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Chapter 132 It May Be Withered

 Main Character’s POV
 The last one is Mariane and Sharon, huh?
 They are just 'shopping', so there is nothing special to do but to meet up with them.
 Likewise, they were easily spotted.
 "Ceres-sama?! Is something wrong?" said Mariane.
 "Ceres-sama, that's..." said Sharon.
 Why are they surprised?
 "Is something wrong?"
 "No, I never imagined that Ceres-sama would come to this place."
 "Yes, I was surprised to see you here."
 "Well, I do some shopping myself too. When I was at Zect's party it was my job to do the shopping. Maria, Mel, and Lida are surprisingly careless, so I used to buy everything from their underwear to hygiene products."
 "Ceres-sama, it's absurd! How can a gentleman buy a girl's underwear around her age!"
 "Have they no sense of shame?"
 Hmm, I don't think they have any sense of shame toward me?
 Come to think of it, there was a time when I even washed their underwear when I was with Zect.
 I even stood guard in the bathroom once.
 As for me... if I had anything to say about that, I probably wouldn't mind.
 I mean, when we were little, I did take care of Maria when she was bitten by bugs all over.
 I wouldn't have known her swollen body if she thought I was a man.
 I also remember changing and washing Mel's bed sheets when she wet herself before her parents noticed, and cleaning up Lida's vomit when she got food poisoning.
 Yeah, I'm pretty sure they didn't think of me as a man.
 And so, I told them about the experience.
 "That's a great story."
 "Yes, what a great story."
 "Is that so?"
 "And you just walked in without any hesitation. I'm sure other gentlemen would have been hesitant."
 "I agree with Mariane-sama."
 Hmm... well, maybe I'm just a little numb.
 I mean, I thought of the three of them as if they were my own children, not even thinking of them as the opposite sex.
 Besides, I have fragmented memories of my previous life, so I am not so resistant to them.
 However, this world is a little more feudalistic than the previous one.
 Men rarely go into 'women's underwear stores.
 "It was my bad delicacy. I'll wait outside until you finish shopping."
 In my previous life, I lived to middle age. I can't remember their faces or names now, but I have a faint memory of going to the mall with my wife and daughter, waiting for them to buy underwear.
 Unlike this world, I think the underwear stores were quite open and women were usually seen buying underwear.
 Speaking of underwear, I have a faint memory of my first marriage in my previous life. When I recommended transparent underwear to my wife, she looked at me with a stern stare. I also have a faint memory of being angry with my daughter for buying such flashy underwear when she was still young.
 "Ceres-sama, please wait, I am your wife. Only I can show it to Ceres-sama. So, I want Ceres-sama to choose it for me."
 "I-I'm also your slave, so I hope Ceres-sama chooses it to your liking."
 I see, is that so...
 "Can I choose? Then..."
 Now that I think about it, my childhood friend really thought of me as a child.
 Not quite a child, but a niece or maybe an uncle.
 Maybe that's how much they felt when they were still a child.
 Anyway, all the underwear I bought for them was white cotton.
 Still, Zect may have been a bit more innocent than I thought, despite his bad 'womanizing' habits.
 He never came into the store to buy underwear.
 And now what I choose was not a teenager's underwear, but a sexy woman's underwear around 30 years old.
 It's quite a good choice.
 And since I don't want to buy gifts for only two of them, I should buy one for all of my wives.
 "Uh, I want to buy these."
 "Ah, sure, please wait for a moment...!"
 For some reason, the two women want to see me look embarrassed.
 But I'm sorry, I'm not ashamed of this kind of thing.
 "Well, Mariane looks gorgeous as a princess, so white would be nice, wouldn't it? I think you'd look good in silk with lace and a thin, transparent fabric too, And if it has a garter belt, it would be even better... yes, I like this combination. What do you think?"
 "It sure looks good on me, but how do you know so much about it? I'm curious."
 "Hmm, why is that? Is it because I'm used to doing chores? Or maybe I'm just a little bit pretentious because my ideal is a beautiful big sister?"
 "Ceres-sama’s ideal is a beautiful big sister...? If so, Ceres-sama's preference would certainly include me. It makes sense when I think about it."
 "Ceres-sama, I'd like one of mine, please."
 "Well, Sharon used to be a casino dealer, right? So you should wear black like this, or even better, this red underwear would suit you."
 Both are thongs.
 Since Sharon often wears short tight black skirts, they should look good on her.
 "So this is Ceres-sama's taste, then I'll take both."
 "I'll get this underwear for a present... So, can you wait a moment while I choose? I'll buy them for everyone..."
 I picked out three pairs of underwear that would suit each of my wives.
 "By any chance, do you know the size of all of them?"
 "Well, I should at least know my wives' clothing sizes."
 "Hmm... Why is it that when other people say it, I feel uncomfortable, but when Ceres-sama says it, I don't feel any ulterior motive?"
 "It's strange, isn't it? Sharon, I think so too."
 Maybe it's because I have a past life and my mental age is high.
 Well, remembering my previous life, I might have been thrilled to do this kind of thing when I was this age.
 Maybe I'm a bit old because I have memories of my past life.

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