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Chapter 81 Is It Really Luck?

 Is 'luck' really on my side?
 'I am Ceres-sama's slave, and I will serve you for the rest of my life.'
 But why the dealer's sister is becoming a stalker?
 Of course, I went to the slave trader and canceled her papers, but she kept following me.
 The casino's owner, too, was pissed off at the time when I tried to take the casino... but after thinking about it, I thought 'a gamble I can't lose is terrible', so I tried to give the owner back his right... but he said.
 'What do you mean by this? I want the hero's backing so badly that I'm glad you to have it... now I'm not afraid of the nobles.'
 He stubbornly refused to accept the return of his right.
 After all, I thought there was no way to get 50% of the money, however...
 'On the contrary, 50% is cheap... How much have we ripped someone off so far in the Casino...?'
 No way...
 What's luck in this?
 Well, I won the bet.
 I've got a regular income and a beautiful dealer, but why my will is not considered in it...
 To others may be happy, but to me, it's not a good ending.
 'Dragon Wing.'
 Anyway, I had to get out of there.
* * *
 Now, when I'm back at home...
 "So, Mother, we need Ceres!" said Zect.
 "Heheheh, right now, Mother is so happy... and we're just newlyweds, you know? But you, my son, are you going to ruin that happiness? Isn't that kind of disrespectful?" said Shizuko.
 "Mom, please give Ceres back to us!" said Lida.
 "Don't talk about Ceres like he's a thing! After all, you've banished him. He's no longer your concern. And I don't have anything to do with Lida anymore... we're on our own... we have a good life here... don't interfere with us...!" said Haruka.
 "Mom, you're hurting me! You don't have to slap me!" said Lida.
 "Don't bother me!" said Haruka.
 "Mama, please give back Ceres!" said Maria.
 "Ara, ara... Maria, Ceres-chan is your mother's husband now. What do you mean "give him back"? You have no right to say such a thing... Mom is happy now... and if you interfere, even I won't forgive you, Maria... Don't think that even the bond between parents and children can save you..." said Misaki.
 "No way," said Maria.
 "Mother..." said Mel.
 "Mel... you're pathetic. After what you did to Ceres-san, who's been a good friend to you for so long? And you didn't choose Ceres-san! So, what's the point of coming here?" said Sayo.
 "...Mother... please help me..." said Mel.
 Somehow, Zect-dono and the others have come over and are struggling with each other.
 "Zect-dono, what are you talking about, isn't it funny? You are not Hero (Yuusha) anymore! Why should Ceres-sama accompany you? Ceres-sama is already higher than the king... and I'm still a Princess... Why don't you just a commoner kneel to me... That's disrespectful!" said Princess Mariane.
 Oh, no, things are getting rough.
 Zect and the others kneeled down in frustration.
 "So, in the name of the first princess of the Dhamar Kingdom, why is a commoner going around with my fiancée? The Pope and the King will be here tomorrow... And Zect, you are no longer in charge of defeating the Demon King... You should be free to live as an adventurer... You don't need Ceres-sama..." said Princess Mariane.
 "No, we need him... please give him back to us."
 """Please give him back."""
 "Heh~ Look, 'Commoner', Ceres-sama will likely marry me and become a royal consort in the future... and there's a good chance that the Empire will do the same, and since the Pope has no children in the Holy Church, he'll take a former saint as his wife, too... Well, you know... Besides that, Ceres-sama is already 'the greatest in the world' and has been officially announced... Okay? You may not understand this, but this is because Ceres-sama will take important people from each country and unite the three countries, and that's what we're thinking of in the future," said Princess Mariane.
 "No way..."
 "Yes, Ceres-sama will never return to you," said Princess Mariane.
 It's not good... isn't this a pretty rough spot?
 Not good... The four of them were looking at me.
 "Long time no see... Zect..."
 "Hey Ceres... you're not gonna give up on me, right...?"
 "Well... didn't I save you from Mammon? And Zect and the others aren't Hero (Yuusha) anymore... you can live free from now on... freedom is good."
 "But, we need you!" said Lida.
 "Yes... and I'll be nice to you this time," said Maria.
 "Me too... I'm sorry about that time," said Mel.
 Huff... Aren't they free now?
 "You don't need me anymore, do you? You've got four S-class adventurers, you can make money as much as you want... you're not going to fight the Demon King, you're not going to continue your journey... So, why don't you just hire a squire? Besides, you'll be happy to be with the one you love."
 Normally, there should be no more obstacles.
 There's usually nothing but a happy future ahead.
 And there's no need to focus on me here.
 But then Zect starts biting his nails... and his color changes.
 "No, we're finished..."
 Zect begins to speak in a whisper.
 He made a lot of excuses, but the simple answer was that he got scared.
 Now that he is afraid of dragons and defeated by Mammon... maybe he is scared of everything.
 Even if he can still hunt ogres and live an easier life than usual.
 But even a weak monster... hell awaits him if he loses.
 Even goblins and orcs are killed if they lose, and the women are used as nurseries.
 Well, a single blow from an ogre can kill an ordinary human.
 So, every adventurer fights with this fear, no matter how weak.
 And now, the four of them, except Zect, can no longer bear the fear.
 "Hey, Zect... If you like the three of them...then feed them responsibly! Look at Orcman. He has nearly ten wives and a lot of kids. He's far below you in the class of adventurers."
 "No, Ceres, I don't..."
 "You don't have to worry about me anymore... nothing is standing in your way."
 "But I can't be a polygamist because I'm not a Hero (Yuusha)."
 "Zect, you are wrong. You should learn 'if you belong to Hero (Yuusha) party at least once.' The proof is that Orcman, a baggage carrier at one time in the previous Hero (Yuusha) party, has many wives. I, a magic swordsman, also became a 'Hero (Eiyuu) ' and had Shizuko-san and 4 others as wives before... So, it's fine, Zect... "
 After all, it was his dream to live in that harem, wasn't it?
 And now that dream's coming true, how come he's so clumsy?
 "No... that's why..."
 "So it's a good thing, right? Now you can finally cross the line, lose your virginity, and have lots of kids like Orcman."
 "No! Ceres, you're mistaken. I don't love the three of them... You see, when Ceres isn't coming back... These girls are dragging me down."
 "Zect... what are you trying to say?"
 "If I can get Ceres, then I don't need these girls... so far, I've kept them on hand out of sentiment, but they're no longer party members... so Ceres... it's up to you. I'm leaving these guys here... Ugooohhh."
 What an idiot, Shizuko-san's here...
 Well, she beat him up.
 "It seems I've been teaching you wrong... you tried to run away just now, didn't you, Zect?"
 "Mother... I'm... running away...!"
 "Too bad, Zect... you can't run from me."
 They went around the doorway.
 "Hey, Ceres... the three girls don't love me. They love you!"
 "As expected of Zect's tricks... But you can't lie to me like that! I hate to break it to you but aren't you the one who wanted me gone so you could have your harem...? Now the four of you can have a good time together... So, enough!"
 "It's true! But if you think I'm lying, ask any of the three girls!"
 "Well, is Zect lying...?"
 "Look, all three of them won't answer."
 "Zect... enough of this," said Shizuko.
 "What I need is Ceres... I really want to be your lover, but I don't mind being your stepdaughter... so, can't you let me stay with you?" said Lida.
 "I want to be your lover too, but if not, let me be your stepdaughter... Well, I believe that Hero (Yuusha) polygamy is allowed for close relatives, so Mama and daughter should be OK..." said Maria.
 "Ceres... I'm sorry for saying such horrible things but I've found my true love too," said Mel.
 "Hey! Lida... can I tell you something? Are you trying to compete with your Mom?" said Haruka.
 "Ara, ara... Maria I've been pretty nice to you, but I think you need to be punished..." said Misaki.
 "Huff... Mel, do you want to cry? I'll let you off with an 'I'm sorry' now..." said Sayo.
 It seems like I'm just gonna have to let it go...
 After all, it's chaos.
 "Ceres-sama... you can't get involved in this."
 But now, Princess Mariane tugged at my sleeve.
 Well, I moved into the next room with Mariane because I didn't want to get caught in the middle of it.
 Still, what's this 'the yellow dragon has all the luck on his side'... It's a lie...
 I cursed the black dragon in my heart.

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