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Chapter 126 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Twelve - The Sun is Luna's Enemy

 Zect’s POV
 "Hero-sama~, if you don't mind, please take my apple..."
 "Thank you! How is your leg, old man?"
 "Thanks to you, it's doing just fine!"
 "But I've told you before, I'm not Hero (Yuusha) anymore! You'd better learn to call me Zect!"
 "No, you're a hero (Yuusha), and I'm going to keep calling you that, no matter what anyone says."
 "Haha, see you later! Hero-sama..."
 Still, it's good that I've gotten used to it.
 I mean, being friendly to others is not a bad thing either.
 But I'm a church-approved 'Former Hero (Yuusha)'.
 So, I'm not a hero anymore!
 And yet, people in the capital still call me 'Hero (Yuusha)'.
 "Hero-sama, you really put a lot of effort into cooking and healing, don't you?"
 "Sister, it's not good for a church official to call me Hero, no matter what, is it?"
 "It may not be appropriate in a formal church setting, but it's okay to call it a private person. After all, right now, you're really a hero, working hard for the people!"
 "No, that's kind of weird, please don't call me that! That kind of word is only for my best friend... it doesn't suit me."
 "But it's something you never know, and I'm sure people will call you 'Hero (Yuusha)' no matter how much you deny it, so let it go."
 However, I'm officially not a Hero (Yuusha) anymore.
 And the only reason I was able to quit Hero (Yuusha) is because Ceres helped me out so that I wouldn't be in trouble.
 For such a person like me, the word Hero (Yuusha) does not suit me at all.
 I mean, Hero (Yuusha) has more courage than anyone else.
 Though, I'm confident of that. But I was defeated by a dragon.
 So, who would feel hope for me who was defeated by the commander of the demon tribe?
 That is why I am not Hero (Yuusha).
 My job is Hero (Yuusha), but I am not Hero (Yuusha).
 The real Hero (Yuusha) is Ceres.
* * *
 Today's capital is a nice place to live.
 Luna will no longer have any trouble living here.
 Marin's identity is already known, but she is already accepted because she is living as one of us.
 This means that I don't have to make the choice to go back to Jimna.
 But I made a big mistake.
 Luna had one more thing to take care of.
 "I'm sorry Luna."
 "It's not Zect's fault... and it's not a big deal... I'll be fine as long as I sleep."
 Beside her, Marin squeezes a hand towel and holds it to Luna's forehead.
 She's very thoughtful for a princess.
 But I'd forgotten all about it.
 I completely forgot that Luna is an albino...
 Even though the slave trader explained it to me.
 'She's weak and susceptible to sunburn, so she's not worth the price.'
 And yet I let her dig potatoes with me in the hot sun.
 If I let her do such a thing when she was weak against sunburn, she would surely break her body.
 "No, it's my fault! Luna takes a good rest today! I'm sorry, but Marin, please take care of Luna."
 "Yes, please leave it to me."
 "Then, I'm going out for a while."
* * *
 Currently, I'm in a tool shop.
 "Welcome, can I help you?"
 "Do you sell straw hats?"
 "Yes, I have some straw hats."
 "Then give me three of them."
 I forgot I'm so tough.
 When I was a child, my mother used to tell me to wear a hat to avoid sunstroke.
 And everyone in the village always wore a hat when they farmed...
 Well, Ceres, Lida, and I didn't wear hats because we thought it was uncool, but Maria and Mel always wore hats in the summer.
 "Thank you."
 With that, I left the tool shop.
 The next stop was the pharmacy.
 "If it isn't Hero-sama? It's rare to see you here because of your skill as a healer."
 It's true, I don't even hunt seriously, so I don't really need potions.
 "More importantly, I need sunscreen. Do you have any?"
 "Yes, I have it. I sell women's cosmetics too."
 "Then give me two bottles of that and two bottles of the drink."
 "But don't you have heal?"
 "Yeah, however, it's for sunstroke."
 Heal can heal injuries and cure illnesses.
 But for some reason, it doesn't work for sunstroke.
 I don't know the theory because I'm not Maria or Ceres.
 "Ah, it's necessary for that."
 "Yeah, sure."
 I paid and left the pharmacy.
 Now all I have to do is buy some icy treats and go home.
 I'm not good with ice spells, so I'll just have to buy some.
* * *
 "I'm home."
 "...Welcome home."
 "Welcome home, Zect-sama."
 I think Luna looks a little better.
 "You seem to be a little better."
 "Like I said... I'll get better as long as I sleep."
 "But then, you've been moaning and groaning since Zect-sama left, haven't you?"
 "...Marin, you're worrier... I'm okay."
 "Well, don't put up with it, I've bought this for now, you should wear it from now on when you go outside. Marin too, and I also got you some sunscreen, so make sure you put it on before you go outside."
 I handed them the straw hat and sunscreen.
 "...Thank you."
 "Me too?"
 "Luna, don't thank me, and Marin, you're a former princess too, you're not used to being in the sun, right? So, you need it. Also, Luna, I bought you a bottle of drink, drink it now."
 I handed a bottle of the drink to Luna.
 And Luna gulped down the drink.
 "...It was bitter."
 "Well, you drank it well! Now let's eat the ice candy together."
 I handed the ice candy to them.
 "It's cold, sweet, and delicious..."
 "This is the first time I've had this too, but it's cold and tasty..."
 "Marin, you've never had ice cream?"
 "Well, I've heard about it, but I wasn't allowed to eat it because it makes me sick."
 Maybe being a princess is more inconvenient than I think.
 And looking at the room, the curtains are closed now, but this room gets a lot of sunlight.
 And it's a bit small for three people, let alone two.
 In a house, there are usually rooms that do not get much sun.
 Maybe I should buy a house for Luna's sake.

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