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Chapter 119 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Nine - Marin who Came Over

 Zect's POV

 Who's come up this early in the morning?
 No choice, I'll get out.
 "Why are you..."
 "Zect-sama, hah~, hah~, you're here."
 What do you mean, "I'm here"?
 Rather, why did this guy come?!
 It's ridiculous. I shouldn't have said anything.
 "I'm Richard of the Knight's Guard! I'm here to deliver the princess."
 "Zect... is something wrong?"
 "No, Luna, everything is fine."
 "Is that so? Then, okay..."
 "Okay? See you later!"
 I think she's mistaken.
 "See you later! Hey, don't close the door! I brought Princess Marin," said the Guard.
 "Hah~ Why did you bring her? I thought the engagement was broken!"

 Before the knight answers my question, Princess Marin interrupted from behind.
 "No, the engagement was not broken. Wasn't it Zect-sama who said, 'Will I throw away my crown and become an adventurer with you? And when you grow old, will I plow the fields with you?' So, that means that if I throw away my crown and become an adventurer with you, you will accept me and be with me even when we grow old, right? That's not an annulment, but a condition of engagement! I agreed to your terms! You should keep your promise too!"
 A princess throws away her crown?
 "Do you know what that means? It means you're not a princess anymore!"
 "Yes, I know, but I can still use a dagger and a bit of magic... and I'll do my best as an adventurer!"
 I'm surprised that King Zammarck IV allowed her to do that.
 Wait, maybe he didn't?
 "Hey, knight, does she has the King's permission?"
 "Yes, I'm sure His Majesty gave his permission. Don't worry, Princess... Good luck!"
 She's allowed to do that?
 "Are you guys all right!?"
 """""Yes, we'll leave her to you now."""""""
 "Hey, are you sure you want to leave her? She's your princess, you know?"
 No answer came from the knights. Instead, it was Princess Marin, who answer me.
 "No, I'm not a princess anymore, I'm just Marin! You won't abandon me now that I've given up my crown, will you? Zect-sama!"
 Hey, is she really Princess Marin?
 She's supposed to be more thin and slender, the type of person whom nobody would leave alone.
 But I was definitely 'saying something like that'.
 Well, thinking it again, I wasn't thinking straight again at that time.
 Why do I always get myself into trouble?
 But now that she's here, I can't say no.
 She gave up her position as a princess to come to me.
 I can't tell her to go 'home'.
 "It can't be helped, but I hardly know Marin, and I'm sure you do too, so let's start by living together, and of course, don't worry, I won't touch you until we like each other."
 "But I'm already in love with Zect-sama".
 "I mean, from that point on, you'll have to live with me, and then you'll have to really like me!"
 "I see..."
 "Ah, Luna... there are more roommates..."
 "Roommate? What's a roommate?"
 "A roommate is someone who lives with you, this girl Marin will be living with you from today onwards. And Luna, you're going to teach her a lot of things as a senior."
 "Marin, this is Luna, be a good friend to her."
 "Um, is she going to live with us too? Is she a fellow adventurer?"
 "No, Luna is Luna! Then, I'll register you as a party member, but just like Luna, you don't have to fight yet, just get used to a normal life."
 Besides, I can't hunt dragons anymore because I'm afraid of the black dragon.
 Nor will I hunt anymore for a while.
 "Normal life?"
 "You're a princess, right? So, you can't do the housework anyway."
 "I'm sorry, I've never done it before."
 Well, that's a normal thing to think, isn't it?
 But it's a great deed for the kingdom to send Marin to me who lives in the empire.
 "Since Marin is here and I woke up... I'll make hamburgers for today!"
 "Hamburger, hamburger, hamburger... thank you Zect."
 Apparently, Luna likes hamburgers too.
 "Well, you can sit down and wait for me. Then, Marin, you can talk to Luna until I'm ready."
 "Ah, is Zect-sama going to cook the meal?"
 "Of course. If it was you, what can you do? Neither Marin nor Luna can do the housework, right? So, I'm the one who can do it."
 "Luna can't cook..."
 "I'm sorry."
 Well, it's too much to ask a princess to do the cooking.
 "That's all right, just wait here for a while."
 Hah~ Two women and they can't even cook.
 Didn't I look like Ceres now?
 But it's worth it though because they eat it so deliciously.

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