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Chapter 182 Worst Dream, Superb Morning

 "Ah, Baskerville-sama. Are you awake?"
 "...Good morning."
 When I woke up... I was lying in bed, with Ryuna next to me, hugging my head.
 Her brown skin was right in front of me and I feel her soft breast against my cheek.
 Waking up in the arms of a beautiful princess is the most wonderful awakening a man can have.
 "It looks like you were having a hard time... Were you having a bad dream?"
 "No, I don't remember."
 I remember I was dreaming about something but I don't remember the content at all.
 Even so, I think it was a dream that somehow made me angry. It left me with a queasy feeling in my stomach like a lees.
 "Well, it doesn't matter... If I forgot it, it must not have been a big dream."
 To relieve my sorrow, I bury my face in Ryuna's chest.
 Her thin body jumps, and her arms hugging my head become stronger.
 "After what you did last night... are you feeling better now?"
 "That's what being young is all about. I'm a young teenager who can only think about women 24 hours a day."
 "I'm happy if you love me... please do it again and again."
 Ryuna hugs my head and stirs my hair with her palms.
 Her hands are gentle, like a mother's tender care for her child. Just like that, the remnants of my dreams, which have stuck to me like mud, disappear.
 It is a happy feeling as if I am ascending to the Pure Land of Paradise. It seems I've been given some very important information in my dream, but it doesn't matter anymore before I feel the touch of a beautiful woman's skin on my face.
 "Sure, I'll do it... but what about her?"
 "Zzz.... Ryuna.... Your sister will protect you..."
 "...That'a a loud sleep talk... Really."
 Just like Ryuna, I felt a small touch on my waist. Her breasts, smaller than Ryuna's, pressed against me.
 Shakuna, who was sleeping on the other side of the bed, hugged me and said "Zzz," something I'd never heard her say in real life.
 "She is like a child. How ridiculous to think that this is the sleeping form of a ruler of a country!"
 Can such a childish woman really be the queen of the Maafern kingdom?
 "Don't worry. Onee-sama is serious and firm. I think she will be a good queen."
 "I hope so... Well, since the parliamentary system has been introduced, there should be no problem. But still... it's been a long and tiresome journey this time."
 Everyone has almost forgotten that my original purpose in coming to the Maafern Kingdom was to make contact with Shakuna, the descendant of a hero.
 The goal was to get a descendant of the heroes to join Leon and fight against the Demon King.
 However, Shakuna Maafern, the descendant of the hero, has become the new ruler of the land, and I can no longer bring her back as a companion.
 "I miss the point... Though, it was not a wasted trip since Rujanaga was defeated."
 It is a great achievement to have defeated Rujanaga, the brain of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army, at this stage of the war.
 Rujanaga destroyed villages and towns, and the lives that would have been lost were saved. So, there will be an advantage in the battle against the Demon King's army.
 Ryuna's face turns strange to me as I ponder this.
 And best of all, I was able to save Ryuna from dying as a sacrifice.
 If I hadn't come to this Kingdomn, she would have been a mute corpse by now.
 "Zzz... you pervert, where are you touching me..."
 And Shakuna, who is hugging my back, would have also lost her life in the end of the war, in despair over the loss of her sister.
 It was a miracle that I was able to rescue both of them. Thus, being sandwiched in bed between two beautiful sisters is the greatest reward.
 "It's not bad. Not bad at all."
 I hug Ryuna's body and run my hands over her smooth skin.
 Now, let's get an additional reward.
 I didn't get the reward from the Goddess. Therefore, I will have an additional reward from the sisters.
 "Hmm? Who is the Goddess?"
 The question popped into my head... but it is not important. Let's forget about the unpleasant woman I met in my dream.
 After that, I kept on asking for Ryuna's body again and again, even though the night had already begun.
 Shakuna, who wakes up in the middle of it, realizes what's going on and rushes to get out of the bed... but of course, I can't let her go.
 I used magic to manipulate the shadows to pull her into bed with me and eat the two sisters (shimaidon).
 We lay on top of each other for three days and three nights.
 After that, there is another story about how Urza and the other get unhappy because we didn't come out of the bedroom for a long time, and cause a row and a ruckus.

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