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Chapter 78 The Hero (Eiyuu) Escapes

 It was an easy short flight to the town.
 And looks like Zect and the others got their limbs restored.
 Good, good.
 Now, I put my wings back on and landed on the ground.
 "Umm~ Stepfather, I'd like to party with you again..." said Zect.
 "Should I call you 'stepdad' too? Hey, let's travel together," said Lida.
 "Hey, should I call you Papa...? Help me," said Maria.
 "Umm, stepfather," said Mel.
 It feels weird.
 I thought Zect and the others would be more damaged. But isn't this more damaging to me?
 "Somehow, it creeps me out. Then, what's the matter?"
 "You see... Stepfather," said Zect.
 "Zect, It's kinda creepy. Just call me Ceres."
 "Ceres, I want to introduce you to someone," said Zect.
 Who's this person he wants to introduce me to?
 "Ceres-sama, nice to meet you. My name is Cecilia! I used to be a Saint," said Cecilia.
 "I know who you are. You're a famous person..."
 She's famous as a beautiful woman who's said to resemble the Goddess Ishtas-sama, and she used to be a saint, so there's no way I don't know about her.
 "Then, it would be quick. How about you make me your fifth wife?" said Cecilia.
 How about it? I don't know anything about her.
 "Cecilia-sama, I don't know anything about you, and I've had four wives already..."
 "That's all right then, my Master, Shizuko, is one of your wives, who used to be like a big sister to me... and I'm good friends with the other three, so I think I'm the right person for you."
 I don't know what to do, but I remember hearing from Shizuko and the others that they are good friends.
 "Cecilia, wouldn't Ceres-sama be annoyed if you are in such a hurry to talk?" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 Now Pope Emeritus Rothman interrupted...
 "I understand your feelings, but it's necessary to think about these things slowly... More importantly, Ceres-sama, what happened to Mammon, by the way?" said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 I took Mammon out of the bag and showed it to him.
 "Well, it's perfectly dead... I see you didn't chase Mammon away, but you defeated it," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 "Ahhh... It's amazing. You're the only one I've ever wanted to serve for the rest of my life, Ceres-sama," said Cecilia.
 "Ceres-sama, please accept this. This is the certificate of the Kohane castle and surrounding lands as promised... I'm sorry I can't give you a title... but from now on, Cecilia will serve you as your wife for the rest of her life," said Pope Romalis.
 Why is Pope Romalis even here... two of the most important men in the church here... it's strange.
 "I would like to clarify that the title no longer matters to Ceres-sama, who is a 'True Hero (Eiyuu)' and therefore, you are above me and Pope Romalis there... who should not be given a title at all... That's why I'm not giving it to you... because there is no one better than you in the world," said Pope Emeritus Rothman.
 Even though it was better than being hated... this was very troublesome.
 "Why did you say that out of the blue?"
 "Now, as Pope Emeritus Rothman said, 'Ceres-sama' is the greatest in this world except for the Goddess, not out of the blue, but I made a promise before, including the case of Cecilia-sama, and I am fulfilling that promise now," said Pope Romali.
 As he said this, a picture appeared in the recording crystal.
 'I will give you Kohane castle and the surrounding lands as a fief and a title as you wish... and depending on your success, I will consider your betrothal to the former Saint Cecilia.'
 Ah no... the crystal record of that time... there was a copy.
 "I understand... I humbly accept your reward... but could you please allow me to marry Cecilia-sama only if my wives accept...?"
 "I don't mind... My Master, Shizuko and Sayo-san are good friends of mine, and I don't think they would object," said Cecilia.
 "I see... I understand."
 Well, Cecilia-sama is indeed very beautiful.
 She has long blonde hair and a slender body. She has been called one of the three most beautiful women in the past. If it were only for her looks, she would be a perfect match... but even if she were a beautiful woman, it would be difficult for me to marry a woman I know nothing about...
 "Well then, let's get started..."
 Cecilia-sama then took out a communication crystal.
 Inside the crystal was... no way... a reflection of Shizuko and the others.
 "Ceres-kun~, you have lied to us... King Zamark told us..." said Shizuko.
 "Ceres, what will you do if you die? Did you plan to make me a widow? I'll give you a sermon when you get back," said Haruka.
 "Ceres-san~, for once, I agree with Haruka," said Sayo.
 "Ceres-chan, why are you doing this?" said Misaki.
 Ahh... Shizuko and the others are scary at times like this.
 "I'm sorry."
 "Please forgive Ceres-sama, all four of you... Your children were taken hostage by Mammon, and he had no choice... if you're going to blame him, blame Zect and the others," said Cecilia.
 "It's been a long time, everyone."
 "Hey, Cecilia... So what happened to Mammon? Ceres-kun isn't hurt. Did you heal him?"
 "I healed your son and daughter... If it Ceres-sama, he was victorious against Mammon without a scratch."
 """"Against Mammon? Really?""""
 "Yes, he showed me his body... and one of the rewards is my marriage... if Master and others approve, Ceres-sama said so."
 "I see... so Cecilia is making her own decision, not that of the church, is that correct?"
 "Then Ceres-kun, you can marry her, but I want you to marry not only Cecilia but also Princess Mariane and Princess Frey together."
 "Ah, Master Shizuko... What does that mean?"
 "Oh, it's simple. If we take only Cecilia, it's what the church wants, isn't it? But if we take all three of them together, it will be the same as it is now... which means that we won't be influenced by any country, right? We all talked about it and decided... Though, it's up to Ceres-kun now... but I'm not against it..."
 This situation is not good... ah yes... let's postpone it...
 "It's a matter for the three kingdoms... so, we'll discuss it and decide... until next time... Dragon Winggg...!"
 Even with the Pope and the retired Pope, it won't matter as long as I'm the greatest of them all.
 Really... I need to get out of here.
 ※ After that, Ceres flies out into the sky.

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