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Chapter 122 Giant Wyvern

 Main Character's POV

 I could fly to Kohane by myself in a matter of hours.
 But I don't want to.
 Perhaps people know that I am not a normal person because of my victory over Mammon and the way I fought.
 Especially Cecilia, who is a member of the church, will know a lot about my abnormality, even if she does not know who I am.
 Mariane and Frey are also likely to get information from their home countries.
 Shizuko and the others may also feel some sense of discomfort.
 But even so, no one has talked to me about it.
 That's why I will be able to live as a human being.
* * *
 "Ceres-kun, did you need to arrange a carriage or something?"
 I understand Shizuko's concern.
 But I had a special thought in mind.
 "Shizuko-san, don't worry, we'll get on in a little while."
 "Ceres, what are we going to ride?"
 "Well, don't tell anyone, Nee-san! But I'm sure it's faster than a horse-drawn carriage."
 "Ceres-san, that's..."
 "Don't tell anyone, Sayo-san! You'd be surprised!"
 "I'm not surprised anymore, you know"
 "Yes, I don't think there's anything to be afraid of compared to Mammon," said Mariane.
 "I agree," said Frey.
 "We've fought the Demon King before, we've got nothing to be afraid of," said Cecilia.
 "Then I guess it's all right then."
 Shizuko and the others are silent, but maybe they are tolerant.
 Since I am a yellow dragon, a Dragon Lord, most dragons will follow me.
 Now that we're in a deserted area, we're good to go.
 I made a voice no people can hear.
 Only dragons can hear it.
 'Giant wyvern.'
 "Ceres-kun, what are you doing?"
 "Ceres, Shizuko, there's a big creature coming this way."
 "That thing is too big to fight."
 "Shizuko-san, Nee-san, and Frey don't worry about it, I called it."
 "Ceres-sama, what on earth is that thing?!"
 "Frey! It's a giant wyvern. It's a variant of a wyvern."
 It's natural to be surprised.
 After all, if it was a dragon, it was so small that it could only carry one or two people.
 However, the giant wyvern in front of us is about the size of a small mountain and could carry 10 people, or even 30 if it were packed.
 At first, I thought of calling a sky dragon, but then I thought that sky dragon boats are precious things, and it would be a bad idea to call one so casually... so I went with this one.
 "I didn't know such a huge wyvern existed... the world is a big place."
 Even the sage Mel is amazed.
 Well, maybe I was surprised before I became a Dragon Lord too.
 "Everyone, there's a hairy part in the middle, hold on to it like you're riding a horse."
 """""""""""I understand (Okay)."""""""""""
 Fortunately, they all seemed to have a lot of nerve, and when they decided to ride, they rode without any fear.
 However, I was surprised that Sharon and Mariane got on the boat without any hesitation.
 'Well then, Giant Wyvern, I'm counting on you!"
 Even though there are almost no monsters now, it would take quite a few days for a carriage to get there, and a coachman would be needed, but the Giant Wyvern doesn't need it.
 With me on board, I'm sure we'll be able to clear a path even if we meet a sky dragon.
 The only thing we have to do is to keep ourselves from falling off.
 Thus, we fly to Kohane on the back of the Giant Wyvern.

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