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Chapter 128 Alone Time

 Main Character's POV

 It's been a while since I've been alone.
 But it's not as much fun as I thought it would be.
 After all, I have been spending time with my wives and have not had time to be alone.
 Even in the past, I used to spend time with my childhood friends, including Zect.
 The only time I spent alone was for a short time before I met Shizuko after I was expelled from the party.
 Even in the village, I was always with someone.
 So, what exactly do I want to do now?
 When I'm alone, I can't think of anything I want to do.
 I don't like drinking much, including in my previous life.
 I was only drinking because I could have a good time with my friends when I was drinking with them.
 And what I drank was beer or hoppy.
 In terms of taste, it's just bitter.
 I cannot taste the difference between fine wine and cheap wine.
 While thinking so, I saw a tavern in front of me, but I don't feel like going there by myself.
 I don't want to go sightseeing, either.
 Even if I go to the casino, I will never lose because I am a yellow dragon.
 Besides, I can't do that because I don't want to get in trouble again.
 I don't want to do that. Maybe Lida will complain.
 This makes me think that I don't have many things that I want to do.
 I wonder what hobbies and interests I had and what I liked in my previous life.
 I didn't like to drink.
 I only played video games a little.
 The rest I don't remember much.
 Maybe it's because I was born into this world and spent all this time in it, but now I can't remember much.
 Well, it doesn't matter if I forget... or maybe I do.
 Unlike Jimna village, there is no place that I know.
 If that's the case, I don't have a choice.
 I will go out for a walk and look around the market for some ingredients.
 As expected of Kohane, it is a touristy place.
 I didn't expect to see a sausage on a skewer.
 Or what they call "Frankfurter".
 "Old man, can you give me that?"
 "Yeah! You're a smart guy to choose this one... here."
 I pay for it and get the frankfurter.
 I didn't know there was intestine stuffing, so I pulled some ketchup out of my storage bag and poured it on it.
 "That's an unusual sauce."
 "It's my original, old man."
 "It's kind of bloody and graphic."
 "Of course, I made it from tomatoes."
 Well done! Now, It looks so delicious.
 Immediately, I bite into it.
 Nope, it smells really bloody.
 It tastes like blood, and somehow it has a bit of a fishy smell.
 It doesn't taste very good.
 "What do you think!? Brother! It tastes strange, right?"
 "Yes, it tastes like blood. It's a strange taste."
 "But there are people who like it! Well, if you don't like it, just grill it better."
 He's a good businessman.
 "Then give me the well-done one."
 "Yes... here."
 I paid again and got a frankfurter.
 This time it was grilled to a nice char.
 I put homemade ketchup on it and bit into it.
 And now, it was dry but tasty.
 More like liver than sausage, perhaps.
 But it tastes good.
 "It sure is tasty, by the way, do you know if I can get these stuffed intestines?"
 "It's rare elsewhere, but there's a place in the market that sells it in Kohane."
 "Thank you!"
 "You're welcome."
* * *
 Right now, I'm in the market.
 And as one might expect from Kohane.
 It's very big and lively.
 Above all, because of the nearby sea, seafood is sold there.
 Things like seaweed and kelp were on sale. Anyway, I want those.
 "What kind of dish do you use this for?
 "It has a unique flavor when you put it in soup, but it is not to everyone's taste."
 "In that case, I'll take five of them."
 "Thank you very much."
 Still, it's great to be near the sea, isn't it?
 Maybe it's because of the storage capacity in this world, but I've never seen seafood in my life.
 But in this place, it is sold as a matter of course.
 It's really amazing.
 "Can I have 22 pieces of that dried fish?"
 "You're a big customer."
 "I have a lot of families."
 There were even dried fish.
 But I guess there's no soy sauce.
 If there was soy sauce, miso, and rice, that would be great.
 Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any.
 "Wow, there are river fish like this!"
 There was a fish that looked like a rainbow trout for sale.
 "Of course, there are lakes and rivers in Kohane, not only seafood."
 "Well then, give me the fish grilled in salt."
 As I thought, it tastes almost like rainbow trout.
 "What kind of fish is this?"
 "A rainbow trout."
 The name is very similar, but I won't go into it.
 In the end, I ate what looked good and bought all the ingredients and seasonings for the family to eat.
 Up until now, I've often done things for the sake of someone else.
 But now the world is at peace.
 I have plenty of time.
 Maybe I can find what I really want to do.

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