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Chapter 125 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Eleven - Digging for Potatoes

 Princess Marin’s POV
 What exactly is a Hero (Yuusha)?
 I used to be very worried about it.
 Before, I thought that a Hero (Yuusha) is a man with a strong desire for success, a man with a bad taste for women, and a man with only a good face.
 Such a person is a Hero (Yuusha), what is the Goddess thinking?
 I really thought so.
 And the word "vulgar" fits him well.
 Well, I remember an archbishop once told me that 'Hero (Yuusha) is a person who saves the world'.
 However, the question was raised, 'How can such a person save the world?'
 But, as they say, "Can such a person save the world?
 After all, he is a vulgar person who thinks so much of himself.
 Several times he was seen flirting with three of his childhood friends secretly.
 And he kicked out his capable childhood friends because of his selfishness.
 That was the Zect I knew.
 I had tea with him several times because he was my potential fiancée, but he was not interesting to talk to, and all he did was brag about himself.
 But why has he changed so much?
 Now Zect... I mean, Zect-sama is very pleasant to watch and looks like a 'Hero (Yuusha)' even though he doesn't fight.
* * *
 Zect’s POV
 "Let's go then, Uryaaaaa-"
 "Uh, Zect-sama, what are you doing today?"
 "What am I doing today? Digging for sweet potatoes. Then let's try it, Marin! Uryaaaahhh..."
 Today we are digging for potatoes.
 Right now, there is no real hunting in the adventurer's business.
 At best, we hunt goblins and slimes.
 After all, even hobgoblins have returned to the demon lands.
 So, in the end, adventurers today are more like 'do-it-alls'.
 I lived in a village, so I can work in the fields.
 Luna and Marin can dig potatoes, too, and we can have fun doing it, so I took the job.
 I told them in advance that it would be for one person because I knew they would not be able to do it seriously.
 Though, I guess they won't complain about that.
 "Uryaaaahhh, like this?"
 She doesn't have to imitate the calls, but she can do it as well as I could when I was a kid.
 There's no one watching us, and it's a seven-copper job for a dozen baskets.
 Still, I'll do my best, and the two of them can get used to the job and have fun.
 "You two are pretty good at it."
 "Digging for potatoes... is fun."
 "I'm new to this kind of experience, but why do you do these chores, Zect-sama?"
 Because I used to be a farmer's son.
 "Hero (Yuusha) originally was a farmer's son! I'm not a nobleman or anything. That's why I don't mind physical exercise so much! And thanks to my best friend, there's no need for Hero (Yuusha) anymore. After all, the world is at peace. So, I'll do something else. That's all!"
 "Then why don't you become a nobleman, a lord, or a knight? Didn't you ever think of that?"
 I'm a nobleman or a knight?
 "I can take down a castle by myself, right...? And wouldn't the king, the prime minister, and the nobles have a hard time with a guy like that? There's only one wolf among the rats, even if they don't touch me, I'm sure they're afraid of me."
 Just like I'm afraid of Mammon, from the public's point of view, we're the same.
 "That may be true."
 "Luna is not afraid..."
 Still, I don't know if these two girls are great or not, but they treat me like a normal human being.
 And this closeness feels good.
 "Thank you, Luna! I'm not Hero (Yuusha) anymore! If I don't have to live in the fight, then 'living normally' seems like a good idea too... what do you think?"
 "Is that so, Zect-sama?"
 "Normal... I don't know."
 "I'm free now, and I think there's a difference between freedom and playing around. Luna and Marin are not princesses, so they can live as they like."
 "Yeah, you can be a bakery clerk or a seamstress if you want, well, you don't have to be one, but it's nice to have the option to be one."
 "Then, I will be your wife..."
 "Luna is..."
 "Marin and Luna are living together, so of course that's possible. But neither Marin nor Luna will be with me for a long time. But, if you really like me, you can become my wife in the true sense of the word when your feelings for me become firm, even if you are not my wife, I already consider you my family, and I will protect you."
 This should be good.
 Maybe I don't know much about love.
 But I know it's not something I can build in a short time.
 Like the bond I formed with Ceres.
 Ceres was on my side until the end, even after what I did.
 But now, it's been too short a time for us to form a proper bond. So…
 "Let's just get our hands on it."
 Right now, I'm just happy to have this comfortable time together.

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