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Chapter 134 King Kohane

 Main Character’s POV
 After finishing sneaking around, we are now in Kohane's small castle.
 A small castle is nothing compared to a 'castle' mansion.
 It has a moat and a drawbridge.
 Compared to the royal castle, it is only 1/8th, but it is still big.
 It's a castle, after all, and not everything is ours.
 There are offices and living facilities for servants and maids.
 Even so, the living space of the owners alone is quite vast.
 As a former villager, I don't need this space.
 Even in my previous life, I just used to sit on a half-tatami mat (1 tatami mat = 1.81818 by 0.90909 meters (5.9652 ft × 2.9826 ft)) and sleep on a one-tatami mat?
 Although I can't remember anymore, I think I lived in a very small space.
 Until I had a family.
 However, there seems to be a lot of erosion in the room.
 It's funny that I have memories of my previous life.
 Perhaps, as time goes by, the memories of the past life fade away.
 "Ceres-kun, I never thought I'd live in a castle one day."
 "That's true, I never thought of it when I was living in Jimna village, Ceres."
 "Ceres-san, that's really great!"
 "Ceres-chan, you are truly more than just a lord."
 "Is this the Kohane Castle? It's so beautiful."
 "It's more beautiful than the royal castle of the empire! No wonder it's reputed to be a beautiful castle."
 "Shizuko-san and we may not be familiar with castles, but Mariane and Frey are princesses and I'm sure Cecilia is familiar with castles too, right?"
 "Well, I lived in the royal castle, but it's a 'historic castle' so it's not as easy to live in as you might think. Its stone walls in winter make it very cold."
 "It's the same with the Empire! It was not an easy place to live."
 "Castle in the Holy Church is not so different from churches since the place also serves as a cathedral."
 Thinking about it again, it's true that it's a big room, and I can understand if it's cold.
 "So, is it the same here?"
 "Kohane is a new castle. I've heard that they've made some improvements in that area," said Mariane.
 "I see."
 Still, they know a lot, don't they? After all, they are princesses.
 "There's a lot of difference among castles," said Frey.
 "It's said that the older the castle, the less comfortable it is," said Mariane.
 "Yeah, I think the merchant's house is more comfortable," said Frey.
 If they say so, it's probably true.
* * *
 When we arrived at the drawbridge of the castle, there were many people, about 50-60 people by the looks of it.
 I guess these many people live in a small castle.
 Then, as our eyes met, a man standing one step in front of me shouted loudly.
 "Salute to Ceres-sama, King of Kohane—!"
 They all bowed their heads at the same time.
 One of them was Orcman.
 Perhaps the man in front of him is Corda, the deputy.
 "Don't be so nervous, I may be called a hero, but I'm a villager at heart, so you can treat me as a normal person."
 "No matter what you say, we've been told by Pope Romalis, King Zammark, and Emperor Sizer, the heads of the three major powers to treat you as superior to them."
 Is it because I'm a hero (Eiyuu)?
 Wasn't that an honorary position with no real power?
 "And what does it mean to be king of Kohane? I'm a lord, but I don't think I'm a king."
 "What are you saying!? Kohane is a proper independent state recognized by all three major powers (the Holy Land, the Kingdom, and the Empire) and other human nations. So, Ceres-sama is the rightful king of Kohane."
 Wait a minute, indeed, King Zammarck IV said so...
 'The place is governed by our laws at the moment, but in reality, it is a Ceres-sama country... You are free to make laws and do whatever you like... Of course, you don't have to pay taxes to the Holy Church or the Empire, including ours... You are free to use it as you wish... I hate to say this to Ceres-sama, who is higher than the king... but you can think of yourself as the king of Kohane.'
 Well, I thought he said, 'I may think of myself as king of Kohane.'
 But I don't remember being made king officially, and I don't remember hearing anything about an independent state.
 "Is that official?"
 "Yes, and two of the wives of King Ceres are the first princesses in the line of succession to the throne, and one of them is a former saint who is actually a candidate for the next pope of the Holy Land. This is not confirmed, but there is talk of unifying the four countries in the future with Kohane at the center."
 I haven't heard any such talk.
 "It sounds like something my father would have thought of," said Mariane.
 "Well, it's not surprising that my father also thinking about it," said Frey.
 "I think Pope Romalis and Pope Emeritus Rothman would wish it, too," said Cecilia.
 Seriously... when I was planning to stay in Kohane for a while... why is this such a big deal?
 Don't tell me it's just another luck of the Yellow Dragon.
 I don't know if I'm happy or unhappy anymore.

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