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Chapter 124 Display Window? Slave Trader

 Main Character's POV

 Kohane City was no different from Jimna's City.
 It is about the same size.
 The only big difference was that the food was very tasty and fresh.
 In this place, I had sashimi for the first time in this world, and there were even grilled shellfish.
 However, there is no soy sauce or miso, which is a shame.
 If I had known that I would be reborn in another world, I would have at least learned how to make them.
 Unlike ketchup, I can't imagine how to make soy sauce and miso.
 "So, Lida, why don't you come with me to the weapons shop?"
 "I don't mind. But I don't need any more weapons now that I have the Answerer, and I've never been to the sea before, so I'll go fishing."
 "Can you do that some other time? I need a weapon now, you're the Sword Saint, right?"
 "But I..."
 "Lida, don't be silly today. Mom's going with you."
 "If Haruka's going, I'm going too. I didn't go around back in Jimna... but there might be something here..."
 "No, I'm not going unless Mom and Misaki-san..."
 "—Then it's decided. Ceres-sama, we're off to visit the weapon shop."
 Frey, Haruka-neesan, Misaki-san, and Lida are going to visit the weapon shop.
 "Well, Maria, we're going to the church this time too."
 "Uh... well, I would like to go to the church as a healer once in a while too, if you don't mind."
 "Let's go to church together then."
 Shizuko-san, Cecilia, and Maria are going to church.
 "Okay, we'll go shopping again, then Sharon let's go."
 "Yes, Princess."
 Mariane and Sharon went shopping.
 "Mel, you're a sage, you should learn a little more."
 "Mother, that's..."
 "So today we'll go to the bookstore."
 Sayo-san and Mel are going to a bookstore and...
 Before I knew it, I'm all alone this time.
 Is that okay?
 Well, I guess I'll just look around.
* * *
 It's been a while since I've been alone, so I bought some Kushiyaki (skewers) and ate them.
 Still, Kohane is a great place.
 Maybe because of the ocean and the river, there are not only orc skewers like in other towns, but also nearly 20 kinds of skewers, including shellfish skewers, river fish skewers, and squid-like skewers.
 "Old man, can I have the shellfish skewer and the fish skewer, please?"
 Both skewers are grilled with salt, but they are quite tasty.
 There was no okonomiyaki or takoyaki, but there was jagabata-modoki (japanese butter potato).
 It was quite enjoyable to find many small night stall-like stores.
 This kind of place gives me a sense of history that Jimna Village doesn't have.
 After a while of wandering around, I saw something that was not supposed to be there.
 No way, it should not be in Kohane.
 There was a store in a new building with a signboard of 'Slave Market'.
 And under the sign, it says 'Orcman Products'.
 Hilarious, isn't it?
 Orcman sure knows a lot about slaves, but he didn't want to run a store.
 What's going on here?
 So I walk into the slave market...
 "Welcome, eh Ceres... ah, my bad, Ceres-sama?!"
 "Orcman, what are you doing?"
 "That's it! The deputy, Corda-sama, asked me to see if I could do some work for him, and this is the only thing I could think of."
 Well, when it comes to slaves, people think Orcman, and when it comes to Orcman, people think slaves.
 Now that the war with the demons has stopped and the guild's workload has decreased, this is what an Orcman is supposed to be good at.
 "I see, but it's a very strange store."
 Unlike most slave traders, this shop is very clean.
 And it's not a cage but a spacious glass room where the slaves relax.
 Well, I remember hearing this story somewhere.
 That's right... there's a display window, not a cage.
 "Is it? Well, in this slave market, I give every slave a private room to relax in, and as you can see, there's a sofa, more luxurious than a commoner's house. Under the glass wall, the slave's name and profile are written, and if someone likes the slave, they can talk to each other, and if the 'slave' likes the person, he/she can take the slave, and so on."
 "That's great! Orcman, how did you come up with this idea?"
 "Remember how Ceres-sama is taking care of 'wives' instead of slaves for the people back home! That's where I got the idea."
 "So, how's it going?"
 "Well, so far, so good."
 So, there's a demand.
 But why is Orcman here working as a slave trader when I made him my vassal?
 Shall I ask the deputy later?
 "Then, Orcman, see you later!"
 I greeted Orcman and left the slave market.

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