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Chapter 92 Orcman's Departure

 Main Character's POV

 "Hey, Ceres, is there any way I can make some money?"
 Orcman came to me for advice.
 He, who has 10 wives and families, came to me crying.
 Well, I owed Orcman a favor for what he did.
 So, I want to give him as much money as I can, but that's not what a friend is for.
 Orcman is a fighting adventurer.
 In truth, ogres are stronger than orcs, but because of his good ability to hunt orcs, he has been hunting them and has been able to take ten slave wives and make a living.
 However, because of the truce with the demon tribe, it was decided that 'ogres cannot be hunted'.
 So this was happening.
 "That's unfortunate."
 But that's not all.
 "Not only can't hunt ogres, but can't hunt orcs anymore either, and now when I get into trouble with orcs, their higher species intervene... You see, it happened to me when I was hunting orcs the other day, an orc knight was trying to stop me, telling me to put away my weapon... and from that point on, I can't hunt orcs anymore because they're going to retreat to the demon kingdom. Well, the orc general came out and said to me, 'I'm sorry for all the trouble we've caused you, we're retreating to the demon kingdom and won't come to the human country again. You can rest assured...' So, now, I could only hunt goblins... Really... it's the end."
 If that's the case, I, the dragon lord, want to train him to hunt wyverns.
 But I can't do that.
 Because the wyvern is like a servant to me now.
 Besides, I myself can't hunt wyverns now because I'll remember Wagyan (Former Pet).
 Really... I didn't know what to do for him.
 "Orcman, I can't think of anything to do, can you give me some time to think of something?"
 "Yeah, I'm sorry to be so unreasonable but there's nothing I can do. However, I still have enough money to live on for six months or so, please take your time and think about it"
 "Yeah, I know."
 But I'd better think of something before he depletes his savings.
* * *
 "Heheheh, Ceres-kun, that's so hilarious."
 "Hahaha, Ceres, what are you thinking?"
 "Upupu, Ceres-san, everyone, don't laugh."
 "Ceres-chan, you are too oblivious."
 Shizuko-san, Haruka-san, Sayo-san, and Misaki-san started laughing when I told them about Orcman.
 Haruka, in particular, is laughing with her stomach in her hands.
 Even Lida, Princess Mariane, Cecilia, and Princess Frey look at me curiously.
 "Please don't laugh at me, I'm just asking because I really don't know what to do..."
 "Ceres-kun, don't forget your position."
 My position?
 "You didn't realize it? Then, I'll explain it to you."
 Princess Mariane smiled and started to explain.
 "Ceres-sama, it seems you are forgetting that you are Cecilia, Frey, and my husband. Besides, didn't you have the status of 'hero (Eiyuu)'? So, you can hire him, recommend him, or any other way you want..."
 Even though she said that... but how do I do it?
 "How do I actually do it?"
 "The Empire is a meritocracy, but if Ceres-sama recommends him, he can be knighted... but beyond that, it depends on his ability," said Princess Frey.
 "In the kingdom, a knighthood is possible. And since I'm still first in line for the throne, if you want, he could become a proper nobleman. However, he'd have to deal with a lot of socializing and obligations, so I think a knighthood, which is noble but doesn't involve too much responsibility, would be better responsibility," said Princess Mariane.
 "As for the church, if he wants to be a holy knight, I can push him into it... but after that, he would have to study a lot of doctrines..." said Cecilia.
 I've been thinking about it, three of my wives were powerful people in their countries, and two of them were princesses too.
 Really, I forgot all about them.
 "That's not all, Ceres, you're also the lord of Kohane, aren't you?"
 "Yes, Ceres-kun, you're a lord even though you have your own deputy, so why don't you appoint him to any position you like?"
 "That's right. Can't you just appoint him as your vassal and make him Kohane's knight, Ceres-san?"
 "Indeed, that's a good idea. If Ceres-chan recommends him, it will be easy to find jobs for his wives in Kohane."
 "I see... I'll talk to Orcman."
 So, he can be either a knight in the kingdom, the empire, or the Holy Church, or he can be my vassal, or roughly like this...
* * *
 "So, how about this?"
 I suggested to Orcman.
 "Thank you, I'd really appreciate it... And as you can see I'm not very educated, so I'd like to be your vassal, or rather Ceres-sama's vassal. Besides, my wives are bored at home, so I'd really appreciate it."
 "Okay, I'll take care of it then and we'll talk about it when we get there."
 But then, Orcman seems to be thinking about something.
 "Can I leave for three months?"
 Why three months...
 "I don't mind it, but why...?"
 "Well... you know I have 10 wives now, right? I mean, if I go out to the countryside, there won't be any slave traders, so... maybe I want to have the last one..."
 "You're amazing!"
 I said out loud.
 Ten wives are great, but eleven wife, how great is that?
 "Because I'm Orcman! Until the end!"
* * *
 Three months later, having bought his eleventh slave, Orcman departed to Kohane in two horse-drawn carriages.
 From the two carriages, Orcman, his wives, and children looked very happy as they waved to each other.
 Good grief... Orcman, the man who lives in a slave harem...
 I want to be a man like that someday, a man who can protect his family.
 As I thought so, I saw Orcman's carriage off with a smile.

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