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Chapter 93 Misunderstanding

 Main Character's POV

 "I am Ceres-sama's slave, and I will serve you for the rest of my life."
 Until now, I'm still being stalked by the girl who was a dealer at the casino that night.
 Her name is Sharon, blonde and gorgeous.
 And today she comes to visit me in the morning.
 But I don't want to have any more relationships with women.
 Really, where is the Yellow Dragon's power of luck?
 But I have an idea.
 Is it because I thought... 'I want to be a man like that someday, a man who can protect his family'?
 No way... I don't believe that... the current seven women are all I can handle.
 Besides, a harem is usually out of the question.
 In my case, it's because all of my wives are around 30 years old, know each other, and are close to each other.
 To make a harem of complete strangers like in some novels, I have to be 'a guys like a hero in a novel or a manga'.
 It sounds unpleasant, but as far as I know from books, most people who have harems have caused a big problem at least once.
 Such as a certain Hero (Yuusha)... who got stabbed after getting involved in a harem dispute.
 And so far as I know, the only one who is doing well in a harem is Orcman.
 He can do it because he buys the 'unfortunate slaves' and makes them happy.
 The proof is... his slaves are neither noble daughters nor elves.
 They are all normal people.
 This is bad... if I think Orcman is cool... I won't get more wives, right...? Maybe I'm overthinking this...
* * *
 But then, the dealer really comes here every day...
 "Excuse me, Ceres-sama, why do you refuse her?"
 "Mariane, I have 7 wives now and I can't take any more."
 "Ceres-sama, you're getting weird because you're inspired by Orcman's way of life! Why does slave = marriage? She is saying 'I am Ceres-sama's slave, I will serve you for life'... I think she should be a servant," said Princess Mariane.
 "Yes, yes, 'slaves are expendable' is one way of thinking... In the empire, it's abolished now, but not so long ago, there were slave fighters and they fought," said Princess Frey.
 Speaking of which, Princess Mariane and Princess Frey have a good point.
 Female slave = wife?
 I had been mistaken... because I arranged wives from Orcman slave for the villages.
 If this is the case, then I just have to accept her as a servant who will not betray me.
 Still, should I take the dealer as a servant?
 "I think she'd be fun to have around... And she is a dealer, I'm sure she'd know a lot about card games and other amusements."
 "Yes, I'm sure she'll entertain us."
 The two princesses then pushed me to talk to Shizuko and the other four, but I decided that it would be better to have a 'servant'... and so, I decided to accept her, since the person herself had volunteered to come.
* * *
 As usual, Sharon came to me in the morning.
 "I am Ceres-sama's slave and I will serve you for the rest of my life."
 "I've already lost... if you want to be a slave so badly, I've decided to accept you."
 "Ceres-sama, thank you so much. I will serve you for the rest of my life."
 Indeed, she has never said anything about marriage.
 And now, I contacted the slave trader beforehand and asked him to come.
 Still, hero (Eiryuu) have it easy in times like this, I just talk and they come fast.
 "Yeah, I'm counting on you."
 "Thank you very much."
 In addition to the paperwork, Sharon also specified that she would like to have the slave's crest.
 "So, Ceres-sama, a little blood, please."
 I cut my fingertip a little to draw some blood and put it on a small plate offered by the slaver.
 The slave trader then poured a special liquid over it and wrote a pattern on Sharon's back.
 "I have engraved the slave's mark and Sharon is now officially yours."
 I gave the slave trader two gold coins for the engraving of the slave' mark, plus the cost of the labor, and the slave trader thanked me and left.
 "Ceres-sama, I am yours now. Whatever you wish."
 "Well then, Sharon, from now on you will be Mariane's lady-in-waiting, and I'm not asking too much of you, just think of some amusement for everyone."
 Although she is technically Mariane's lady-in-waiting, she is in fact everyone's lady-in-waiting.
 Well, since most of them can do household chores, Sharon really only needs to think about entertainment... perhaps it's an easier job than she had expected.
 "Excuse me, Ceres-sama, I'm..."
 "Sharon-san, shall we go?
 Sharon went with Princess Mariane.

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