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Chapter 131 Mel and the Grimoire that Won't Open

 Main Character's POV

 I looked for Sayo-san and Mel this time.
 They said they were going on a book tour, so they must be in a used bookstore.
 In this world, books = used bookstores.
 In a world without letterpress printing, many books are still handwritten, and the best they can do is print.
 Therefore, books are very precious, and there are not many opportunities to get new books.
 So, visiting bookstores = visiting used bookstores.
 Still, this brings back memories.
 Come to think of it, I used to visit used bookstores in Jimna Town.
 Well, unlike them, I was looking for complete works of mystery novels.
 And back to the current situation, I can easily locate them.
 This ability of perception is very useful.
 Besides, it's easy to see Mel and Sayo from a distance.
 Maybe because they're about the same height.
 "Mel, Sayo-san! Did you find the book you wanted?"
 "Ceres-san, we have a lot of books, but they're all new. I'd like to get some older-generation books, but we can't find any."
 Sayo-san has a big storage bag with over a thousand books in it.
 Or so I've heard.
 And she says she remembers most of them.
 For the note, Shizuko-san, Sayo-san, Haruka-san, and Misaki-san are all intelligent.
 Among them, Sayo is the smartest when it comes to learning.
 She is the most knowledgeable of the four, which is not surprising since she is a magician.
 "It's true that old books are hard to find because of their high value, so it's not so easy to find good ones."
 "Yes, but it's great if I can find them."
 "Yes, of course. Then? What kind of books are you looking for, Mel?"
 "Me? I'm not looking for anything in particular."
 "I'm just tagging along with mom... because I'm a sage and I can't stop reading, so I'm just reading out of a sense of duty."
 After all, sage is sage.
 Therefore, they are considered to be knowledgeable.
 But they can't acquire knowledge without studying.
 It is said that a sage's job is to improve the speed of the mind and further improve memory.
 But even so, it does not mean that they can acquire knowledge that they do not know.
 So, learning is absolutely necessary.
 And I remember that Mel didn't like books very much when she was a child.
 If she liked books, she would have joined Shuuto and me.
 "That may be true, but..."
 "Well, I'm not a sage anymore. So, I'd like to get away from books for a while."
 In the end, we did not find the book that Sayo-san wanted.
* * *
 Now we are outside the gate in the field.
 Sayo-san suggested that we try out the 'fake grimoire' that Mel got the other day.
 "Mother, do you really think I can fight with this book? Wouldn't staff be easier to use?"
 Mel often changes the way she calls Sayo 'Mother (Okaa-san)' or 'Mom (Kaa-san)'.
 I'm not sure how to distinguish between the two, but I think she says 'mother' when she's serious.
 It's a bit tricky in this area, though.
 "Hehehe, your mother has never actually fought a battle with a book either! Unfortunately, no book (grimoire) has ever chosen me, alright? Besides, being chosen by a book is a big deal."
 "Mother, is it really that great?"
 "Well, the book can't be read by anyone else until the owner is dead, and I don't know how many spells are in it, but they're most likely original spells."
 ""Original spells?""
 "Yes! There are spells that range from trivial to great, but they're most likely unique."
 "I see."
 "That's great, mother."
 "Yes, it is! So, I'm so jealous."
 "But, Mother, I can't open this grimoire."
 "I told you before, it only opens when it's needed, not when it's not."
 Well, I don't know when she needs it.
 "What should I do?"
 "There's nothing we can do about that. That's why you can't open or use it until the first time you use it. After that one time, you can use it freely from then on."
 "Then why did we come to the field?"
 "It's easy, isn't it? If you fight with me, Ceres-san, you'll be able to use it, right? That's what I thought!"
 "Mother, stop."
 "This is for your own good Mel... first I'll go."
 After that, even though Sayo used a freezing spell and I slashed at her, the grimoire didn't open.
 "Haahh, hahhh... I can't do it anymore..."
 "Hmm... I don't think we should go any further."
 "I think she'll have to be in mortal danger... But if that's the case... then I'll use my secret technique of freezing magic... if that's what it takes."
 "Sayo-san, that's not good!"
 "Mother! Stop!"
 "Ah, I'm sorry! Ceres-san, Mel, I'm kidding, I'm kidding."
 "Don't look at me like that, it's really a joke. Isn't it, Ceres-san?"
 Hopefully, it's a joke.
 Yeah, it's got to be.
 "Yes, Mel, she's probably joking... let's go back to the city."
 ""Yes, let's go home.""
 After that, I went back to the city with the two awkward-looking people.

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