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Chapter 95 Eleven People

 Main Character's POV

 "Good morning, Ceres-sama! It's a nice morning, I'll do my best."
 Lida is smiling at me.
 Well, it's early in the morning.
 Maybe she's going to start swinging again.
 Last night, after much deliberation, she had become Frey's apprentice and had secured her position as a vassal.
 However, Maria and Mel are in a bad mood because of it.
 The two of them, who usually wake up slowly in the morning, were getting up at the same time I was getting up.
 And their eyes were covered with dark circles.
 "Umm, Ceres, can I talk to you for a minute? Why is Lida a vassal?"
 "I don't understand it either?"
 "Maria, Mel... Your face scares me. Maybe I can help you with some money then..."
 "That's good to hear, but... why can't I be your vassal too? We've known each other for so long..."
 "Compared to Lida, I've been working really hard, and it's not fair that I couldn't become a vassal."
 I knew they would say that, but I didn't expect this the next day.
 "So, what do you two want?"
 "Umm... in that case, I'd like to live with you, too, as a vassal."
 "Me, too. Can't you do something about that?"
 I don't have a choice.
 "You really want to do that? If so, that's fine, but Lida is now under Frey's tutelage, and once she gets used to that life, she'll learn how to use the great sword from Misaki, and finally, the thin sword from Haruka... and her job will become Mariane's guard... Well, it won't involve much fighting, but if something happens, she'll use the sword... Can you live the same life?"
 They're starting to get a little timid.
 Lida certainly didn't work hard.
 But she was determined to do her best because there was nothing left to do.
 Now my relationship with Lida and I are not a man-woman relationship, but a 'former best friend' relationship.
 The proof of this is that she refers to herself as 'I (Boku)' without pretense.
 Can they do that?
 "If Maria and Mel want to be my vassals, that's fine. We've known each other a long time, and I'll make you a Kohane knight right away! But if you choose that, Maria will become a healer with Cecilia and Shizuko-san, and Mel will work in the office with Mariane and Sayo, is that all right with you? And perhaps after a while, we'll leave the capital and live in Kohane or Jimna village... Wouldn't it be better to be independent and have more freedom?"
 "It's true, living in the capital might be more fun, but I'd rather be with Ceres... I will really work hard from now on, so can I ask you to become your 'vassal'?"
 "I'll work hard in the office, too, but I'll start from the beginning... can you help me?"
 "Okay... I'll think about you as a 'vassal' then."
 After that, Shizuko-san and the others told me I was being naive... but perhaps this was fate.
 Orcman has 11 wives.
 I have 4 wives plus 3 for a total of 7... plus one for a total of 8.
 Add the three of them and I have 11.
 Not entirely wife... but 11, I remember that number.
 'Ten wives are great, but eleven wives, how great is that?'
 'I want to be a man like that someday, a man who can protect his family.'
 That's what I thought before.
 I think it's probably having an effect on me.
 Still, is it really luck from the power of the yellow dragon that what I wish for comes true?
 After all, if it's luck.
 I think it's very bad 'luck'.
 More importantly, I just want to live an ordinary life.
 And I hope that tomorrow will be an ordinary and happy day.
 Will this wish come true?
 I hope so.

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