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Chapter 79 No, There's Something More... but It's not Possible

 "Yes, this is Kazuma-niisan."
 I don't know why he's different from usual... he doesn't seem to be the gentle big brother I used to love so much.
 "Um... Nii-san."
 "Ah, I know... you're in trouble, and I owe you... but... sorry, there's nothing I can do."
 On the table, there was a lot of food and drink.
 When I heard that Kazuma-niisan had opened a restaurant in the capital, I came to him.
 To tell the truth, I'm afraid of my wives right now.
 That's why I asked Kazuma-niisan to help me... and here we are...
 Even though I know, it's a bad idea...
 "Well, I guess I'll have to teach you a special move that will save your life..."
 Kazuma-niisan spread his arms out and plopped down on the floor... this is a prostration.
 "This is the ultimate weapon: prostrate yourself on the ground! Now, no matter what they do to you, don't move... and the storm will pass."
 He said it with a thumbs up on his handsome face...
 I looked at Mary-san, who is now Kazuma's wife.
 "Ah, umm..."
 "I think Ceres-san should stay there and cry... and Kazuma should console you... for the next five hours or so."
 I don't know what Mary-san is talking about.
 "Umm, Mary-san?"
 "The hero (Eiyuu), Ceres, who defeated Mammon, is here! If you order two meals and a drink now, we'll bring you to the nearest table..."
 Mary-san started to call out.
 And soon, people start to gather and come in. It's unbelievable.
 The seats are full, and it's hard to get out of the restaurant.
 "Our sales have been slow for a while now, and if you stay here for a while, I'll lend you Kazuma."
 "I see..."
 Still... all she can do is cook... but she is a first-rate cook... so she can entertain more than 30 guests and cook for them all by herself.
 Speaking of cooking...
 "Better than Kazuma-niisan's?"
 "Hahaha, yes, it's like 'a frog in the well knows nothing of the sea,' I'm the owner of this restaurant, but I'm trained under Mary," said Kazuma.
 Really, this man is still amazing... he is the man that my brother and I truly admire.
 "Kazuma-niisan is amazing."
 "No, I'm not... I'm just doing the best I can. Even Mary is an ordinary cook in the capital."
 "Still, it's great that you're trying."
 "But I can't beat you... you're the hero (Eiyuu) who beat even Mammon."
 "More importantly... Can you write on this sign...?"
 Kazuma-niisan said while pointing at a big wooden board that Maria-san had brought.
 What the...
 "Is there something on that board?"
 "Write it down, please! Right here! 'Hero Ceres Purveyor'... and in return, you get free food and drink every time you visit."
 "Kazuma-niisan... you're supposed to be a food taster..."
 "I've given up on that..."
 "Okay, I'll write it down."
 Please, stop prostrating... I understand that Kazuma-niisan did this to teach me the importance of apologies... still...
 Kazuma-niisan... thank you.
 "We did it! Mary, this will help the restaurant... And, do you have any of the stuff you used when you took down Mammon... to put on display..."
 Mammon itself is a problem, and the hammer is a bad idea...
 I guess this will do...
 "Kazuma-niisan... Here it is."
 "What's this?"
 "This is the equipment I wore when I killed Mammon... but I don't spend much money on equipment, so it's cheap..."
 "Thank you... Mary, go and buy a case for this and put it on display... and I'll change the restaurant's name to 'Ceres Restaurant' and write 'Hero's Tavern' at the bottom."
 "Yes... That's good. With this, we can survive in the capital..."
 When I saw them like that, I had no choice but to apologize... and to be honest, it's scarier than fighting Mammon...
 So, let's go home...
 "Well then, Kazuma-niisan... I'm going..."
 "Good luck."
 With that, I left Kazuma's restaurant.
* * *
 "I'm so sorry."
 I prostrated myself as soon as I got back home.
 "You see, Ceres-kun, I'm not mad at you," said Shizuko.
 "Ceres, you don't have to prostrate yourself suddenly," said Haruka.
 "That's right, Ceres-san," said Sayo.
 "Ceres-chan, I'm really not angry," said Misaki.
 Although they were saying that, they had very complicated expressions on their faces.
 And when I slowly looked up from my prostrate position...
 "Ceres-dono, you have done a great deed! This Zammark has rushed to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart."
 King Zammarck appeared...
 Thank God King Zammark was here... or else I wouldn't have made it.
 "It's a great honor for the King to be here."
 "What are you talking about... Pope Emeritus and Pope have announced to the whole world that Ceres-sama is the greatest man in the world. I wanted to give you a title, too, but the title 'Hero (Eiyuu)' and the position I gave you are limited to Ceres-sama's lifetime. Still, I have brought some treasures and Mariane, whom I promised you..."
 What on earth is this? I didn't hear anything.
 "Um, Shizuko-san... This is...?"
 "Heheheh, after I communicated with Ceres-kun before... an announcement was made immediately... as usual, the Pope and the Pope Emeritus ordered the Church to move quickly... and even the Emperor is on his way here...?"

 From the side, Haruka-neesan added.
 "They also gave you the Kohane castle and the surrounding lands, Ceres... it's a lot bigger than you thought it would be... Amazingly, you also became a Lord with the right to rule in Kohane and have your taxes collected by the deputies."
 "That's true! Ceres-san, the church sent this out to the whole world," said Sayo.
 "In addition, Ceres-chan... the King there has announced your betrothal to Mariane-chan and taken Cecilia as your concubine," said Misaki.
 What's that?
 "Taking advantage of that, the Galvin emperor, Sizer, chose Ceres to marry Frey... At first, he even talked about the next emperor... but he withdrew it because the church announced 'Ceres-sama is the greatest in this world'..."
 "Shizuko-san, I was going to talk about that."
 "Ceres-kun... you have to give up, okay? But if you don't want it, you have to give up everything and become a recluse."
 "Like Shizuko said, once you get a name like 'Smiling Ripper', you will have a hard time..."
 "And even you quit being adventurers and disappeared, people still remember you... So, you might as well give up..."
 Saying this, Sayo-san glared at the King and Princess Mariane.
 King Zammark looked uncomfortable.
 "Well, now that I've done what I have to do. Mariane, please be happy."
 "Yes, Father..."
 "Then, Ceres-sama, if you'll excuse me..."
 He pretended not to hear my words and ran away.
 "Ceres-sama, I look forward to serving you for a long time."
 He ran, leaving Mariane behind.
 "Umm... Nee-san!"
 "Don't worry, don't worry, Mariane, Cecilia and Frey all know each other. They won't mind it... so you'd better get over it."
 "I see... I guess I have no choice now..."
 "Also, the emperor and the Pope will be here tomorrow..."
 Really... Is there nothing else to do but to be given up?
 No, there's something more... But it's not possible.
 I wish I didn't fight Mammon back then...

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