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Chapter 83 The Demon Tribe Wants a Truce

 Main Character's POV

 After a short conversation, the conversation between Shizuko and the other girls has been settled.
 "Ceres-kun, you are not allowed to cook or do any more housework from now on."
 Shizuko said to me gently.
 Apparently, she will make the three girls do all the housework from now on.
 But I wonder if this is really all right?
 Because when I taught them a little bit previously... it was so bad that I gave up and decided to do it myself until now.
 But if it's bride training... I guess I'll just have to let them do it.
 Though, it'll be tough on the three of them.
 More importantly, tomorrow, I'll meet the Pope, the Pope Emeritus, the Emperor, the Former Saint, and the former Sword Saint.
 I have a feeling that things are going to be very, very difficult.
 And if things continue as they are, the four Shizuko and the others will be added to the three, totaling seven women.
 Then, add the three girls, and there will be ten... Really, this place is too small.
 It seems that we should move to the Kohane castle, after all...
 But the problem is the 'Demon King'... who will I have to fight now that Zect has quit being Hero (Yuusha)...
 No matter how you look at it, I think I'm the one who's in the clear.
 But there's no point in thinking about it now... Tomorrow... tomorrow...
* * *
 Demon King's POV

 "Mammon is dead?"
 How can that ridiculous Mammon be dead?
 If Mammon, who's stronger than me, dies... that means the one who can kill him can kill me for sure.
 "How many people...? 50,000, 100,000, maybe more...?"
 "No... it was only one man who did it."
 "That's ridiculous. I remember hearing that Hero (Yuusha) Zect was weak..."
 "Yes, but it was a human called 'Hero (Eiyuu) Ceres' who defeated Mammon-sama."
 That's hilarious... I know most heroes (Eiyuu) are stronger than demons.
 But at least they weren't the kind of job or being that could kill Mammon single-handedly.
 If it were many heroes (Eiyuu) who gathered together to fight him, that might be understandable.
 After all, a single hero (Eiyuu) is not strong enough.
 Let alone Mammon... he could not reach the Four Heavenly Kings... or even the top brass.
 Moreover, Mammon is often called a bug.
 A bug is "something that doesn't happen normally."
 But just as a bug called "Mammon" was born on the demon side, perhaps a bug was born on the human side as well. And it was this human?
 "So, how did this Ceres guy fight Mammon?"
 "I don't know, sir. He flew through the air and carried Mammon-sama away."
 "Don't lie to me! Human can't fly. And even if he could fly, there is no way a human could do it since even the Four Heavenly Kings', Feather of the Sky, can't grab Mammon and carry him through the sky."
 "But he breathed fire and flew!"
 It seems a bug... there is no such thing as a mere human could do that... Really... Why does a bug appear on the human side?
 Because it made the demons will never win again.
 It's our end.
 The demons will never win again.
 If things become like this, I have no choice.
 I'll have to make compromises, and... a truce is the only way.
 Although the demons still have the advantage over the humans right now.
 I have no choice but to call a truce.
 But if I make a truce for 100 years, or even 300 years, there will be no 'Hero (Eiyuu) Ceres.'
 It is said that no human can live more than 60 or 100 years against demons who have lived for a long time.
 Therefore, I should make a truce to avoid the battle with Ceres, even at the cost of some sacrifices.
 "Gather the remaining Four Heavenly Kings."
 "Yes, sir."
 A truce is the only way.

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