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Chapter 117 Departure

 Main Character's POV

 Finally, today is the day to leave for Kohane.
 """""""""""Thank you for your help"""""""""""
 "Ceres, Shizuko-san and everyone else, this village is your home and you are welcome to come back anytime you like... Besides, the princesses, young ladies and all the relatives of Ceres are my friends, come visit us anytime you like."
 Only the town Mayor can see us off... and I asked him to do so.
 This is not a farewell...
 So there's no need for a big farewell party.
 That's why I asked everyone else to just go on with their lives.
 We just go out...
 I don't know when we'll be back, but this is home for me and for all of us.
 Now, Mayor Najim waved us off as we departed for as long as he could.
 ※ The Kohane story will begin in the next volume.

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