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Chapter 97 Jimna Village?

Volume 3 begin...

 Main Character's POV

 "I-Is this Jimna Village...?"
 It's strange, it's been so long since I've seen my hometown... But now, it's surrounded by tall bricks... It looks like a solid town... or a fortress city, I should say.
 And at the entrance, there were eight soldiers and a big gate.
 "Ceres-kun... I think we made a mistake."
 "No, Shizuko, I'm sure, I've been watching from the sky until we came here, the forest around us is the same, and I know the way from where we landed to here. Isn't that right Ceres?"
 "Yes, I'm sure."
 I told Shizuko and Haruka.
 This is definitely Jimna village.
 Now, we were all walking to the gate.
 "Welcome! This is Hero (Eiyuu) Ceres's Town! Welcome to Jimna town... A-Aren't you the hero Ceres-sama?"
 "Ceres... isn't it Ceres?"
 "It's definitely Ceres... He's grown up, he looks great..."
 "This is the hero (Eiyuu) Ceres-sama... I've been admiring him for a long time~..."
 "Ah... My mother knows Ceres-sama..."
 On our arrival, many people gathered there.
 And it's amazing, there are probably close to 200 people gathered here.
 "Everyone... don't be so impatient, you'll get our hero in trouble... the gatekeeper there, you need to be firm at times like this."
 "Pardon me."
 Still, even though it's been so long, it hasn't been that long, right...?
 "Village Head Najim, it's been a long time."
 "It's a little embarrassing to hear you say that Ceres... I'm not the village head anymore... but the mayor of the town... so, what are you going to do now? Do you want to go to the new house I built for you when you come, Ceres? Or do you want to go to my house?"
 How very kind of him to give me a home in case we come back.
 "Well, it's been a long time, may we visit the mayor's house first?"
 "Ceres is like my grandson, and I have a wife... you are welcome."
 """""""""""Please take care of us."""""""""""
 "Still, you are a true hero... You have 11 wives..."
 "No. Lida, Maria, and Mel are my vassals, and Sharon-san is my servant."
 "I see, I see, but seven of them are your wives...? Huhhhh?"
 Why is he so surprised?
 "Why are you so surprised?"
 "I'd forgotten, Ceres... your wives, aren't they princesses? Princess Mariane, Princess Frey, and even the saint Cecilia-sama?"
 Mayor Najim suddenly tried to kneel down.
 "Mayor Najim, please don't do that..."
 When he knelt down, everyone in the place did the same thing.
 "But Ceres, or Ceres-sama, two royalty and a candidate for the next pope... I feel like I'm going to collapse."
 "It's a pleasure to meet you, Najim-sama. It is true that I am a princess, but Najim-sama is like Ceres-sama's grandfather! Please feel free to talk freely with me except on official occasions."
 "Yeah, yeah, I'm not like Mariane, and I'm even blunter, so you can call me Frey... or Frey-chan..."
 "That's right... if you're like my grandfather, then call me Cecilia!"
 "Um... Mayor Najim... Do you forget? Ceres-chan is a hero (Eiyuu), even more so than his three wives," said Misaki.
 "Hmm? Najim-sama, did you forget?" said Mariane.
 "That’s right, Mayor, no, Najim-sama," said Frey.
 "I agree too," said Cecilia.
 "Hahaha, I forgot all about it, Ceres-sama," said Mayor Najim.
 "Mayor Najim, can you stop...? I secretly thought you were my grandfather... So, don't address him like that..." said Misaki.
 "Ce-Ce-Ceres-sama," said Mayor Najim.
 "Ce-re-s," said Misaki.
 "Ceres..." said Mayor Najim.
 "That’s good... And really stop it, Najim-sama," said Mariane.
 "That's… indeed... Adding 'sama' to Ceres makes me sound like a stranger... so, I'll tell the old people in this village to talk to him freely."
 "Thank you, Najim-sama," said Mariane.
 "And now, this is the Ceres Bridge... By the way, they sell Ceres Manju there."
 "Hahaha, it's kind of embarrassing."
 It's embarrassing to see something with my name on it.
 "By the way... this is our token of appreciation... it's 'Fountain of Hero'... This is the most popular one, and there is a big statue of yours next to it, Ceres."
 The size of the statue he mentioned... In my previous life, it was about 10 m (32 ft) tall.
 Such a big thing... must have been very hard to make.
 But it's embarrassing...
 "It's amazing..."
 """"""""""It's really amazing."""""""""""
 "At first it was life-size, but Shuuto said he wanted to make it bigger, so we changed it about 4 times... now it's that big..."
 There's even a person tossing coins into a side fountain backward.
 This is... no longer the Jimna village I knew.
 "Why Uncle Shuuto...?"
 "Ah, to Shuuto, you're like an old friend... And this is his way of saying thank you."
 By the way, Uncle Kaito has proposed an adventurer's guild for me.
 It's a little bit embarrassing...
 "Well, here we are. This is my home now."
 Wow... isn't this a nobleman's house?
 "It's amazing..."
 "No... it's you who's great."
 I have no idea what happened to the village while I was gone.

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