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Chapter 118 Kohane

 Main Character’s POV
 Kohane is... the best tourist destination in the Kingdom.
 It has cool summers and warm winters.
 The climate is so pleasant that there is no need to prepare for heating or air-conditioning throughout the year and no need for magic tools or fireplaces.
 There are mountains and oceans in the territory, so that people can enjoy seafood anytime... Therefore, many visitors come here for the fresh and tasty food.
 Not only that, there are several big lakes and rivers at the foot of the mountains, which makes the river fish tasty.
 And during the winter, there is a trend to catch small fish called "Wakasagi" and eat them fried.
 There are also several hot springs, some of which are said to cure various diseases.
 Because of its location, it has been developed as a tourist destination, and there are many artificial tourist attractions such as horseback riding grounds, herb gardens, and rose gardens.
 For this reason, there are many private villas owned by Popes, Kings, and Aristocrats.
 In short, it is a wonderful place as a resort... that is what I am trying to say.
 Of course, there is a lot of tax revenue, and there is a lot of money coming in as long as there is a deputy to take care of things... well, that's what I'm doing right now.
* * *
 I have heard that 'the little castle of Kohane and its surroundings', but I think it would be better to check it out.
 But when I spoke to King Zammarck IV in detail through the communication crystal he said...
 "Well, in that case, it's all of Kohane... It's our land, but because it's a famous tourist spot, the Pope, the emperor, and some nobles from other countries also own some of the land... That's why it's been complicated... So we decided to give all the lands to Ceres-sama, and there would be no problem. Then, after discussion among the three countries, we decided to designate the lands as 'Ceres-sama's lands'."
 Not a territory... but he just said 'Ceres-sama's lands'...?
 "Not a territory?"
 "We've thought it over... the Pope said it's funny to call the hero's place 'territory' when you are greater than the Pope or the King... so we decided to call it 'Ceres-sama lands' since 'lands' sounds like something our country has given you..."
 "Is there any real difference?"
 "The place is governed by our laws at the moment, but in reality it is a Ceres-sama country... You are free to make laws and do whatever you like... Of course, you don't have to pay taxes to the Holy Church or the Empire, including ours... You are free to use it as you wish... I hate to say this to Ceres-sama, who is higher than the king... but you can think of yourself as the king of Kohane."
 "But I'm not very good at politics."
 "Well, you know that the king has a Prime Minister who does most of the work, right...? Then, Ceres-sama, you could have a good Kohane deputy, so you could just leave it all to him..."
 Then, I'll have to wait until I get there to find out more...
 "Thank you very much for your help..."
 I turned off the communication crystal.

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