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Chapter 123 At the Gate

 Main Character's POV

 Thanks to the Giant Wyvern, we arrived at Kohane in only two days, a distance that would have taken two months by horse-drawn carriage.
 I must say, traveling by air is faster and better.
 The ride is, well, let's just leave it to the imagination, but the view is great.
 "It's pleasant to fly, Ceres-kun, I've never been in the sky so long before."
 "The view is so beautiful! Ceres, it's so nice to fly!"
 "Ceres-san! The Wyvern is so fast, it's amazing how the scenery keeps changing..."
 "Ceres-chan! It's really amazing, it's so different from magic."
 I don't know anything about flying magic.
 I have a skill called 'Skywalking', but it's just walking in the sky for a short time.
 It doesn't mean I can fly at will.
 "Sayo-san, don't tell me you can fly by magic?"
 "Well, I can, it's my original spell... but I sealed it up because it's 'useless'..."
 It would be great if she could fly, but she seems to be having a hard time with it.
 Why is it 'useless'?
 "Ceres-kun, you look confused again! Why don't you ask Sayo to do it?"
 "Sayo, why don't you do something for Ceres?"
 "Is that so? Well then, just a little... this really doesn't work, though... 'Fly'..."
 Sayo-san casts a spell and her body gradually rises to the surface.
 In that state, Sayo-san slowly turns around.
 Her skirt is a little shorter than her knees, and her underwear is visible underneath.
 As a matter of etiquette, I never stare at it.
 "Wow! Is there anything wrong with the spell? It's really great!"
 "Well, maybe it's not! But, Ceres, look at this"
 "Why do you need a pebble, Nee-san?"
 Haruka-neesan threw a pebble at Sayo.
 "Hey, Haruka!"
 The pebble hit Sayo with a thud.
 It's a real pebble, so it probably doesn't hurt that much, maybe it's just two childhood friends playing with each other.
 "I'm sorry if this is the easiest way to explain it, Sayo! But, Ceres, now you understand, don't you? This magic requires concentration, so while she's using it, she's defenseless, and she can't attack or defend herself well. And it's not fast either."
 "That's right, so if I use it in a real battle, I'll just be shot at and knocked down... hey Ceres-san, now, you understand it, aren't you?"
 It's true that it can't be used in a real fight.
 But it's good for 'escape,' isn't it?
 "Sure, it can't be used in a normal battle, but it's good for escaping from a castle or a tower, isn't it?"
 "Ceres-kun, that's only at night! Even if she jumps down while using the fly, the fireball is faster, so she'll surely be shot at."
 "Really? Shizuko-san and the others seem to know a lot about this."
 "Actually, Sayo has tried it out."
 "Ceres-san, it was terrible at that time! I was so happy to fly in the sky and the three of them all threw things at me from below!"
 "Did that ever happen?"
 "Haruka... didn't you just throw a pebble at me? You threw a pebble at me too."
 "That was a long time ago. Forgive me."
 "Well, it's all right..."
 With that, Sayo undid her fly and came down.
 All but four of us, by the way, ran toward the bushes as soon as we got off the Giant Wyvern.
 Perhaps they were vomiting.
 Their faces were blue even on the Giant Wyvern, maybe they were in a state of seasickness made worse.
 I thought about going to rub their back, but I decided not to, thinking that a woman would not want to be seen throwing up.
 However, I did not expect that Frey, Cecilia, and Lida would also get airsick, not seasick.
 In the meantime, the Giant Wyvern circled in the sky for a while, looking at me, but when I thanked it with a 'thank you', it left with a smile.
 I understand the feelings of dragon species well without talking to them because of my status as a Dragon Lord.
 Actually, I would have given the wyvern some orc or ogre meat, but I can't hunt them because of the truce with the demon tribe.
 And even if I could hunt them, the wyvern is so huge, I can't imagine how much it would eat, maybe 10 or 20 orcs would not be enough.
 Still, I'll have to repay it someday.
 To avoid startling the people who live in Kohane, we were dropped off by the giant wyvern a short distance away.
 It's probably a 30-minute walk to Kohane from here.
 Now, we'll go when everyone is healthy.
 But, it took almost an hour for everyone to come back here.
* * *
 After about an hour of walking, we finally arrived at Kohane.
 "Welcome to Kohane! A land of Hero and relaxation!"
 The gatekeeper greeted us.
 "A land of Hero and relaxation?"
 "Don't you know? The person who is in charge of this place is Ceres-sama the Hero! But he's not here, and I've never met him either?"
 At this, Lida spoke to the gatekeeper with a grin on her face.
 "Heh~ The lord of this land is Ceres-sama, huh? Isn't that amazing~? I've never met him before, but what kind of a person is Ceres-sama?"
 "I don't know him well either, but he defeated that Mammon! Maybe he's a tall guy you can look up to?"
 I'm afraid he's wrong.
 I'm not that tall for a man.
 I'm shorter than Zect and a little taller than Maria.
 "Anyway, are you an adventurer by the looks of it? Please show your ID! If you don't have one, we can discuss it with a crystal for a quick decision, and we will charge 3 coppers per person! If you have a criminal record, we will not refund the 3 coppers even if you are not allowed in."
 Since I am the Lord of this place, they can let me through if I just show myself.
 But I have to give him a warning.
 "I'd like to take a little sneak peek at the city before I go to the castle... so don't make a fuss."
 I handed the gatekeeper my adventurer's card.
 "What are you talking about! Even if you're a nobleman...eh! Whatttt!?"
 Well, since the S-class plate says "Ceres" on it, of course, the gatekeeper will know who we are.
 "Please be quiet."
 The place is empty because of the time of day, but there are a few people in line behind us.
 If we make a fuss in a place like this, we will be noticed.
 "I understand, I'm sorry for the disturbance."
 "So, may I ask you to let us all go through it?"
 "O-Of course."
 "Good luck with your work. Let's all go then, shall we?"
 And so we arrived at Kohane easily.

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