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Chapter 133 [Short Story] Hero (Yuusha) Zect's Redo, Part Fourteen - Vampire and the Feather Cloak of Darkness

 Zect’s POV
 I could easily get the house and since it didn't cost much, the money could be used for renovation.
 I thought so and went to the Adventurers' Guild to ask for a carpenter...
 "If that's the case, I've received word that the royal court will pay for the carpentry. The guild will accept the request, so we'll get a carpenter right away!"
 That's what the Guild Master said to me.
 The carpenter will be here tomorrow, so he told me to tell him what I want.
 This is very generous.
 I owe the royal court for this.
 Even though I don't want to owe too much.
 But, it's good to have a foundation.
 So, from now on, all I have to do is to make the area around the Empire my home and work on a local basis.
* * *
 At the moment, perhaps because of the truce with the demons, the demons and the monsters are not so aggressive.
 Most of the demons and monsters have returned to the demon lands, but on the other hand, I heard that some intelligent demons are interested in humans and want to talk with humans.
 So, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk with them too.
 "You want to talk with demons? Hero-sama?"
 As people know, the Adventurers' Guild is the place to go when people are in trouble.
 But this place also means a place for exchanging information.
 "Do you have any information?"
 "Hmm, I heard that there is a trading post a few kilometers away from the Imperial City gate. Why don't you go there?"
 "I see. Thank you!"
 I leave a copper on the counter and leave the Adventurers' Guild.
* * *
 I wondered what had been built here.
 There are several tents set up, and both the human side and the demon side have stores.
 Indeed, it might be good to have such a place now that we are no longer enemies.
 "Welcome! Human! Geh, Hero (Yuusha), huh?"
 "I used to be Hero (Yuusha)! And I'm the victim of Mammon's defeat, so to speak!"
 "You're right... Well, the end was pretty miserable. Yes, it was a terrible thing."
 If Ceres didn't tell anyone that I was his best friend, 'victim' might have been acceptable.
 "So, Hero (Yuusha), what's your purpose here?"
 "Stop calling me Hero (Yuusha)! Please call me Zect! Calling me Hero (Yuusha) is the same as calling me the Demon King!"
 "That's true... Okay, I'm sorry, but now that the truce is made, if you buy things from me, you are my customer! What do you want?"
 "Can't you get me something that blocks the light like the Cloak of Darkness that Luciferd-sama has?"
 If I can get the "Cloak of Darkness" that blocks the light, Luna can move around freely under the sun.
 After all, I don't want to give up a life where Luna can live freely under the sun.
 "Hey, Hero (Yuusha)... Ah, I'm sorry, Zect, how nice of you to call the Demon King 'sama'... Still, 'Cloak of Darkness' is equivalent to a holy weapon on the human side. So, it's impossible! Besides, you've got the holy attribute... why would you want it?"
 The demons are no longer our enemies.
 So, I explained the situation to myself.
 "I'm surprised that Hero (Yuusha) is protecting a girl who looks like a half-demon, then you don't need the 'Cloak of Darkness', the 'Feather Cloak of Darkness' is enough."
 'Cloak of Darkness' and 'Feather Cloak of Darkness'?
 It's confusing, and what's the difference?
 "What's the difference between the two?"
 "'Cloak of Darkness' is the ultimate armor for demons that cannot be cut by light magic, holy magic, or even holy swords, while 'Feather Cloak of Darkness' is worn by undead, vampires, and other sun-sensitive races to block out the sun and is not resistant to magic, similar in name but different in appearance. "
 "So, if a 'Feather Cloak of Darkness' would suffice, do you have any?"
 "If you want a new one, you'll have to go to the demon kingdom, but if you want a secondhand one, I might be able to help you."
 "Then, please."
 "Okay, I'll take care of it."
 The owner went into the back of the store and brought a pale woman to me.
 She's probably a vampire.
 Blond hair, pretty face, double teeth if I look closely.
 Maybe, definitely.
 "Is it you who wants the 'Feather Cloak of Darkness'? But you're Hero, aren't you?"
 "Well, I'm going back to the demon kingdom soon, so I can give you up to four pieces of the robe."
 Hmm... If I have four pieces, Luna can wear them all the time.
 "Okay, I'd like four then, how much?"
 "You know this is a barter sale, don't you? Didn't you know that?"
 "Barter? Money can't buy?"
 "What's that supposed to mean? We can't enter the human city even though we've made a truce, and human money is useless and worthless in the demon kingdom."
 That's true.
 "Then tell me what you want and I'll get it if I can."
 "You're lucky! You're very lucky! I'm a bloodsucker or a vampire, and when I want blood, it must be tastes good... and Hero's blood tastes good, doesn't it? How about it? If you let me suck your blood for 10 minutes, I'll give you a Feather Cloak of Darkness."
 Normally I would be afraid to do this, but fortunately, my job is 'Hero (Yuusha)' and Hero (Yuusha) does not become a vampire's servant even if my blood is sucked.
 "Okay, I'm in!"
 I replied, and suddenly the vampire bit my neck.
 Hero (Yuusha) has a high pain tolerance, so it doesn't hurt.
 If I had to say something, I'd say it's like being kissed on the neck by a beautiful woman, and it's a very seductive feeling.
 They say that most vampires are beautiful women, and this female vampire is no exception.
 She has dark pink hair and red eyes just like Luna.
 And her skin is as white as snow.
 Maybe Luna is considered one of the demon tribes because she looks like a vampire.
 "Phew! This blood tastes so good... is it platinum blood?"
 What's platinum blood?
 Being sucked on the neck and hugged from behind by a beautiful woman, even if she is a vampire, is a certain reward.
 Anyway, it's time to go.
 "Hey, it's been ten minutes."
 "Just a little more time... please."
 "Then how about three more minutes, plus one more, to make it five?"
 "Hahaha, okay."
* * *
 "Hey, it's been 15 minutes, get off me."
 "Hahahha, I get it, but is it because you're Hero (Yuusha)? I didn't expect platinum blood. I love it!"
 "So, what's platinum blood?"
 "Platinum blood is the best blood for vampires! A drop of it is worth more than gold or jewels! Would you like to make a blood pact with me? My name is Yukine, give me your blood and I'll become your familiar!"
 Hmm... Surely, she's a beauty.
 The old me would have said something stupid like 'Please do it'.
 But I know how hard it is to have a harem, even my childhood friend who was close to me had a hard time.
 And now, the reason why Luna, Marin, and I can live well together is because we are the type of people who don't express ourselves too much.
 Maybe I probably don't understand 'love' or 'romance' well.
 So, it's just too much for me right now.
 "That's very tempting, but I'm not going to do it!"
 "I don't get it! Do you have a problem with me? I'm still considered one of the most beautiful vampires in the world."
 Well, she's right.
 She's even prettier than Marin, who is a famous beauty.
 "I admit it! I've never seen a more beautiful woman in my life."
 "Then why don't you? Just give me that blood a few times a day and I'll be yours, okay?"
 "The old me would have jumped at the chance! But now I'm a man full of things I'm trying to avoid."
 "Oh, really? Well, I can see why I'm the most beautiful woman you've ever seen! Vampires are immortal. So, I'll wait 10 years for you to change your mind."
 "You can't wait that long."
 More importantly, I took the five Feather Cloak of Darkness promised to me and left the place.

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