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Chapter 80 The Power of the Yellow Dragon

 It's very tiring.
 It's not my imagination that I feel like I'm being strangled by everything I've done.
 And right now, I want to relax. So when Shizuko and the others wanted to discuss something, I refused and went for a walk... But...
 No way... Why there's a fearsome enemy like Mammon approaching... I need to go out of town.
 'Dragon Wing.'
 I think this person wants me... so I take to the skies and flee to the nearby forest.
 If it's here, the town won't be harmed.
 "It's been a long time!"
 In front of me... the Black Dragon, who killed me, and another man were standing there.
 The Black Dragon alone frightens me, but I feel the same energy from the smaller man standing next to him.
 If I'm afraid of them... even though I'm stronger now... their strength must be stronger than I am now.
 But not only that, for some reason, I feel closer to them.
 "Black Dragon? And the other one...?"
 "The one beside me is Blue Dragon, a Dragon Lord like me... Well, you seem a bit confused... But let's be clear, you are now a Dragon Lord like us."
 Somehow I knew what he meant.
 Therefore, I'm surprised but not shocked.
 But the question is...
 "What's going to happen to me now...? Am I going to be killed or taken somewhere?"
 "No... you'll live freely for hundreds or thousands of years, and when you get tired of it, you can come to our country, Dragon Country, Dragonium."
 "Dragon country? Where is that?"
 "You can't get there the normal way... but you can if you have the Dragon Instinct... and one day you'll understand... we came here to find out what kind of Dragon Lord you've become."
 "What kind of Dragon Lord?"
 "Dragon royalty, and Dragon Lord... well, even a god... but a dragon is immortal... so we can't have a successor... and we'll be Dragon Lords forever... Hahahaha... But even the same Dragon Lord has different powers depending on color."
 It's true that if I can't die, I don't need an heir... But different colors have different powers?
 "So what am I supposed to do?"
 "It's simple. Just transform yourself into a dragon in front of us."
 Well, there's nothing to worry about...
 "Then... 'Dragonization'"
 Now, I'm in dragon form.
 "Is this okay?"
 Why did the Black Dragon's eyes change to pity?
 And it's not my imagination that he looks like he's about to cry.
 "Yellow dragon, huh...? Poor you... Your life... or rather your dragon life... will be nothing but boring after this..."
 "Yeah, a yellow dragon is so boring... I feel sorry for you."
 "What's wrong? Is the yellow dragon unpopular?"
 "No... The yellow dragon is too blessed with everything... but since you were born from me... your power to grant a blessing is sealed... It's too bad... your blessing can cause people to rot... still your power is intact... and there's nothing you can do about it... No god or goddess or even Bauer-sama can touch you... and certainly not us."
 "You've got to be kidding."
 "Dragon Destroying Flame Fang..."
 A great tornado of fire appeared... so great that no one could defend against it... a force that could truly destroy a country is upon me...
 "Black Dragon, are you trying to kill me after all...?"
 "No. Black Dragon can't kill you... See?"
 Before it could hit me, another tornado appeared and cancelled it out.
 "No way... What just happened?"
 "The dragon who has all the luck on his side and is loved by all beings... that's the yellow dragon... and as you can see now... a natural phenomenon cancelled out the blow I fired with the intent to kill.., So, you will spend a great many boring hours of your long life... in the dark. Well, good luck with that."
 "Black dragon... You forgot about the 'Dragon Code'... Well, I'll explain it to him... There are three codes: 'No matter what, dragons must never fight each other,' 'Never do anything that could destroy the world,' and 'Be kind to all dragons.' Well, usually, we don't do that, do we?"
 After a few moments, the two left, looking at me with pity until the end.
* * *
 I don't understand what Black Dragon and Blue Dragon said.
 But I was curious about the meaning of 'all the luck on my side,' so I went to the casino.
 If luck is really on my side, then roulette is a good test.
 The odds are 1/36 of a winning hand.
 And I bet on 0 consecutively with a single gold coin.
 "Are you kidding me? One number betting?"
 "Anyway, you must have some heroic luck... and it's zero?"
 Now, my one gold coin has become 36 gold coins.
 "I bet it all on 0 again."
 "Really? It shouldn't happen twice, you know..."
 The casino dealer spun the roulette wheel, clearly upset.
 "Huh? ...Zero again."
 Surely he would have changed his face... because 1296 gold coins (129,600,000,000) were taken away from him in just two games.
 I guess I'm really lucky.
 And here I was thinking I was going to stop...
 "Ceres-sama, are you running away with the win? Would you like to play with me?"
 The dealer changed...
 Although she's not my type... she's quite a pretty girl.
 Just too young... maybe a teenager...
 "Can I play? I'm only going to bet one number, 1,296 gold coins, with zero, of course... is that all right with you?"
 "I don't mind... that's fine."
 (You idiot, this table is full of tricks... and this is his end.)
 "Okay... if that's what you want, I'll play."
 Now, I bet 1296 gold coins on zero again.
 "Well then."
 The roulette starts to spin, and after a while...
 The roulette stopped and hit zero again. At the same time, the dealer woman makes a stupid face.
 "No way... this can't be... this can't be..."
 46,656 gold coins.
 "As a rule, this is the end, isn't it?"
 "Wait, this isn't the end. One more game, please!"
 "Well, I'm willing to accept the same condition, but can you afford 167,969,616 gold coins? ...That kind of money will cost more than the casino..."
 "Shouldn't you ask the owner?"
* * *
 "Wow... the hero has luck on his side... even with unlimited rates, the way he wins..."
 "But first, can you afford 46656 gold coins? If the casino loses this game, 1679616 gold coins... even the nobility and royalty can't pay that kind of money."
* * *
 The dealer woman's POV
 "Hey... don't be stupid, there are not even 46,656 gold coins in this casino. Did you use the device?"
 "I did, but it's not working... what should I do?"
 "What should you do? We're dealing with Ceres-sama. Now he's more noble than the Pope, and... our guards are useless...! Bo, all the nobles behind us are useless... what will we do?"
 "This is absolutely impossible... it's a trick!"
 "But it's not a trick if we can't see it, and if we do, people will know we're cheating..."
 "Then what are we going to do?"
 "It can't be helped..."
 I suddenly felt a pain in the back of my head.
 And my consciousness just gave out.
 "Hey, call a slave trader right now... and bring me 1,296 gold coins from the vault right away!"
* * *
 Main Character's POV
 "Ceres-sama... my apologies... my name is Gordon, owner of the casino."
 "Yeah, so this casino has a limit, right? And I can't go any further?"
 "Yes... it's impossible... and this is something this girl did on her own... please..."
 The dealer woman from earlier is gagged and rolled over, her hands and feet bound.
 "What happened?"
 "Would you like to accept this first?"
 "What's inside?"
 "This is the 1,296 gold coins..."
 "Wait! My current winnings are 46,656 gold coins."
 "I understand you don't agree with this, but we normally play for more than 1,000 gold coins only after consulting with the owner."
 "Isn't that your fault?"
 "No, it is her fault... so she will pay you for your previous winnings... and this woman who took advantage of you... reduced herself to a slave... and has filed the paperwork. Please accept this, and if you wish to have your slavery stamp engraved on her, please do so, as I have already paid the slaver trader in the capital."
 "If you still don't forgive me, I'll pay you the money, but this woman... I'll have to dispose of her myself."
 "That's pretty funny, isn't it? To me, it's like cutting off a lizard's tail."
 "This is the law."
 "The law...? That's easy. I'm a 'Hero (Eiyuu)', and I'm equal to Hero (Yuusha)... so the 'Hero (Yuusha) Protection Law' applies... and I don't have to obey such a law, right? Or shall I call Pope Romalis? Or should I call King Zammark IV tomorrow and let him decide the right thing to do?"
 "B-But, you see, neither this casino nor I have the power to pay you."
 "Well... in that case, since you can't afford it, I'll take the casino."
 "Maybe it's not enough, but that's fine. I can get the guard over there if you want. That's much easier..."
 "Okay... you can have the casino."
 Really... if he hadn't said something so stupid... he wouldn't have gone through all this trouble...
 Well, it wouldn't matter... after all, there's no way I'm taking it.
 "Still, it's not right to take it away from you, so I'll give it back... and you can give me half of the casino's profits in exchange."
 "Is it okay with you?"
 "Oh, yeah."
 Anyway, I'm just trying out my luck...

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