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Chapter 120 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Ten - Marin, Two

 Zect's POV

 "This is! It's so good!"
 "A hamburger is justice... it's really delicious..."
 Luna is fine, but Marin is a princess, right?
 She should have eaten something better.
 "I mean, Marin, you were a princess, didn't you eat better food?"
 "I have eaten better food, but this is the first time."
 Come to think of it, this dish was designed by Kazuma-san and Ceres.
 So it's original.
 There's nothing else like it.
 But... the real thing tastes better.
 The hamburgers that Kazuma and Ceres make are very juicy with a lot of connecting elements.
 And what I make is just minced meat, ground, grilled, and baked with simple seasonings and butter.
 Damn... I should have learned to cook better.
 Well, what I can't do, I can't do.
 I'll just have to make do with what I can.
 "When you're done eating, Luna, put the laundry in a bag and drop it by the door."
 "Don't worry... I understand."
 Luna does what she's supposed to do, and she does it well.
 But she can't handle something herself.
 She can't think for herself at all... and I don't know what to do about that.
 I have to think about Luna's personality... whether I can let it go that way or not.
 "Zect-sama, can you give me a job too?"
 "Well, then, you'll learn to clean up after me today."
 "Cleaning? I understand."
 However, as a former princess, I guess it's not so easy to learn housework.
* * *
 "Luna, Marin, let's go."
 "Where are we going?"
 "We've eaten. So we're going to the cookout and treatment as usual."
 "Helping the poor and treating the poor... work..."
 "Work? What's that?"
 "You see, we're at truce with the demon tribe. There's no prey for me to hunt as adventurers. But, because there's no need for money... it's just a way to pass the time."
 "I see..."
* * *
 "Now, let's serve the food!"
 "The food's ready..." said Luna.
 "Come on, Marin, you're gonna help out."
 "What? Me?"
 "You're not a princess anymore, right?"
 "Yes, of course I am."
 There's no point in me fighting anymore.
 The intelligent demons and monsters have gone back to their lands, and the ones around here are just small fry, not worth much money even if yI hunt them.
 I can't hunt the dragon species too because if I hunt them, the black dragon may appear any moment and punish me.
 And so, I'm done with the job of hunting.
 And I'm doing this half-hobby of cooking and treating.
 "Oh, if it isn't Hero (Yuusha)-sama! There's another pretty girl joining today."
 "I said I'm not Hero (Yuusha) anymore. I'm just Zect."
 "Well, that's all right. Give me a drink."
 "Here you go."
 "The bread..." said Luna.
 "Marin, for starters, you can pass out the bowls of bread to anyone who doesn't have one."
 "Okay," said Marin.
 It took some time at first, but she got used to it.
 People lined up properly and there were still some who didn't have a bowl, but since we handed them out every time, there were only a few who didn't have a bowl.
 Now, we could finish distributing them fairly quickly.
 And after that, I did my usual routine of treating people.
 Even though I was not a Hero (Yuusha), my job was Hero (Yuusha), and I had more physical and magical power than other people.
 When all the treatments were over, it was already evening.
 "We've worked hard today, let's go home and have a nice meal, aren't Luna and Marin tired?"
 "...I am tired."
 "It's true that I'm a little tired, Zect-sama, do you always do this kind of thing?"
 "I don't do it all the time. I just do it when I feel like it. After all, I don't want to spoil them."
 "Yes... two or three times a week."
 "Luna-san, do you do that much?"
 "...Yeah, it makes me and Zect very popular..."
 "Do you do anything else?"
 "Not much, but when there's a problem, we help out, that's all."
 "...The other day a slime in the sewers was killed by Zect, not me."
 "I see."
 It seems like Marin has been acting funny since...
 This must be a big disappointment for her since she has been longing for Hero (Yuusha).
 In that case, let's give her a ride back to the kingdom.

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