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Chapter 96 To Kohane

 Main Character's POV

 In the end, both Maria and Mel have become my vassals, so there is no point in staying in the capital anymore.
 Then what do I do now?
 The truce with the demons has been made, so there is no need to fight.
 Kazuma's restaurant seems to be prospering... and this place is getting smaller.
 Maybe it's time to move out of where I live now?
 But what am I going to do?
 Do I go to the Kohane territory that was given to me?
 Or do I go back to Jimna...?
 "It's getting too small here, and it doesn't seem to make sense to stay in the capital, so I'm thinking of going to Kohane or Jimna village... What do you think?"
 "Ceres-kun, there is only one small house in Jimna village, so why don't we stop by for fun and go to Kohane from there?" said Shizuko.
 "Ceres, Kohane is a tourist place and it looks like a lot of fun... I agree with Shizuko," said Haruka.
 "Mmm, I'm a stay-at-home kind of girl, so I'll leave it to the others," said Sayo.
 "I'll leave the decision to Ceres-chan," said Misaki.
 "If I may, I'd like to see Ceres-sama's hometown too, and Kohane is a nice place, so I'm fine with that," said Mariane.
 "I feel the same way," said Cecilia.
 "Me too, that's fine with me," said Frey.
 "Then let's go to Jimna village and then to Kohane, is that OK with you, Lida, Maria, Mel, and Sharon?"
 "I'm okay with that," said Lida.
 "I'm fine with that," said Maria.
 "I'll leave everything to Ceres-sama," said Mel.
 "I'll entrust it to Ceres-sama," said Sharon.
 Anyway, I have to be very careful in this area.
 Most of the decisions are made by the wives... Lida, Maria, and Mel are the family members.
 And Sharon is a slave and a maid.
 I have to draw a line between them.
 I could just fly away with 'Dragon Wing'... but that's not going to happen.

* * *

 In the end, I gave the house in the capital to Kazuma-niisan.
 It may be too small for this many people, but it's quite spacious for Kazuma-niisan and Mary-san.
 Maybe I can give it to them as last support since there is a possibility that I will not come to the capital.
 "Ceres, you're a really good guy... You've really helped me out to the end, please take care of Haruka for me."
 "Leave Kazuma-san to me."
 "I'll be back, Kazuma-niisan."
 It's not goodbye... but 'I'll be back.' And that's good enough.
 Anyway, I can easily fly over here by myself with 'Dragon Wing.'

* * *

 We were going to get a carriage and leave... but I'm a Dragon Lord.
 So, just a short distance from the capital, I shouted a light roar at the sky.
 "Ceres-kun... that's..."
 "Now, now, just watch..."
 At the sound of my voice, many sky dragons descended from the sky.
 "Ceres-kun, that many sky dragons, get down!"
 "Ceres... we gotta get out of here."
 "Don't worry... they're good kids."
 "These kids said we can ride on top of them."
 Even though they were shocked about the dragons' appearance, they decided to ride on the backs of the four sky dragons, and then the dragons took off.
 "First, we'll go to Jimna village..."
 And so we rode off from the capital.
 This is the end of the story on capital.

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