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Chapter 115 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Eight - The Black Dragon

 Zect’s POV
 Today I'm hunting for the first time in a long time.
 And my target is a dragon species.
 Something like a wyvern or an earth dragon.
 Although I have more money than I can spend... but I try to do my job well.
 After all, when I know my father, Sector, never worked.
 But my mother, Shizuko, was a hard worker.
 It would be better for Luna not to see me not working.
 So, I must hunt several times a week.
 Otherwise, it would be bad for Luna's education.
 Besides, there is almost no one in the capital who does not know Luna.
 This is the result of my steady efforts to help and heal the slum... and Luna has become a popular person.
 Leaving her alone is not a problem anymore.
 Well, in the beginning, people followed her stealthily... but it was no problem.
 "Luna-chan, are you shopping? Good for you, I'll give you a service."
 "Luna-oneechan, do your best!"
 No one takes advantage of Luna's naivete.
 Instead, she often gets a service when she shops.
 In this case, Luna should be given a little more freedom.
 It's also good for me to go hunting so that I can spend some time alone to learn about society.
 Maybe after a while, when she can live in the city... I can teach her some adventurer's work from scratch...
 Maybe I can buy some picture books and teach her to read...
 But, I still have a lot of work to do... maybe the goal will never come.
* * *
 Dragon species... there are few that can hunt them, so people can hunt them as much as they want.
 If it's an orc or an ogre, people still compete with other adventurers, but the dragon species are no longer hunted even by A-levels.
 So, there is no competition for hunting grounds.
 However, I can hunt only earth dragons and wyverns among the dragon species, and I'm too afraid to hunt anything above that.
 Still, I'm in good shape today... I was lucky to find a solitary one, so I hunted one wyvern and one earth dragon.
 And that's enough to fill up my storage bag...
 "You hunt dragons very efficiently!"
 "Well, dragons are nothing to me."
 What's with this black guy?
 "Well... so says the man who's satisfied with killing lizards."
 What's this guy... is he mocking me?
 "Don't you know who I am?"
 "I'm afraid I don't know much about the world."
 "Well then, I'm Zect, an S-class adventurer... so stop messing around with me."
 The old me would have punched him.
 But there's no need to fight over every little thing like this.
 "So... you're a little stronger? First of all, I commend you for being a man and hunting a dragon, even a lowly one... but you underestimate dragons... and it's costly to treat our kind like this."
 Doesn't this guy know I'm a former Hero (Yuusha)?
 No one is stronger than me now unless it's Ceres.
 "What do you mean 'costly'? Do you think you're a dragon when you say 'our kind'? But even a dragon is no match for me... I'm a former Hero (Yuusha)."
 Is this guy really trying to pick a fight with me?
 I guess I'll just have to go easy on him and call it a day.
 "Then forget it, my name is Black Dragon... and let's duel!"
 "All right, it can't be helped, come at me! I'll go easy on you... Uoooo—Guhoooo!"
 What! I didn't see him move just now.
 It's weird.. he's faster than Lida...
 I just got punched in the gut and I'm gonna throw up.
 "Hey, are you gonna tell me this is the end?"
 "I'm not gonna say it."
 Still, this guy... he's strong.
 If I look in his eye and measure his strength... I'll see.
 He's like Mammon.
 "What's wrong? I'll take your shot this time... come at me."
 If that's the case, I'll finish him with the biggest blow I can get.
 This is one of the secrets only a Hero can use.
 "Take this... This is my ultimate technique... Wing of Lightttt..."
 A huge bird of light appeared from the tip of my sword... and it hit the black dragon.
 That's settled... unless this guy is Mammon... it's over.
 "Hmm... It's not bad for a human... but it doesn't work."
 Are you kidding...!? He's unharmed.
 "So, is that your secret? It doesn't work at all... Then, shall I go first? Well, I feel sorry for you... so I'll just hit you..."
 I can't avoid this guy's attacks.
 And even with the pain reduction, it still hurts.
 In the end, I was beaten until I couldn't walk anymore.
 "Hah... Hah... I've lost... kill me."
 "This black dragon will kill you, that's the sign of a strong man... and you will die with that honor."
 "After all, I couldn't become like Ceres, huh...? Although I'm worried about Luna, I can't help it..."
 "Huh...? Ceres!"
 What? Why does this guy look so surprised...?
 "Haah, hahh... What's wrong?"
 "So, you're related to Ceres...?"
 "I've known him since childhood... and we're best friends..."
 "Well... that's good... but no more dragon-killing... and because you and Ceres are best friends... I'll give you this potion... maybe it'll cure you."
 "Yeah, that's enough."
 This guy knows Ceres...? And I'm a former Hero (Yuusha) and I can't even get my hands on him.
 Really, it's a big world.
 "Well then, I'm going to go now... and if you see Ceres, give him my regards."
 With that, the black dragon sprouted his wings and flew away.
 Are those 'dragon' wings?
 But I am glad that I'm Ceres' best friend.
 If not, I would probably be dead.

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