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Chapter 94 The Sword Saint, Becomes a Vassal

 Main Character's POV

 I had completely forgotten about my environment.
 Perhaps it is because the people around me are too unique, or perhaps I myself have been thinking out of the ordinary.
 Why did I think 'slave = wife'?
 Maybe because of Orcman's influence.
 Usually 'slave = servant, labor' is correct.
 There are many other misunderstandings.
* * *
 Right now, I invited Lida to go fishing again.
 Since she became a sword saint, she has become more mature and feminine in many ways, but in the past, she used to hang out with the guys with me and Zect more often than not.
 When it comes to Lida's favorite things, 'bug catching' and 'fishing' are the first things that come to mind.
 But because we can't talk slowly while 'catching bugs' and I don't want to keep a beetle or something like that anymore.
 It would be better to talk while 'fishing', where we can talk slowly with a line hanging down... and I can hear her true feelings in many ways.
 "Hanging a line like this reminds me of the old days."
 "Yeah, well... it's been a long time since I've fished, and I'm going to catch a bigger fish than Ceres!"
 "I can't lose to you either."
 I start to prepare for fishing with the fishhooks and nets I've prepared in advance.
 If I catch a fish, I can eat grilled fish.
 Lida is indeed pretty, but her character is a little strange.
 She is not feminine, but not masculine either.
 It is a little disappointing.
 But only her childhood friends or people in her village know about her.
 "Wow, a set of grilled fish... I'm (Boku) so happy!"
 She said "I (Boku)"...
 Lida changed her speech to 'I (Watashi)' when she got the sword saint job and became the center of attention.
 She might be in a bit of distress, judging from the way she uses 'I (Boku)' in her speech.
 Anyway, since we have just dropped a line, we will not catch any fish soon.
 So, it's a good time to talk.
 "So, Lida, have you decided what you want to do?"
 "I haven't... all I've learned is how to use a sword. Even if I help my father, Kazuma, I break many plates... Well, I can cook something edible... but if I want to be a professional, I have to train for 5 years... "
 That's true. It's a bit harsh to ask someone who's only ever wielded a sword to do something else now.
 On second thought... maybe I should take Lida.
 Not as a woman, but as a 'childhood friend' and 'best friend'.
 "Lida... are you gonna stay with me until the day you die?"
 "Umm, Ceres... Are you going to take me as your wife?"
 She's blushing, but no.
 "That's not quite right, Lida is my childhood friend, my best friend, my daughter... and if all you could do with a sword and nothing else, why not become my 'vassal'?"
 After all, I'm the lord of Kohane.
 I may appoint a deputy, but I'm still the lord.
 So, I need a vassal.
 And also, I forgot that my wife is a former saint (Cecilia) and a former sword saint (Princess Frey) as well as four S-class adventurers, but Mariane is a normal woman, and she should have a protector by her side.
 "A vassal? Me? It's true that I'm a sword saint, but I can't kill monsters or people now... maybe."
 "It doesn't matter, you probably won't have to fight, and if you do, at least you can use your sword to hold out until reinforcements arrive."
 Even if her heart is weak, she can still use the sword.
 Well, perhaps, it is dangerous... but when the time comes and she pulls out her sword, she can move her body.
 Even if she is not confident, she will cut down 10 opposition members or even an ogre, regardless of her will.
 And Lida could be a good luck charm.
 Mariane too never goes to dangerous places, so Lida probably won't draw her sword.
 A princess and a sword saint vassal... it's good for the reputation.
 "I can do it, I can do it... if Ceres says so, I'll take the job."
 "Then it's settled... from today Lida is my vassal... a knight of Kohane... with Mariane..."
 The lord can appoint his own knights to serve him except for those given by the state, and since she is not a knight, she is treated as a vassal of the nobleman.
 "I, Lida, will serve you with this sword for the rest of my life."
 And I said...
 "Lida, you're catching..."
 "Oh, Ceres, this is a big one... a net, please."
 A childhood friend and we know each other well... she is good for a vassal.
 After that, we ate grilled fish and talked about the future.

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