said Haruka.
 "That’s right," said Misaki.
 "Yes," said Sayo.
 "I think the same way," said Mel.
 If they say so...
* * *
 "By the way, I recently found an unusual weapon."
 Uncle Kaito said.
 "A weapon?"
 "Yeah, I didn't think it was a weapon either... but here it is."
 It's strange... because it looks like a book to me.
 "Father, isn't that just a book?"
 "It is, Mel... but I'll show you something."
 "Then... let's go."
 He then threw a great sword at the book... but there's not a scratch on the book.
 "Sure, it looks very hard... and it's certainly a weapon if it can catch a great sword."
 "But Ceres... the book is hard to use... a small sword would be much better than that," said Haruka.
 "I think so too," said Shizuko.
 "That's true, but I think you know what this is, don't you, Sayo-sama?" said Eleanor.
 "Yes, I know what it is... it's a grimoire," said Sayo.
 "Yes, it's very rare, it can be used to defend against physical attacks like now, but it's essentially a 'book to read while fighting'... it will tell you the spells you need at the right time, depending on who the book recognizes... but not me... Mel, you should try it."
 "Well... if I could just try... Hey, why is this book glowing?"
 "Mel... you were chosen by that grimoire... it chosen its master... and what's the name of that grimoire?"
 "Mother, 'The Book of False Magic' came to mind..."
 "Well... that's unusual, I've never heard of such a grimoire. But, grimoires themselves are rare, so it's not surprising if I don't know it."
 "So... what does it do, Mother?"
 "I don't know... But it will open a page with a spell when the owner needs it."
 "Isn't that's great...? Mother."
 "Well... it's not quite like that... it only opens the page with the 'spell' listed... if it's not listed, it doesn't open."
 "Well, you don't know if it's a great grimoire until you see it in action... but it's still valuable."
 Anyway, it was a good weapon for the bookish Mel...
 Ant then, the six (Mariane, Sharon, Fray and Lida) who had been going their separate ways joined us and drank until late at night.

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