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Chapter 98 Maria's Return Home

 Maria's POV

 "How's your business?"
 "Well, Maria it's been a long time, you've grown up a lot..."
 While Ceres and the others were talking with the village head, no, the mayor, Mel, and I decided to take some time to go and see my papa.
 I invited Mama to join us... but she firmly refused.
 Well, it's more fun to be with her new husband.
 "May I ask who are you? You seem to be very friendly with my husband."
 "My husband?"
 "Hahaha, Maria, your Papa remarried, and this is Charlotte, my new wife."
 "Is that so? Well, my name is Maria. Nice to meet you."
 "I see, you're his daughter, it's pleasure to meet you."
 Is my Papa (Shuuto) a lolicon?
 After all, she looks about the same age as me.
 If I'm not mistaken, she's even younger than me.
 No wonder he gave up Mama so easily.
 "Please take care of me."
 "Well, I'll go make you some tea. Take your time."
 "Papa, do you know how to make tea?"
 "Well, Charlotte wanted some so I learned it desperately. Then, please wait for me to make you a nice cup of tea."
 "I see."
 "It turned out pretty good."
 Papa makes tea... that Papa?
 The same Papa who's so lazy he doesn't even want to work in the store.
 "Here you go, I baked some cookies for you to eat too."
 Papa bakes cookies? I don't believe it...
 "It's delicious..."
 "I've been making a lot of mistakes, but lately I'm finally getting good at baking."
 "But... Papa, is work going well?"
 "It's quite good... I made a convenience store that Ceres taught me how to make and at first I worked very hard, but Charlotte taught me how to run a business and I've hired people to run it. So, now, I'm just visiting... and I've opened more stores and it's doing well."
 "Really? Papa and Charlotte-san must have worked very hard."
 "Well... it's been a lot of hard work, but we've made it this far."
 But the more I look, the younger Charlotte-san is.
 Although, I didn't like the idea of Mama and Ceres being together...
 Why do I get chills when I see Papa and Charlotte-san in a relationship...?
 I don't know... I feel something strange when I see them.
 The lazy Papa is working hard and seems to be happily married...
 Well, he's a lolicon, but...
 I feel different from Ceres and Mama.
 For some reason... I don't want to be here.
 I don't know why... I feel like I'm not welcome here.
 "You've never spoken to me before, even though we're parent and child."
 "Well, it's been a long time since I've been home, so I'm deeply moved..."
 "I can imagine, as a person who missed their hometown, I envy you... This town is like a hometown to you now."
 What's wrong with me?
 "It's a nice town."
 "It really is."
 I see.. what trouble me is, Charlotte-san... she looks just like me.
 That's why it's so gross... that's what I thought.
 "Well, I'd better return to Ceres."
 "It's been a while since you've been here. You could take a little more time."
 "Yes, this is Maria-san's home too, and I'm your stepmother, so you're welcome to stay here."
 "but I'm Ceres's vassal now. I can't stay here too long."
 "If that's the case, I don't blame you."
 "Please come again."
 With a new house and no room for me, there is no place for me here.
 "Then, I'll be back."
 With these words, I left my former house.

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