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Chapter 127 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Thirteen - Free House

 Zect’s POV
 Now I am in the Adventurers' Guild and talking to the receptionist girl.
 "Hero-sama, are you looking for some more chores today?"
 "Not today, I'm looking for a bigger house, a villa. Can you show me some?"
 "A house? Surely it's time to move in. So what kind of house are you looking for?"
 "Uhh, I'm looking for a place that doesn't get a lot of suns and is rather gloomy! The ideal place would be the castle of the Demon king!"
 Of course, I don't want a real castle.
 Dark, gloomy, and cool.
 It just popped into my head.
 "Huh!? Are you joking!?"
 "No, not at all. I'm just using a metaphor. I don't want a castle, I want it to be dark and gloomy! If it's possible, make it of brick or stone."
 If it's made of wood, it'll break down.
 "Ah, Hero-sama, generally people look for a house in a sunny place, don't they? But now, are you serious? It's a disadvantage if it's not sunny and gloomy."
 Is that so?
 Well, I explained our situation.
 "I see... It's Luna-san's situation. Okay, I'll try to find it. So, Hero-sama, are you buying? Or are you going to rent?"
 "The empire is a good place to live, so if there is a good house, I will buy it."
 The guild is also in the business of helping people find a house.
 And now, the girl at the reception desk is staring at the paperwork seriously.
 On second thought, there is a downside to this.
 Maybe it's not on the paperwork.
 "I've picked out a few that look good, but they're not on the paperwork, so I'm relying on my memory, and I'm sorry if I'm wrong."
 "No, I'm the one who's asking for the impossible, don't worry about it."
 "it's helpful to hear you say so. So, what do you think of this property?"
 "Uh, it's a house for everyone, so we all need to see it together. Can you show it to us tomorrow?"
 "Tomorrow? I understand. I'll send someone to show you."
 "Thank you."
 I thanked her and left the guild.
* * *
 The next day, I came to the guild with Luna and Marin, who had recovered completely.
 "I'm looking forward to working with you today"
 "Leave it to me, Hero-sama, I will guide you responsibly."
 In the end, I'm called 'Hero (Yuusha)' at the Adventurers' Guild, too.
 Well, I'm used to it by now.
 "Buy... house?"
 "Zect-sama, I'm looking forward to it."
 Luna is as emotionless as ever.
 But Marin seems kind of happy.
 And now...
 [First house]
 "This is the place."
 It is indeed dimly lit and dark.
 And it's gloomy.
 The conditions are right.
 This house is big enough to be a mansion.
 But it's pretty shabby.
 Still, it can be fixed.
 "What do you think, guys? I think it looks pretty good."
 "I'm fine here..."
 "Zect-sama... let's not stay here."
 "What's wrong, Marin? We haven't even looked inside the house yet."
 "No, Zect-sama, there's nothing wrong. It's right next to the cemetery."
 Next to a cemetery?
 Is there a problem?
 "Luna, you don't like it here?"
 "Luna doesn't have a problem..."
 "Umm, Zect-sama, let's not go next to the cemetery. It's too creepy."
 "If Marin says so, I don't blame it... can you introduce me to the next one?"
 "Certainly, people don't like it."
 "Is that how it is?"
 "I'm sure Hero-sama won't understand."
 Well, I and Maria can use holy magic, so it's hard for us to feel the unpleasantness of a place.
 I guess it must be unpleasant for normal people.
 Come to think of it, I didn't like ghosts when I was a kid either. It seems like...
 'Common sense.'
 That's what Luna and I need to learn.
 "Then please show me the next one."
 [Second House]
 "Haha, it's a nice place, isn't it, Hero-sama?"
 "The building is nice... but it's not."
 "...but Luna can stay here."
 "It's definitely not convenient, Zect-sama."
 The building's nice, but it's in the forest.
 It's too far from the capital.
 I don't mind but it'll take too long for the two girls to get to the capital.
 "Sorry, can you introduce me to the next one?"
 "Haahh, haahhh, it's tiring... But I understand."
 I understand the person making the proposal is tired.
 After all, we've walked a long way.
 By the way, Marin and Luna don't look tired, probably because I sometimes carry them.
 Still, I wonder how someone could build a house in the middle of the forest like this.
 Anyway, I was guided to several houses, but I couldn't find one that I liked.
 "It's hard to find a good house, huh?"
 "Hahaha, that's true."
 "Luna is fine anywhere as long as Zect is there."
 "But for me, I'd prefer to be closer to the city, it's too inconvenient for me and Luna."
 "You're right... but how about somewhere in the capital?"
 I've been thinking about it, why do we only being introduced to properties that are far from the city?
 "I see! I guess the receptionist and I were wrong... next time I'll show you a better place."
 "Please do."
* * *
 We are back inside the gates of the Imperial Capital.
 "How about here?"
 It's dark under the lamp.
 The house he just showed me is right next to the one I'm renting now.
 The house is also big, but it is surrounded by large buildings, so it does not get much sun.
 And in this place, I can live the same life as I do now.
 "Everyone, it's a great location, isn't it?"
 "This place is great..."
 "If it's here, we'll have no problem."
 Luna and Marin both seemed to like it.
 "Can you show us inside, then?"
 "Yes... Here it is"
 After seeing the new house, it's not exactly new, but it's not that bad either.
 But it's much newer than my parents' house.
 "It's a big room..."
 "It looks good."
 There are six rooms.
 There's a kitchen, a hall, a bathroom, and a toilet.
 And best of all, there's not a lot of suns.
 It's the best of both worlds.
 Moreover, the location of this house is very good, even if it doesn't get much sun in the capital.
 Isn't it worth a lot of money?
 "Since everyone seems to like it, I think I'll settle for this one."
 "Hero-sama, it's free."
 "Are you kidding me!? How can a house in such a great location be free?"
 "But the emperor asked me to give you the house for free if Hero Yuusha-sama asks for it."
 Is that so?
 In that case, I'll just take it.
 "Well then, Luna and Marin seem to like it, so I'll be glad to take it."
 "I understand."
 Really, nothing scares me more than free money.
 Maybe I'll have to pay the emperor back someday.

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