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Chapter 129 Lida and the Answerer

 Main Character's POV

 On second thought, there's no need to be alone.
 Why don't I just put aside the things I enjoy doing alone and join up with someone else?
 As a Yellow Dragon, I've gained some abilities that probably wouldn't be possible for a human to use.
 One of them is 'Sense of Presence'.
 Mel can use something similar with magic, but the one I use is different.
 It is limited to people I know, but I can see who and where they are.
 Although there is a limit to the distance, I can know where they are to a certain extent.
 If it is magic, it can detect the presence of monsters and humans, but it can't identify the person.
 That is why the dragon's power is better.
 And now, if I go to the church, I will be treated as a 'hero' again, and I don't want to interfere with the shopping, so it would be better to join Haruka and the others.
 So, I focused my attention and found their approximate location.
 They seem to be in an open area outside of the city.
 It would be bad to fly.
 So, maybe I just ran.
 And it seems my speed is about the speed of a motorcycle in my previous life, though I don't really know.
 Anyway, since I can run this fast without using any magic or skill, I can understand that my body is out of the ordinary.
 After a little more than 10 minutes of running, I found four people.
 Frey, Haruka, and Misaki are attacking Lida alone.
 Even if Lida is a sword saint, she should have had a hard time.
 After all, Frey is a former sword saint.
 Even though her job is gone, she is probably stronger than Lida because of her experience.
 And Haruka and Misaki used to be S-ranked. So, there is no way that even a sword saint can defeat those three by herself.
 However, I saw Lida beat all three of them by a comfortable margin.
 Is this the power of the Answerer?
 This is beyond amazing!
 "I can't believe you're this strong..."
 "Even with three of us! Impossible!"
 "Well, I'll go with force! If I had to use force with a great sword, I could stop you from pretending."
 I can't believe Frey, Haruka, and Misaki were so easily defeated.
 It's amazing! That Answerer.
 Well, Lida's a sword saint, so that may be part of it.
 But it's clear that it's moving differently from Lida's.
 Like a creature in the shape of a sword.
 At least that's what it looks like.
 "Lida! Stop! Ceres-sama's here!"
 "Ceres, that sword is awesome!"
 "Ceres-chan, she's really good... she can handle it all, whether we push her with force or play her with speed."
 Is it that great?
 "Well, I may be invincible with the Answerer."
 But, I already know the sword's weakness.
 "Lida, would you like to fight me?"
 "Yes! Even Ceres couldn't win against the Answerer!"
 She's getting carried away, huh?
 But she's back to her old self-possessed self.
 "Is that so? But there's a gap between me and you, Lida. Though, I'm fine with it."
 Saying this, I clenched my fists.
 "I'm a sword saint, but you're too lenient with your bare hands, Ceres. Whatever you do, I don't care if you get hurt! I will not be intimidated by any foe... with this sword!"
 My body is a Dragon Lord, so even a sword saint with a magic sword probably can't cut me.
 But even before that, the Answerer probably won't work on me.
 "Let's go!"
 Lida comes at me.
 But I ducked and patted Lida's head.
 "Do you know what I mean when I stroke your head, and I ducked the sword?"
 If it had been a fist, she would have been hit... that's what it means.
 "Hmph! That's just a lucky shot! Come again! I will not be intimidated by any foe... with this sword!"
 I dodge the Answerer again and smack Lida's ass.
 "You have plenty of gap!"
 "Kyaaa! But why? Why? Why I can't get through to you with my Answerer? That's weird!"
 The answer is simple.
 Because I have no weapon and I have no killing intent.
 If that sword could kill everyone in sight, it would be a cursed sword.
 But the Answerer don't do that.
 In fact, it does not react to the other three because it does not want to fight with the sword in its scabbard.
 The sword reads its master's thoughts and moves.
 I thought about this possibility, but then, I thought that the sword would not react to Lida who does not want to fight.
 From there, I thought about it something else.
 I think that the Answerer probably reacts to 'weapon' and 'kill' respectively.
 So, I acted without using a weapon, without releasing a killing intent. Just with the intention of patting my best friend on the head.
 And it turned out as I expected.
 That's what happened.
 "That sword probably reacts to the 'kill' and the 'weapon'! Without those two things, it won't react. And all I did was pat my best friend's head and touch her body, so the Answerer didn't react, that's what I'm saying."
 "Well, then there's no problem! It reacts to those who would harm me, doesn't it?"
 "I can't say that's true... Here."
 I turned off my killing intent and hid the knife in my hand.
 Then, I quickly approach and hold the knife to Lida's throat.
 "Ceres?! How?"
 Well, concealing a killing intent isn't hard for a good assassin.
 "Your sword's greatest weakness is that it's not good for assassinations."
 But in a head-to-head fight, an ordinary man can't win.
 Except for Mammon and dragons, of course.
 "I see. If I can figure out the weakness, it'll be easy."
 "Hmm... So how about one-on-one this time with your mother now?"
 "After that, Lida, you and I will do it."
 "Eh?! No, I don't want to! I don't..."
 Well, since all three of them are top-notch fighters, it's easy enough to hold off their killing intent.
 And so, the Answerer will no longer work on them.
 At the same time, Lida's face was almost in tears as she stood there with them.
 She looked at me like she wanted me to help her... but I don't.
 "Hang in there..."
 I told Lida and left the place.

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