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Chapter 130 Saint and Former Saint

 Main Character's POV

 Now maybe I should go to the church?
 I myself am not a member of the four main jobs (Hero (Yuusha), saint, sword saint, and sage), so it's a place I don't have any connection with.
 Especially, the church, or more specifically, the Holy Church, is a place where people are obsessed with two main jobs (Hero (Yuusha) and Saint).
 Naturally, churches outside of the Holy Land are also under the control of the Holy Land, so their power is great.
 Anyway, I arrived at the church in Kohane...
 But what's this?!
 It's so big and splendid.
 That was all I could say.
 I wonder if it's big enough to be a castle.
 It's five times the size of a normal church, maybe ten times the size.
 Beside the gate stands a holy knight.
 When our eyes meet, the holy knight is happy to talk to me.
 "Hero Ceres-sama, I am so honored to meet you, may I shake your hand?"
 "Well, I don't mind..."
 I offered my right hand for a handshake, and more and more people came to shake my hand.
 "Hero Ceres-sama, please shake my hand too!"
 "Me too, please!"
 "Me too, me too, please!"
 "Will you pick up my child? I hope he can be a hero like you."
 For a while, I played with them, but at this rate, I'll never get into the church.
 The situation is not good enough.
 "Everyone, doesn't this trouble Ceres-sama? Clear the way now! Then, Ceres-sama, come this way!"
 "Pope Emeritus Rothman...?!"
 "Hahaha, don't call me like that! Please just call me Rothman."
 "Rothman... Is that right?"
 Why does Kohane have the emeritus Pope?
 After all, it's not usual for a 'Pope' or an 'Emeritus Pope' to leave the Holy Land.
 "Yes, from now on, Ceres-sama should never address people like that. The law to protect Hero (Yuusha) is now suspended. It is only natural since the war against the demons has ended, Hero (Yuusha) himself has resigned from Hero (Yuusha), and all four main jobs have been reassigned to their original positions. However, the Hero (Eiyuu) Protection Law is still in force! Now you are protected by the Holy Church!"
 "No, I'm not such a wonderful person! I just did my best to save my childhood friend."
 "It may be true... but no one else has challenged even Mammon to a battle for that purpose! And you won, so your achievement is obvious."
 As we were talking together, we seemed to have come to the room I wanted to visit.
 "The guest room?"
 "Of course, we're here to welcome Ceres-sama. Come in!"
 Saying this, Pope Emeritus Rothman opened the door for me.
 "So Ceres-kun came to the church, too."
 "Ceres-sama is here too, isn't he?"
 Shizuko-san and Cecilia were relaxing on the sofa.
 "Is it just the two of you? Where is Maria?"
 "Maria is now working as a healer in the service."
 Healing in the church is quite an apprenticeship. They have to be able to heal a large number of patients in a very short time.
 "That's right! Moreover, it is necessary to judge whether to use or not to use magic. And since there is a limit to the amount of magic that can be used, one must conserve it to heal more people. It will be a good experience for her."
 Apparently, they also have already treated quite a few people and have finished praying for them.
 "So, Maria is still healing, huh?"
 "Yes, Maria has a lot of stamina because she is a saint! And I'm sure she still has a lot of magic power."
 "Even if she is not a saint outwardly, it doesn't mean she has lost her job as a saint. Until the next saint appears, she still has the same abilities... but since we are in a truce with the demon tribe, the next saint is not likely to appear for a while. Unlike me who lost the saint job, she has the highest level of stamina and amount of magical power for healing magic."
 Cecilia says she wants to teach Maria the technique.
 "Is that what you mean?"
 "Yes. I've learned a lot from Shizuko-sama, and I want to teach her everything I know."
 It seems that they trained her well, instead of spoiling her as I did.
 But, I have a question.
 Why is Pope Emeritus Rothman here?
 "Speaking of which, why is Pope Emeritus Rothman... here?"
 "Because I told him that Ceres-sama was coming to Kohane."
 Cecilia told him that I was coming to Kohane?
 But what could be the point of coming to Kohane?
 "Why are you surprised? It is only natural that I want to serve beside a hero, Ceres-sama. After all, an ordinary priest is limited in what he can do. That's why I'm here. If you need the support of the Church, you can count on me."
 Still, I don't think I'd be asking Pope Emeritus for anything. But...
 "Thank you very much."
 "No, no, don't thank me at all."
 After that, I was served tea and sweets, looked at Maria, and left the church.

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