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Chapter 116 The Place That Gave Me Everything

 Main Character’s POV
 Is there a meaning to this?
 Lida now has a powerful weapon in her hands, the magic sword Answerer.
 Mel has a fake grimoire in her hand... though Maria is just a silver staff...
 Still, in the hands of the former three main jobs, they have powerful weapons... and I have the power of the yellow dragon.
 Is something going to happen?
 Is it too much to think that something dangerous is about to happen and that's why the weapons were given to the three of them?
 Just because I'm a yellow dragon doesn't mean I know the future.
 I know I'm lucky... but I don't know how far that goes.
 No matter how much I think about it, I can't know what I can't know.
 I can only be vigilant... that's all I can do it.
* * *
 In Jimna's village... or town, there is nothing more to do.
 I have met all the people I wanted to meet... and they are all doing well.
 I don't want to stay here too long and make them feel uncomfortable...
 Besides, there are two royal families... and even though they are living happily with each other, there are three ex-couples and their three daughters... so it's not entirely free of awkwardness.
 Especially Lida, Maria, and Mel.
 Even though it was my idea, to have a mother's replacement who is almost the same age as their own... and somewhat like themselves, they seem to be enduring quite a bit as daughters.
 They are trying hard to cover it up. I can tell because I've known them for a long time.
 Despite what they've done, I feel a little guilty.
 At that time, I never thought I'd come back like this.
 I never thought they would be caught in the 'trap they were not supposed to be caught in', and I never thought I would be there to see it happen.
 But... it's a good thing they don't care that much about it.
 "So, is there anything you guys still want to do or want to do? There's no rush but I think we should leave for Kohane soon, don't you?"
 "Yes, I agree with Ceres-kun, it's true that I miss this place, but I'm done with it," said Shizuko.
 "I don't mind if Ceres is okay with it either... maybe it's time," said Haruka.
 "If Ceres-san is okay with it, I guess it's fine," said Sayo.
 "If Ceres-chan says it's good, I say it's good," said Misaki.
 "I'm already happy to see Ceres-sama's hometown," said Mariane.
 "So am I," said Frey.
 "Is that so? Then, why don't we talk to the mayor of the village or town before we start our journey?"
 By the way, Lida and the others have suddenly started to think about the position of 'vassals' and 'servants' and have stopped participating in this kind of talk.
 Personally, I feel a little sad about it... but... it can't be helped.
* * *
 "Mayor Najim... thank you very much for your hospitality... I think it's time for us to head back to Kohane."
 "Well, I will miss you... but hey, this is Ceres' home and you can come back anytime you want."
 "Yeah, this is my home... it will always be my home. But I probably won't be able to come back for a while... maybe... However, when I come back... I'm sure... The mayor of the town is also a good man until then."
 Probably, it is difficult to see the town mayor or the advisor anymore because of their age.
 They were like grandfathers to me.
 It makes me feel a little sad.
 "Well, I'll live on until Ceres comes to this town once more."
 "Then, Mayor Najim, is there anything you want me to do or have me do for you?"
 I'm like a grandson. A little filial piety would be nice.
 "That's enough already... you've given me more than a real son or grandson... You've really taken too much care of me since you were a child... Maybe this is not what the 'Hero' Ceres needs... but the villager who lives here... All of us are like Ceres' family, you can cry to us if you are sad or lonely... So, come back anytime."
 "Thank you very much."
 When he said this, I almost cried.
 "Ceres, you're my family, now and forever, even though you're a 'hero'... so no farewell party... you can come back anytime... that won't be necessary, will it?"
 "Yes... it's unnecessary."
 Maybe until then, it will be difficult for me to meet Mayor Najim because of his age.
 I know that.
 But he still says I can come home...
 You know, it's amazing... that I was born here.
 This place gave me a best friend.
 It gave me a kind wife who also acts as my mother.
 It gave me a best friend and a childhood friend.
 Looking back, this place gave me everything.
 I may be Jimna's child.
 Everything I ever wanted was here.
 "What's the matter with you?"
 Mayor Najim just said.
 "Grandfather, I'm glad I was born in this village! Jimna is the best village I've ever lived in."
 "It's a town now... but that's only natural because it has a great town mayor... if you get tired of being a hero or a lord, why don't you become the town mayor of 'Jimna town'... well... when you get tired of it."
 This is surely the highest compliment.
 It means that he trusts me with his most precious thing.
 "That's greater than being a hero."
 "Of course it is."
 "That's definitely something to look forward to... when I'm back here someday..."
 "Yes, of course."
 After talking to the town mayor, I've decided to leave here tomorrow.
 I won't do anything in particular... because this is my hometown where I can always come back...

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