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Chapter 82 It's so Messy

 At the moment, I hear a lot of loud noises and yelling.
 "You can leave it to Shizuko and the others... When it comes to interpersonal matters, they have no problem... And if you don't mind, could you make me a cup of tea or something?"
 Mariane smiled and asked for tea.
 I did as she said and made her some tea.
 "Oh, it's delicious!"
 Mariane was sipping the tea with a big smile on her face.
 After all, Mariane is really beautiful.
 Well, it's natural because she is a princess...
 But thinking it again, although I have seen her from afar, I had never talked to her before.
 "Ahh~ It was delicious. Ceres-sama, did I do something wrong?"
 "No... nothing."
 In fact, I wondered how she enjoyed her tea with so much yelling and loud noises coming from nearby.
 Is it because she's a princess?
 Anyway, I don't know why... But now, I don't hear any more noises or yells.
 "Well, it looks like it's almost over... Let's go."
 Saying this, Mariane tugged on my hand.
* * *
 There stood Zect, both cheeks swollen.
 "Heheh, Zect... You really are just like Sector... You think of girls so easily, and all you think about is yourself. But enough, you are pathetic as my son. I will free you to your own! However, in return, I'll cut you off from me. Is that clear?" said Shizuko.
 "Yeah... That's fine, mother... I don't need that kind of shackle anymore... But I've done my best so far until now... And I've been taking care of them (the girls) properly... Please forgive me..." said Zect.
 "Really, why are you still saying that...?" said Shizuko.
 "Lida, are you okay with this?" said Haruka.
 "Yeah, I don't want to fight anymore... and I don't care about Zect too..." said Lida.
 "Maria, too. Are you okay with that?" said Misaki.
 "Mel, I know you don't want to fight anymore..." said Sayo.
 "Huff... Forget it. Shizuko, it's not only Zect-kun's fault but also my Maria's fault. So, please don't sever your ties with Zect-kun," said Misaki.
 "Indeed, Shizuko. There's no need to go that far... In the end, he didn't have a relationship with my Mel, that's all... With regards to that, I'd like to thank you for everything, Zect-san," said Sayo.
 "If that's all right with everyone, then I understand... Zect, I'll cancel the severance... and you're free to go! But you will realize one day how important the people you let go are, and you will regret it... now get out of here!" said Shizuko.
 "Mother..." said Zect.
 "Thank you for everything you've done for me, Ceres... goodbye."
 "Zect's back seemed so much smaller than his ego."
 "Zect... maybe we should have another drink sometime..."
 Zect raised his right hand and walked away.
 But for me, the problem is more than this...
* * *
 "Lida... You've been a sword saint, right? But you should be aware that you can't do anything else, and you said you wanted to be Ceres' lover, didn't you? But now you can't be anyone's lover, let alone Ceres's," said Haruka.
 "Ah... Mom..." said Lida.
 "My Maria is the same way. She can't do a single decent chore," said Misaki.
 "Mama..." said Maria.
 "Think about it, Mel. Most children your age can do all the housework. But since you're a Hero (Yuusha) party before, you've been living on nothing while others are learning chores... However, I'll teach you everything I know if you stay here," said Sayo.
 "Mother... That training..." said Mel.
 "Well, I don't want to be too hard on the other kids... but Shizuko, Misaki, and Sayo... and of course, me too, from an adventurer family. But we can all do the housework... However, mostly, we let Ceres do it all. Still, even though you didn't do anything, you should know how to do it, right? And I don't mean to be harsh, but you're not even ready for bride training... So, how about this? Shizuko, Misaki, Sayo and me... We'll train you all here for a while," said Haruka.
 "Well, they're not a child anymore. But, you can leave it to me," said Shizuko.
 "Then... if Maria doesn't want to be a saint and not even an adventurer, I'll teach you about housework, starting tomorrow, or rather, going hard right now. Is it good?" said Misaki.
 "Mel, tomorrow you'll wake up at 5:00 a.m., and I'll teach you everything you need to know," said Sayo.
 """Mom (Mama) (Mother)"""
 "Oh, why do you look so pale, Lida? I'll recognize you as my daughter from now on... And after you've been trained as a bride and I've recognized you as a full-fledged bride, you can confess your love for Ceres or whatever you want! And don't cry to Kazuma... He already has a young wife and is enjoying his life, so he has no place for you," said Haruka.
 "That's right, Maria, I've spoiled you too much so far... I'm going to make sure you get a good lesson... Be prepared. Your place is only here since your Papa is also remarried and living the same life. I'm going to make you a woman..., and you'll die trying!" said Misaki.
 "Mel, you, in particular, are a bad learner, so I'll start teaching you hard tomorrow, so be prepared!" said Sayo.
 It's true. All three girls are terrible when it comes to housework.
 They can't do half of what the other girls do... especially when it comes to cleaning.
 Well, they've spent their whole lives fighting as a Hero (Yuusha) party... and I took the lead in housework...
 It's no wonder they're not very good at it.
 Not good... Why are all three girls staring at me?
 "I will not interfere in the affairs between mother and daughter! But since you all will be my daughter because I married Shizuko-san and the others... I will take care of you... but I'm not going to interfere because I might spoil you... and this is the capital... you can get a job easily..."
 "Ceres... I'd rather have become your wife than your daughter..." said Lida.
 "Me too, Ceres, I'll become a good wife... Please believe me," said Maria.
 "Since you're going to marry a lot, shouldn't your childhood friend be your wife too? After all, if you marry our mothers together... It also is fun to have all your best friends as wives... Think about it again. It's sad when you are sending me, Maria, and Lida away as daughters, isn't it...? And I originally will marry you, Ceres..." said Mel.
 "That was before you chose Zect, Mel. Lida and Maria too, are you sure? I mean, when I left, it seemed like the three of you would marry Zect and live together after defeating the Demon King, right?"
 From their answer, maybe they don't really like me.
 They want to be my wives because they can live happily by my side, that's all.
 "Anyway, you can stay here for a while and find a job you like, or learn to cook, clean, and stuff since Nee-san and the others want to teach you so much... And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure I'd be moved if you told me now... But if you are sure your feelings are true, please tell me later, and I'll think about it when the time comes."
 In the end, neither Zect nor the three were in love.
 And of course, neither was I...
 Maybe they don't even know what 'love' is...
 But from what I've heard, the three are pretty broken inside.
 Well, if someone's limbs are torn off, and they are shown to the world, their hearts will be broken.
 So, until their hearts are healed.
 I'll take care of them... until they don't care about me anymore...
 But there will never be a time to answer.
 While thinking about it, the three looked at me as if they wanted to say something, but I walked away.
* * *
 After that, I flew up in the sky with Dragon Wing and sat on the castle's tower.
 It felt surprisingly good to fly.
 But thinking it again, the Emperor and the Pope will be here tomorrow.
 Really, I missed the time when I lived in the village with my childhood friends... those days were so much fun.
 Yellow Dragon... is luck really on my side in this situation...
 I can't believe it.

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