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Chapter 121 [Short Story] Marin SIDE - Recollection

 Princess Marin’s POV
 Recently, I started receiving occasional letters from my big sister.
 The content is just a love story.
 I understand that the person is a 'hero Ceres', but I wish she would consider my feelings.
 After all, I am at a crossroads in my life.
 'Can I throw away this crown?'
 If I throw it away, I can join with Zect-sama.
 Really, I'm in trouble.
 I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it if Zect-sama had broken off the engagement before. After all...
 'He is just a greedy snob like the aristocrat with a good face.'
 Even if it was someone else, I don't think it would have mattered.
 At that time, I expected a little because I heard he was a Hero (Yuusha)... but he looked like a snob, no different from a nobleman.
 But then... What happened?
 When Zect-sama came to talk about the engagement, he looked like a different person.
 I don't know how to describe it, but he has faith.
 I felt that he had a dignified air.
 But I can't fall in love because I was born into a royal family.
 Except for my sister.
 Still, I couldn't take my eyes off Zect-sama, and my heart was being stolen by him even though he refused the engagement. So...
 'I want to be with him.'
 Such a feeling sprouted inside me...
 I can't help it if it's not him.
 It switched from indifferent to like.
 I really don't know what to do in my head.
 And I don't know how many times I tried to throw away the crown.
 I am very worried about whether I should throw it away or not.
 I have been able to live in luxury because I am a 'princess'.
 A commoner could work all his life and never have these crowns and dresses.
 People who have been living on such benefits are not allowed to do so.
 As a woman, I can easily throw away my crown.
 But as a princess, I cannot do so.
* * *
 My father summoned me.
 He called me to the audience chamber.
 This is not a father-daughter talk, but perhaps a kingly talk.
 I wonder what's going on.
 "I am glad you came, Marin. This is a request from me to you. It's a pretty bad one, so if you don't like it, I won't say it again, I promise!"
 The fact that he says, "I'm glad you came" is an important story.
 If it's not important, he should just come to my room and talk to me and be done with it.
 If it's a royal request, there's no reason for me, a princess, to refuse.
 "This is not an order but a request... I'm sorry, but could you take off your crown and marry Zect-dono?"
 "Marry Zect-sama...?"
 I've been thinking about it for a long time. But I didn't think my father would give me permission...
 And does that mean I can resign from the princess's position and marry Zect-sama?
 "That's right... we can't just leave him there, he's strong enough to destroy half the empire's castle by himself. But now, no country can afford to send a wife to Zect-dono. At first, I would like to marry you off as a princess, but Zect-dono refuses, and this is the only way I or Dobel can think of."
 This is a request from my father.
 I gave up the crown because he asked me to.
 As a princess, I'm fine with this.
 Though I'm afraid it's as if the goddess has suddenly become an ally.
 But there's no way I'm not taking advantage of it.
 "I understand! Father, I also love Zect'sama too. I will gladly marry him!"
 Thus, I received permission from my father, the king, and departed to join Zect-sama.

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